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Operations Mandrake, Werewolf and Poison Ivy

We have come to learn of the existence of three operations led by Attorney General Lucien Wong Yuen Kuai and CanaVox's Carol Loi Pui Wan with the intent to target some of Mercury's main victims.

The operations are:

  1. Operation Mandrake – to target Jia Min
  2. Operation Poison Ivy – to target Jia Min via Harvey
  3. Operation Werewolf – to target Lune

Because all of Mercury has entangled all of her main victims with one another, targeting any one of them affects and sabotages the other victims' cases and threatens their lives as well.

Operation Mandrake – to target Jia Min

As mentioned in our first post, Jia Min has faced intense and persistent sexual violence by Mercury, who has mass-circulated revenge porn of Jia Min, doxxed Jia Min's address, and made multiple rape and murder threats towards Jia Min. Mercury had also bugged two of Jia Min's electronic devices on two occasions. She had also minted the revenge porn of Jia Min as NFTs.

Most recently, Mercury claimed her 9th murder: the poisoning of Jia Min's grandfather. Several Christian far-right (or affiliated) individuals, groups and/or churches aided and abetted this murder as well as its subsequent cover-up, even going so far as to obstruct the autopsy from happening. This includes Attorney General Lucien Wong himself.

We have since discovered that Operation Mandrake, which targets Jia Min, is a plan to frame Jia Min for her own grandfather's murder.


"Operation Mandrake for [Jia Min] to either rot in prison for twenty years or hang for murder [...] Operation Mandrake is supposed to get [Jia Min] pinned for her grandfather's murder. It actually started off as a possibility after she'd [jokingly] told some folks multiple times that she hopes her grandfather would stop being so stubborn and just die, so she can take over his room and not have to share a room with [Jia Min's sister]. Ms Carol Loi correctly predicted what would be [Jia Min's] reaction after her grandfather's sudden death and learning [from Mercury] that it was not so natural, so [Jia Min] opposed any autopsy until [Jia Min herself] becomes the top suspect. The autopsy itself was blocked through indirect arrangements made by the Attorney-General, like ensuring the death case IO was away on field duty and could not be reached by [Carissa]."

In other words, Operation Mandrake intends to use Jia Min's predictable trauma response to make a case that Jia Min had killed her own grandfather. This, combined with AG Lucien Wong blocking the autopsy from happening, would frame Jia Min for murder, resulting in a national media scandal, the total discrediting of Jia Min as a victim and witness to Mercury's crimes, and sending Jia Min to jail or execution.

Operation Poison Ivy – to target Jia Min via Harvey

What we know about Operation Poison Ivy is that it has two goals (a primary goal and a secondary goal):

"Operation Poison Ivy, which is subsidiary to Operation Mandrake, for the purpose of gathering evidence on [Jia Min] from Harvey. [...] The primary purpose of Operation Poison Ivy is to get Miss Vickreman [i.e. Harvey] charged and her bail revoked, so that she'll want to save her own skin and be willing to sell out anybody to get out on bail again. Hence, she will be willing to cooperate when the time comes with giving a statement and testimony to fill in the gaps and make the AGC's case against [Jia Min] watertight.
The secondary purpose is to psychologically destroy Miss Vickreman [i.e. Harvey] through the intense trauma [of being remanded to a male ward or prison] so that she will not be able to testify coherently and/or reliably in any criminal or quasi-civil Court case. But the secondary purpose was alone insufficient to justify the operation, so though the secondary purpose predated the primary purpose, Operation Poison Ivy wasn't planned until the primary purpose existed."

In other words, Operation Poison Ivy intends to coercively extract a false testimony out of Harvey to help frame Jia Min for the murder of Jia Min's own grandfather. The bonus of sending Harvey to remand is also to traumatize and psychologically break Harvey so that Harvey will not be a credible victim or witness in the case against Mercury. Through Operation Poison Ivy, Operation Mandrake succeeds.

At her court arraignment on 5 May 2023, Harvey indeed had her bail revoked and was remanded to IMH. This explains why Harvey's Instagram stories about Tangaraju s/o Suppiah's execution resulted in such a drastic and disproportionate reaction on 30 April 2023, why her court arraignment was rushed to happen 5 days later, and why her bail was revoked during the court arraignment. For comparison, Mercury is out on $5,000 bail, and there were 289 days between her 9 August 2021 anthrax hoax being committed and her court arraignment for it.

Despite her diagnosed condition of Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID), Mercury's arraignment did not result in a remand to IMH to assess mental fitness to plead – although Mercury has previously stated in her own police report, SPF Report No. G/20210902/7071, that she committed the anthrax hoax offence while under the influence of a "negatively-inclined alter".

Operation Werewolf – to target Lune

Mercury has doxxed, impersonated and threatened Lune before, and has previously tried (and failed) to frame Lune up for ketamine possession.

Lune Loh is a prominent trans activist. She is vocally and visibly trans. In January 2021, Lune participated in #FixSchoolsNotStudents – a protest in support of trans rights. #FixSchoolsNotStudents took place in response to transphobia towards trans students in schools. Lune was arrested for her participation in this protest, given that protests are illegal in Singapore. The protest was reported by news outlets in Singapore and drew significant public attention.

We have since discovered that Operation Werewolf, which targets Lune, is a plan to punish and "payback" Lune for participating in #FixSchoolsNotStudents.


"FixSchoolsNotStudents caused a lot of subtle changes in Singapore, and it caused political problems for some Christian [far-right individuals], who want not just payback, but also to be able to undo the damage done by showing that transgirls can actually be pretty dangerous, and not so feminine and harmless as they claimed to be."

We do not have further information on what the specifics of Operation Werewolf are yet. However, it seems to involve a plan to portray Lune as "dangerous" somehow, possibly to smear her public image as a trans activist and get her discredited. We will update if we receive more information.