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The Masterminds Behind 4D Chess: Operation Qadar And Operation Hercules Use Mercury Jamie Alice As Their Pawn Against Vickreman Harvey Chettiar And Hydra-22

In our previous post ‘Operation Anne Boleyn: Is Singapore’s Internal Security Department (ISD) Singapore’s Biggest Security Threat?’, we wrote about how the ISD began as the Singapore Police Special Branch, and gathered data and intelligence on potential threats to British colonial authority. We also wrote about how the ISD was then handed over to the post-colonial PAP-led government, again to monitor and regulate the political and civic landscape in Singapore. The ISD’s resources have historically been used to destroy political threats and/or opponents, and there is little information available about the ISD’s accountability process, including what happens in the event that they make serious mistakes.

We also wrote that Mercury Jamie Alice is, in fact, herself a victim of the ISD. She has been used as a pawn in the ISD’s larger game of 4D chess against Vickreman Harvey Chettiar and Hydra-22 (the ISD code-name for Carissa Cheow, Joyce Ng, Wong J-min, Lune Loh and other associates). We understand that Mercury was cornered into being a pawn for the ISD through a “carrot and stick” approach. This was specifically for the ISD’s main two operations: Operation Qadar and Operation Hercules.

This means that some of the major events seemingly orchestrated by Mercury since early or mid-2022 against Vickreman Harvey Chettiar and Hydra-22 have not been of her own doing, but under instruction from the ISD.

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Operation Qadar

Operation Qadar serves as a follow-up to Operation Providence, which was a 2013 ISD black hand and black operation with the goal of fixing Harvey up so that Harvey would, in turn, be cornered into being a fixer against Kenneth Jeyaretnam, who was asking too many inconvenient questions about whether the Central Provident Fund (CPF) monies were secure, were at risk or had been depleted carelessly by the Singapore government. Operation Providence had ultimately failed due to Harvey’s refusal to cooperate with the ISD, even as she endured ISD torture methods. Since the failure of Operation Providence, the ISD has been trying to cover their tracks about Operation Providence, for fear of it getting leaked, and fix Harvey up for her non-compliance instead. ‘Qadar’ is the Islamic concept of divine destiny; in other words, providence.

Operation Qadar is the ISD’s “multi-year long-term campaign”, “made necessary because of Harvey’s actions”. We understand that the allocation of manpower for Operation Qadar started in November 2021, when Harvey sent a letter to the then-President of Singapore Halimah Yacob DUT to pardon Nagaenthran Dharmalingam from his death penalty sentence under drug trafficking laws. Harvey’s letter had caused confusion and concern in the ISD, as it seemed that she was writing in the capacity of an elected Director of Mensa Singapore, the Singapore chapter of the organization Mensa International. We understand that Operation Qadar started operating properly only in April 2022 when Harvey got involved in Nagaenthran Dharmalingam’s April 2022 death penalty case and linked up with Wong J-min. The ISD had been keeping an eye on J-min since her climate protest in March 2020 because she is linked to Lune Loh, who has been a prominent and visible trans activist in Singapore for years. Lune has been featured on Associated Press News, Channel News Asia and New Naratif.

Operation Qadar emerged as a paranoid follow-up to stop Harvey from potentially drawing attention to Operation Providence:

[Operation] Qadar was necessitated by Harvey’s own actions of being rigid and stubborn about wanting to expose her rapist over a period of years, instead of letting the matter go like any sane and reasonable person, and getting the Justice4Harvey blogsite published to draw unnecessary attention to just taking the non-custodial plea deal she was offered. This kind of action which is publicity-seeking of course raised the spectre that she may expose [Operation] Providence.

On 8/9 July 2022, Mercury’s ISD handler Shawn disclosed and pulled Mercury into Operation Qadar for the supposed mutual benefit of Mercury and the ISD – by way of promises of legal protection, or outright encouragement and logistical assistance. In reality, Mercury has been used as a pawn by the ISD instead.

