Firstly, Mercury publicly identifies as a transgender woman on her main social media accounts, who uses she/her and they/them pronouns. However, we understand that Mercury has claimed otherwise to the police and to other parties both publicly and privately in ways that relate to her testimony. We will be using she/her pronouns to refer to Mercury throughout for consistency.

Secondly, Mercury has been diagnosed by IMH as having Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID). 

  • Mercury personally uses ‘the Underworld System’ to refer to all members of her System as a collective.
  • When referring to all members of the System, we will name them as ‘Mercury’ or ‘MJA’.
  • When referring to specific alters within that System, we will list them by their respective names (‘R’, ‘Dylan’, ‘Alethea’, etc.). Several alters in the System also share the title ‘Jack the Ripper’. Meanwhile, the System’s host self-identifies as ‘Jamie’ or ‘Alice’.

The fact that many of her targets share the same gender identity and/or diagnosis makes it clear as day that it is Mercury herself, and not her diagnoses, who are causing this harm.

Mercury’s primary accomplice is her girlfriend Heather Tan. Heather has previously used the aliases ‘Alexandra Wilde’ and ‘nekomonochan’ online.

Mercury has targeted the following individuals:

  • Vickreman Harvey Chettiar (‘Harvey’)
  • Harvey’s grandfather (deceased)
  • Harvey’s grandmother (deceased)
  • Wong J-min – previously pseudonymised as 'Jia Min'
  • Carissa Cheow (‘Carissa’)
  • Carissa’s family
  • Joyce Ng (‘Joyce’)
  • Lune Loh (‘Lune’)
  • Gurprit – previously pseudonymised as 'Jaspreet'
  • Tobias Keh (‘Tobias’)
  • Mercury’s ex
  • Anon Victim #1
  • Anon Victim #2
  • Anon Victim #3

For confidentiality reasons, some names have been redacted.

Mercury’s history of violence is extensive – as such, we are not the only individuals she has targeted. We are just the ones choosing to speak up.

We want to explicitly state that the names listed on this Glossary page are NOT the owners or operators of this blog. For our own safety and security, we are choosing to remain anonymous until the conclusion of this case.

Edit (1 December 2022): Included clarification that victims =/= owners or operators of this blog.

Edit (13 July 2023): Updated names.