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Operation Pillory: Versions 2, 3 and 4

We previously wrote about Operation Pillory, which is an anti-LGBT Christian far-right plan to target Harvey by having a string of false outrage of modesty allegations made and filed against Harvey.

We have since found out that the original Operation Pillory plan has been unsuccessful in its ability to recruit women from the People's Republic of China (PRC) to make and file these false reports of allegations.

Instead, Operation Pillory has been through three further iteration. This means that there have been four versions of Operation Pillory so far.

Operation Pillory: Version 1

As a brief recap, we understand that Operation Pillory: Version 1 was "a plan to get 10 to 15 women, recruited from short-term visitors, to accuse Harvey of molesting them, with the idea that even though all cases would result in an NFA, there'd be enough public disrepute". Due to Condition J of Harvey's three non-standard bail conditions, Harvey would be legally unable to publish clarifications or denials on her Instagram, effectively depriving her of the right to reply, the right to clarify and the right to defend against any false allegations or inaccuracies made against her, thus obstructing justice.

For this, Attorney General Lucien Wong "wanted to charge for every count, even if ultimately have to withdraw, because can still send Harvey to IMH and then revoke bail in the meantime."

Our previous post outlines the full details of Operation Pillory: Version 1.

As an update, Operation Pillory: Version 1 was ultimately scrapped due to being unsuccessful in recruitment.

Operation Pillory: Version 2

Meanwhile, Operation Pillory: Version 2 was "a plan to get Harvey charged for rape, but because [Attorney General Lucien Wong] wanted to be extra sure that Harvey wouldn't successfully wiggle out by citing HRT, he checked her medical file, and found that she likely can't hold an erection either way because she has artificial phimosis from genital injuries gotten in 2013 somehow." This means that rape claims would not really be credible.

Hence, Operation Pillory: Version 2 was scrapped.

Operation Pillory: Version 3

Similar to Operation Pillory: Version 2, Operation Pillory: Version 3 was a plan that would accuse Harvey of having committed rape "using her medical-grade dildo, since she has admitted on police records to using such dildos in the past to pee in public." However, Attorney General Lucien Wong "didn't think the story would hold up in Court from a psychological perspective, and even the Serious Sexual Crime Branch (SSCB) might be rather suspicious."

Hence, Operation Pillory: Version 3 was scrapped.

Operation Pillory: Version 4

Pivoting away from its previous three iterations, Operation Pillory: Version 4 is an ongoing plan "to use NEETs [Not in Education, Employment, or Training] indirectly recruited through the Faith Community Baptist Church's (FCBC) Digital Wellness programme to create accounts and profiles under Harvey's name and pester girls to have sex till they get fed up and file police reports against Harvey for harassment". To our knowledge, this already began on 5 June 2023 (Monday). Within a week, there had already been one police report lodged against Harvey as a result of Operation Pillory: Version 4.

The Christian far-right hopes to have "enough police reports" "with greater offense taken by the victims" so that Harvey can be arrested on 23 June 2023 (Friday), and so Harvey can be arraigned in court on 24 June 2023 (Saturday), in the morning of Pink Dot 2023 – Singapore's main and biggest LGBT annual event.

The plan is to remand Harvey back to IMH once again, "and then – if the IMH report supports it, which is likely as Harvey will deny and thus be seen as not remorseful and likely to re-offend – ask for revocation of bail" on the basis of so-called "public safety".

Ultimately, "FCBC's congregation seems to be the main hub from which there are many connections."

To our knowledge, this is still ongoing.