Mercury was encouraged by Shawn to spread J-min’s sex videos, with false assurance that Mercury would not be convicted for the dissemination of the videos. Shawn had also directed Mercury to the Transformative Justice Collective’s (TJC) volunteer coordination chat groups, furnishing her with the invite links, with the specific aim of having Mercury obtain J-min’s postal code from the TJC chatgroup. This was reported on by Wong J-min in her Substack article, ‘Hi Everyone, Transformative Justice Collective has leaked 650 of your postal codes with zero accountability’. With access to the TJC chatgroup, Mercury subsequently leaked J-min’s sex videos and personal particulars (including her home address) to several other chat groups as well.

We understand from Carissa’s 3rd bundle of evidence that Mercury’s impersonation of multiple people using burner Telegram accounts was part of a bigger plan to get Harvey pinned for the impersonation. This was deemed feasible because the phone numbers used to register the burner Telegram accounts were derived from a Line2 account that Mercury had fraudulently registered under Harvey’s National Registration Identity Card (NRIC), i.e. this was a case of identity theft for illicit purposes. Shawn had been aware of Mercury’s possession of the Line2 account since 2021, and found it to be potentially useful. We understand that the ISD therefore encouraged and emboldened Mercury to carry out the serial impersonation, including leaking J-min’s sex videos via these burner Telegram accounts, as the rationale was that Harvey would ultimately incur the charges instead.

In other words, virtually all of Mercury’s crimes from June 2022 onwards have either been in service of the Christian far-right’s Operation High Tide and/or have been advised or enabled by the ISD’s Operation Qadar. All of her actions have been allowed to occur with the ISD’s knowledge, approval and even outright enabling. To be clear, the ISD has been aware of the Christian far-right’s operations, such as Operation Pillory. However, they are not orchestrating these operations; they are “just letting it happen”, particularly when the Christian far-right’s operations happen to align with Operation Qadar’s goals:

The Werewolf-Mandrake-Poison-Ivy plot [by the Christian far-right] is beneficial to Qadar’s interests, so it was permitted to proceed totally unimpeded.

Alternatively, if Harvey could not be stopped, then Operation Qadar would also undermine her severely so that her claims would not be considered legitimate or credible: Ultimately, Operation Qadar’s target is Harvey, and its goal is “to ensure that Harvey comes to be completely destroyed and discredited across the world, so that even if she does attempt to expose Operation Providence at some point in time, she will be dismissed as a conspiracy nutcase and inherently unreliable”.

Qadar Team’s Involvement in the August 2022 Lock-picking Incident

In August 2022, Police Report No. J/20220827/0018 was filed because Harvey had caught an acquaintance of Mercury attempting to lock-pick her flat. We now understand that the plan was to plant a USB flash drive with child pornography stored in it inside Harvey’s flat, and subsequently get the flat searched by the police through a tip-off. The USB flash drive would be discovered “within the bedroom occupied by Harvey and seized by the police”.

The ISD’s Operation Qadar team had been involved in this particular subsidiary operation. Mercury had been tasked with finding a way to get into Harvey’s flat to plant the USB flash drive. Meanwhile, the ISD’s Operation Qadar team’s role was to ensure that once the USB flash drive had been successfully planted, the police would be alerted through the aforementioned tip-off, and the arraignment would be covered by news outlets across the region – “thereby totally discrediting Miss Vickreman Harvey Chettiar and all of her claims, including both her unproven allegation about getting herself raped in IMH as well as any future claim about Operation Providence”.

Qadar Team’s Involvement in the Brown Dot Split

Following Brown Dot on 18 June 2022, there was an organic, internal split within the Justice4Harvey group, with Sachi Wagh leading the defection over the matter of Harvey’s court correspondence letter. Sachi’s faction had assumed that the “original members” of the Justice4Harvey group had intentionally suppressed information about Harvey having forged a court correspondence letter about her rape case against the Institute of Mental Health’s (IMH) parent company, the National Healthcare Group (NHG). The ISD’s Operation Qadar team gave Mercury instructions for the situation of information disparity to be exploited, to cause further distrust from Sachi’s faction, “so that they would themselves decide to leave noisily and demolish the credibility of Justice4Harvey in the process, because Sachi is known to be a manipulative and really vindictive person”.

