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Operation Pillory

In addition to Operations Mandrake, Werewolf and Poison Ivy, we have come to learn of the existence of a fourth operation: Operation Pillory.

Plans for Operation Pillory

We understand that members of the anti-LGBTQIA+ Christian far-right – in particular, Faith Community Baptist Church's (FCBC) Nina Khong, who is the wife of Lawrence Khong – have noticed that two protests in support of Harvey, done by two different groups of people, had taken place last month, in May 2023. We understand that they are concerned about the growing ground support for Harvey, particularly because they worry that a pro bono lawyer may step forward to represent Harvey, which would be in their disinterest. We understand that it is important to them that Harvey remains legally unrepresented throughout her case, especially as they have somehow gotten wind that Harvey's current CLAS-assigned counsel is going to discharge themselves at Harvey's next court date on 13 June 2023.

The expectation is that, in the absence of proper legal counsel, even if Harvey herself has a good defence, this will not hold up as powerfully in court: The belief is that when Harvey shows up at trial and has to legally represent herself in the absence of a lawyer, the Court will ultimately defer to the learned and licensed prosecutor (rather than an accused person without a law degree) where there is dispute concerning the interpretation of the law, or dispute concerning particular facts. As such, the belief is that Harvey will be convicted in any case, and the conviction will be upheld at appeal.

We have since discovered that Operation Pillory, which targets Harvey, is a plan to have a string of outrage of modesty allegations made and filed against Harvey. These will eventually result in No Further Action (NFA) due to a lack of evidence, but this NFA doesn't and won't actually matter: The goal of Operation Pillory is not to get Harvey in legal trouble necessarily, but to sow sufficient distrust towards Harvey's moral character that by the time investigations conclude, the final NFA outcome will not actually matter, as public opinion would already be suspicious towards, if not entirely against, Harvey.

Operation Pillory requires not just a small handful of women to allege molest, but significant numbers. 1, 2 or 3 accusations would be inadequate for Operation Pillory, as Harvey might still stand a chance at countering these. Instead, 10, 12 or 15 women alleging molest would be necessary for Operation Pillory's success. We understand that Nina Khong is confident that with a sizeable quantity of seemingly independent allegations leveled against Harvey, the public's mentality will be that even if not all accusations are true, there must definitely be at least some credibility behind some of these claims. The calculations are that even if Harvey denies everything and argues that this is a conspiracy against her, the overwhelming number of allegations will ultimately still generate confusion, scepticism, uncertainty, fear, doubt and reluctance around Harvey.

The members of the anti-LGBTQIA+ Christian far-right involved in the planning and strategizing of Operation Pillory predict that nobody will actually want to support Harvey (in the worst case scenario for Harvey) and/or most members of the public may simply pause and wait to see how everything plays out, limiting Harvey's access to resources and networks in the meantime, for as long as the police investigations take (in the best case scenario for Harvey). They are confident – or at least pray – that the worst case scenario for Harvey will happen, although the best case scenario for Harvey is not a loss for them either.

Operation Pillory requires finding women who will be agreeable to make these false molest allegations. We understand that the plan is to primarily recruit women from the People's Republic of China (PRC), who are in Singapore on relatively short-term stays. Firstly, making a molest allegation will extend these women's stay by weeks or months, as they will need to remain in Singapore while the matter is being investigated. Secondly, FCBC will also compensate them monetarily for their efforts. Overall, it's a win-win.

Harvey's Three Non-standard Bail Conditions

Furthermore, we understand that on 5 May 2023, at Harvey's court arraignment for her most recent criminal charge under the Protection from Harassment Act's (POHA) Section 5 (incurred as a result of her Instagram posts about Tangaraju s/o Suppiah's execution), Harvey had her bail revoked and was also remanded to the Institute of Mental Health (IMH) for two weeks for the purposes of psychiatric assessment to determine if she is of sound mind. With her bail revoked, this meant that she would have been sent straight to pre-trial detention indefinitely at a prison holding cell after her two weeks at IMH. We understand that in the end, after a psychiatric evaluation over several sessions, Harvey was released from IMH one week early, on 12 May 2023. We further understand that upon her discharge from IMH, Harvey was luckily given fresh bail. However, we also understand that this fresh bail came with three non-standard conditions:

