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Attorney-General's Chambers informally deters lawyers from representing Harvey at her trial

Editors Note – Wong J-min has previously been pseudonymised as "Jia Min" on this site.

We have come to learn from our sources that several Deputy Public Prosecutors (DPPs) and Assistant Public Prosecutors (APPs) have been tasked by the Crime Division at the Attorney-General's Chambers (AGC) to informally spread some information in the Law Society through its grapevine.

The information that the AGC is spreading is relevant to any lawyer who might be approached to take on Harvey's criminal cases, for the purpose of representing her at trial.

The AGC's position, as we understand it, is that it has no issue with Harvey having a lawyer to mitigate at her sentencing. In fact, they prefer that she is represented during her mitigation, so justice would superficially appear to have been done.

However, any lawyer who represents Harvey at her trial, upon her conviction at trial and regardless of any appeal, can expect to receive Personal Cost Orders. This will be based on the allegation of conducting an unmeritorious defence, evidenced entirely by the fact of the defences having failed at trial.

This is a similar tactic faced by lawyers who take on death row cases. As an example, Personal Cost Orders up, up to the tens of thousands of dollars, have been served on lawyer M Ravi for his work in representing death row inmates. Most recently, he faced a $20,000 Personal Cost Order for a failed application by 17 death row inmates alleging ethnic bias.

We also note that lawyer Charles Yeo had also faced Personal Cost Orders of $4,000 for challenging the death sentences of two inmates.

Separately, we are aware of an account called "Gurprit Dumps", which has claimed to expose the victims of Mercury, including Carissa, Joyce, Odette, Lune, Tobias, J-min and Rayna, for various incursions such as cult-like behaviour and allegedly silencing another victim of sexual violence. Several other victims were also named.

We will not comment on Gurprit's allegations. Some of the victims have since publicly responded to Gurprit's allegations, including Odette's new public social media accounts, and J-min's Substack newsletter.

We also note that on the Glossary page on this very website, Gurprit is listed as a victim of Mercury, anonymised as "Jaspreet".

However, we have become aware via our sources that Gurprit made around 14 calls to the Singapore Police Force from the UK, where he is currently pursuing graduate studies at Wolfson College, Cambridge University. He requested in these calls that Harvey should be subjected to some form of police monitoring, for public protection.

When informed that there was no such system of police monitoring available, Gurprit then requested that Harvey's bail should be revoked given the "negative externality of a sexual predator being on the loose and assaulting more victims".

Gurprit also informed the Singapore Police Force that if the Singaporean authorities failed to act to protect the public, then he would write in to the forum on news website AsiaOne to publicly expose both Harvey and the other victims of Mercury. We understand that a close friend of Gurprit's works at AsiaOne.

We understand that subsequent to these calls, the AGC is seeking to add on two new bail conditions, namely to impose a curfew for Harvey to remain indoors at home between 8pm and 8am, and also electronic tagging on Harvey to monitor physical movements. There are no plans for an outright bail revocation currently.