While the court correspondence letter was much later eventually indeed found to be forged, detailed clarifications by Justice4Harvey have since established that it was forged not by Harvey, but by Mercury – under the instruction of NHG’s hired law firm, Legal Clinic LLC, in exchange for an under-the-table payment of $3,000:

Legal Clinic LLC’s corruption was corroborated with further evidence and elaboration by Carissa in her third public letter, co-addressed to the President of the Republic of Singapore Tharman Shanmugaratnam and to the Attorney-General’s Chamber’s Crime Division’s Chief Prosecutor Tan Kiat Pheng, dated 13 October 2023, totaling 100 pages. This letter is accessible via her Facebook post / Proton file sharing link / IPFS link.

Qadar Team’s Involvement in the July 2022 Transformative Justice Collective (TJC) Information Security Mismanagement Saga

In her Substack, J-min provides a summary of the July 2022 Transformative Justice Collective (TJC) Information Security Mismanagement Saga:

In June 2022 I signed TJC’s physical petition, and put in my postal code. At that point in time I was a huge supporter of TJC’s cause and actions, and went down to two TJC organised events at Hong Lim Park in April 2022.
All of these addresses, of all the petition signatories, were scanned, compiled into a PDF, and parked into their group chat on Telegram. This group chat had an open invite link floating around the internet.
On 16 July 2022, Mercury used these invite links to break into several death penalty group chats, and sent my sex tape. She had been doing so for a few days already, making good on her threat made against me on 29 June 2022.
What was notable about Mercury breaking into TJC’s chats is that almost immediately after, she obtained my address. Prior to this, the video and message that she had been sending around did not contain my address; any other attempt at sending the video after breaking into TJC’s chats included my full address.
I will acknowledge that I reached out to [Kokila Annamalai] during this period of time and asked if screenshots of the video being sent in TJC chats could be sent to the police for evidence, and she requested that I crop out the names of the chat. I complied with her request, and she wished me well.
Mercury obtaining my address made it easier to not just doxx me to 100,000++ people, but also make stalking and harassment much easier in the future.
It must be noted that more than 650 names and addresses were leaked to Mercury, and the document with everyone’s address has been floating around the internet.

The full details of this are available in this 147-page document, with particular reference to Sections A and B.

We understand that the ISD’s Operation Qadar team “had felt that [this incident] effectively would both set up Harvey for multiple counts of PC § 377BE and destroy public trust in TJC.” In other words, this was the ISD’s attempt to kill two birds (Harvey/Hydra-22 and the TJC) with one stone.

Qadar Team’s Renovatio

We understand that in response to our article on Operation Providence, Kenneth Jeyaretnam has made legal representations to the police on his “certainty” that Harvey is the Hijirah Maker. We further understand that he is reluctant to provide testimony as he does not want to dredge up this period of his family history, and his representations alone are unlikely to push the police to act. However, Kenneth’s reaction has given the ISD’s Operation Qadar team an opening to conduct a new action: Renovatio.

As a refresher on Hijirah Maker from our Operation Providence article:

Note that it is later discovered that Hijirah Maker is, in fact, an ISD team tasked to execute an operation against Kenneth Jeyaretnam due to his poking his nose too much and too far into the CPF monies matter. Hijirah Maker is part of Operation Providence – with the aim of making Kenneth Jeyaretnam’s family so afraid that he will be sufficiently busy with taking care of them, and thus discontinue his investigation into the CPF monies matter.

Renovatio aims to fulfill multiple objectives:

  1. This would help increase public confidence in the Singapore Police Force by showing that criminals (Hijirah Maker, in this case) will eventually face justice, even if it takes 9 years to catch.
  2. This would show that the police had never been biased against Kenneth Jeyaretnam or expended lesser effort on his original Hijirah Maker case on account of Kenneth being an opposition party politician.
  3. This would resolve the ‘Harvey Chettiar problem’ via incarceration before trial (preventing her from putting problematic defences up during her trial), and would make it more likely that Harvey will Plead Guilty to everything, thereby avoiding trial and appeal, and preventing any questions of innocence.