  1. Harvey "must reside at/with [her] bailor."
  2. Harvey "must continue to receive treatment as per IMH's recommendation if released on bail."
  3. Harvey "is to delete all posts from [her] social media accounts as well as to delete all social media applications from all [her] electronic devices. [Harvey] is not to login to any social media accounts on any devices including those not belonging to [her]. [Harvey] is not to post any posts or make any comments on any social media platforms or accounts."
Image of Harvey's three non-standard bail conditions

Breaching any of these bail conditions, including by passive non-compliance, will result in Harvey's remand. We note that the second condition means that Harvey must continue to return to IMH, where she was raped in 2014. We also note that the third condition means that Harvey effectively cannot use or access social media.

We have come to learn that Church Of Our Saviour (COOS) was indirectly involved in ensuring that Harvey would be subjected to these three non-standard bail conditions. We understand that those involved in Operation Pillory deem COOS as having successfully "secured Harvey's silence through her bail conditions", and are therefore "confident that Harvey will not publicly repudiate or denounce any of the allegations". This means that "if Harvey gets a Criminal Procedure Code Section 21 letter from [the] police for outrage of modesty cases, [those involved in Operation Pillory] are confident she will not post that letter on her Instagram stating that the molest allegations are false and that she is innocent."

We observe that Harvey's Instagram account currently can no longer be found. We also observe that previously, when Harvey's Instagram account was still available, Harvey would publish posts disputing, clarifying and/or providing context to inaccuracies, allegations or lies made against her – sometimes with evidence too. We are concerned that with Harvey's Instagram account gone due to the third non-standard bail condition, Harvey is no longer able to publicly defend herself or express her position on important matters concerning her. Even past inaccuracies about Harvey are now no longer being disputed by her as a result of the third non-standard bail condition, which has forced the disappearance of the Instagram account.

In the absence of a public repudiation from Harvey at the crucial material time, those involved in Operation Pillory are confident that the public impression of Harvey will "be very clearly formed already", in a manner that is biased against Harvey, and riddled with misinformation – be it half-truths or full lies. Those involved in Operation Pillory are clear that "even if Harvey's bail conditions are changed 6 months or 1 year down the line, the public impression of Harvey would be pretty much fixed already by that time". In fact, their calculations are that "it won't be credible to dispute the public's negative impression of the molest allegations against Harvey even as early as 3 to 4 months on".

AG Lucien Wong's Ambition

We understand that Attorney General (AG) Lucien Wong wants the first Operation Pillory accuser to make and file her allegation by mid-June. We understand that he is more ambitious: AG Lucien Wong is dissatisfied with mere allegations and an eventual NFA, but wants Operation Pillory to go further and actually press charges against Harvey for these molest accusations. The rationale is that "with this many accusations, no sane judge will grant bail".

Moreover, we understand that AG Lucien Wong is hoping to have Harvey arrested in response to these molest accusations on 23 June 2023, this time deploying the Police Tactical Unit (PTU) – instead of the Special Tactics and Rescue (STAR) Unit, which had previously been deployed to Harvey's home on 30 April 2023.

In relation to local media coverage, we understand that AG Lucien Wong has seen to it that there are clear instructions that "any news coverage related to Harvey" be checked and screened "before publishing". We also understand that there are instructions that news relating to "any protests for Harvey" are not to be published, which presumably includes the two ones that happened in May 2023.

Nonetheless, we note that even if AG Lucien Wong's more ambitious goals for Operation Pillory do not proceed, the original plan for Operation Pillory is still concerning.

More Details

We understand that Carol Loi is involved in Operation Pillory, but that recruiting women who will be agreeable to make these false molest allegations against Harvey will be the responsibility of those from FCBC who are involved in Operation Pillory.

We have come to learn that Deputy Public Prosecutor (DPP) Shaun Lim Sheng Kang may be instructed to apply for Harvey's revocation of bail at the upcoming pre-trial conference on 13 June 2023, based on alleged non-compliance with the second non-standard bail condition, i.e. concerning IMH.

We note that Harvey is facing four criminal charges. We realize that the justice4harvey.carrd.co that we've linked in other posts is outdated and only captures Harvey's first criminal charge. For more updated information on the other three criminal charges that Harvey is facing, visit instagram.com/Justice4Harvey.