ISD’s Operation Qadar team is setting up, or has already set up, a new set of accounts to act as the Hijirah Maker and start harassing the Jeyaretnam family again. The accounts would be operated by Mercury Jamie Alice, as the ISD does not want the job to look “too professional”, as it may have in 2013 and 2014. The harassment conducted using the new accounts would give the police the impetus to act, with Kenneth Jeyaretnam and/or his family as the victims in the case. The plan is for Harvey to then be charged with multiple counts of ‘criminal intimidation by an anonymous communication’. It is expected that there will be public pressure, likely spearheaded by Kenneth Jeyaretnam, to keep Harvey detained. Furthermore, releasing Harvey on bail would go against the objective of showing that the criminal justice system is not biased against opposition party politicians. The plan is that under such political conditions, Harvey would not be granted bail for these charges, and would be sent to prison for pre-trial detention.

Further Involvement of the Qadar Team in Subsidiary Operations

We understand that the ISD’s Operation Qadar team had also provided Mercury with initial input on her  “Children of Palestine” (t.me/Children_of_Palestine) chatgroup, which was created on 13 July 2022. However, ultimately, Mercury took it in her own direction to place on record her own narrative.

We also understand that the ISD’s Operation Qadar team had not planned the murder of Harvey’s grandmother on 8 September 2022, but had “agreed that it would be useful for occupying Harvey, so they okayed it” when the plan was proposed to them.

Operation Hercules

While Operation Qadar’s target is Harvey, the ISD’s Operation Hercules’ target is Hydra-22, and its goal is to “counter Hydra-22”, along with their “proliferating associated concerns”, one of which is the Victims of Malice site. We understand that Operation Hercules is separate from Operation Qadar and is assigned to a separate section from Operation Qadar, although they sometimes exchange information and coordinate processes.

Operation Qadar preceded Operation Hercules, as Operation Qadar was initiated in April 2022, whereas Operation Hercules started because of the emergence of Hydra-22 at Brown Dot on 18 June 2022. Operation Hercules “didn’t have a delay between getting people put on it and starting its operations in June 2022, because there was immediately work to be done to counter [the] Brown Dot threat”.

The Operation Hercules team was also responsible for overseeing Operation Ink Tiger, which “sought to erase all hard evidence, physical and electronic, against Mercury Jamie Alice by end-July 2023”.

Hercules Team’s Involvement in the October 2022 Transformative Justice Collective (TJC) Ketamine Coup Saga

In her Substack, J-min provides a summary of the October 2022 Transformative Justice Collective (TJC) Ketamine Coup Saga:

There are a few parts to this story, all of which are chronologically and clearly detailed in the document linked above.
The first part is that several victims of Mercury used to be in contact with two individuals, Sachi and Swan. These two individuals were helping out with Brown Dot in 2022, and were acquaintances and supporters of Harvey until falling out due to a willful miscommunication. Sachi was also in contact with Mercury after the falling out, which was alarming to us.
Sachi also fronted the “Not In Our Name” online campaign and website, where Sachi mistreated their website developers, some of whom are friends of the victims of Mercury and are actual victims of Mercury themselves. Knowing Sachi’s treatment of the developers and their ignorance of information security, we highlighted this to TJC as part of our concerns that Sachi’s incompetence and contact with Mercury would be a major concern for an organisation that is under state scrutiny like TJC.
At this point, Mercury also claimed via private messages with us that she was collaborating with, or making use of an unknowing Sachi and Swan, and there was a plan to take over the TJC exco, probably because Mercury sought the backing and approval of an esteemed organisation, which would then make her look credible. She then claimed to have planted ketamine at the venues of TJC’s latest event, which would get people like [Jolovan Wham] and the old guard arrested and discredited, which would secure her a TJC leadership sympathetic to her.

The full details of this are available in this 147-page document, with particular reference to Sections F, G, H, I and J. We understand that the ISD’s Operation Hercules team had conveyed instructions to Mercury through Shawn, misleading her into believing that “TJC’s leadership would really be taken down by the discovery of the ketamine in a police raid, thus allowing Sachi to put [Mercury] into the new leadership”. In reality, “it turned out to be just a plot to turn Singaporean civil society as a whole against Hydra-22 by discrediting [Hydra-22]. There was never any ketamine hidden at either the Ubi TechPark place or The Riverside place, and the successful goal was to get Hydra-22 to make disruptive claims which later turn out to be baseless, thus showing civil society that Hydra-22 is liable to asserting untrue claims, even if Hydra-22 does not believe it to be false.” Mercury and Heather D Tan Zi Min had been misled into paying $600 to a gangster (whose contact Mercury obtained from Shawn) for “five grammes” of ketamine “to plant in TJC’s Ubi TechPark place” – only for it to be revealed to Mercury months later, in June 2023, that it had actually just been inert silica powder the entire time.

Further Involvement of the Hercules Team in Subsidiary Operations

On 22 September 2022, Mercury had obtained Carissa’s family unit address. We understand that the ISD’s Operation Hercules team had been involved in this. Specifically, they had advised Shawn, who in turn advised Mercury, on the Singapore Police Force’s (SPF) Standard Operating Procedure (SOP), so that the SOP’s gaps and weaknesses could be exploited. Mercury was ultimately left to actually execute the obtaining of Carissa’s family unit address, which she achieved by getting Heather to follow Carissa’s brother home, by threatening Carissa and correctly predicting that Carissa would call the police in response, and by getting her then-accomplice Elise He Jiasheng (known as her “tech support guy”) to install removable cameras to monitor which unit the police would go to as per the police’s SOP. This is detailed in this previous post.

We also understand that the ISD’s Operation Hercules team supported Mercury in helping to choose the “most effective threats” to be leveled against Carissa and J-min to threaten them to drop their PHC cases against Mercury. We understand that this was because it was in their interest to weaken or neutralize Hydra-22 (a mythical creation of the ISD’s own making).

Independent Murders by Mercury

Murder of Lionel Jerome De Souza

As we have previously written about Lionel Jerome De Souza:

On 21 August 2015, Lionel Jerome De Souza of Messieurs L J Investigation & Consultancy Services Pte Ltd is engaged as a Private Investigator (PI) to investigate Harvey’s rapist Syafik, who had raped Harvey while she was remanded at IMH in 2014. This is because she is tired of being gaslit into believing that the rape never occurred, and that Syafik is just a figment of her imagination. In September, Lionel Jerome De Souza manages to track Syafik down and indeed captures video footage of Syafik.

We also understand that Lionel had been helping Mercury and Rena Lai pro bono in 2020 in his capacity as a Private Investigator. We understand that in the course of his investigations against Mohd Adnan bin Mohd Azman and Chan Mun Kiat on behalf of Mercury and Rena, Lionel was growing suspicious of Mercury in particular. We understand that Mercury found Lionel “self-righteous” and felt that he was “getting too close for comfort” in his investigations, and therefore murdered him in late October 2021. Details about Lionel’s murder in late October 2021 are available in Bundle of Evidence #2 (pages 210 – 212).

We understand that the ISD had no role or input with Lionel’s murder. In fact, Mercury was unaware until afterwards that Lionel was already ill and dying of terminal cancer, so murdering him had been a pointless endeavor even for her.

Murder of Dean Salleh

Meanwhile, we understand that Harvey had given Dean Salleh a copy of her letter dated April 2021 to the AGC, together with the attachments. After reading through the “Children of Israel” (t.me/Children_of_Israel) chatgroup, created on 4 February 2021, Dean was growing suspicious of Mercury. Ultimately, Dean “had to be eliminated” because of the above factors and “because he had connected too well with Harvey during her original 2013/2014 criminal case, and she may run to him for assistance and advocacy if she wanted to create further trouble in Singapore”. We note that Dean had passed away unexpectedly on 17 February 2022.

We understand that the ISD was indeed involved in Dean’s murder.

Deaths of the Qadar Team

We understand that the entirety of the Operation Qadar team is dead now, and has been dead (and thus inoperative) since December 2023.