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Hate Mail #1

We have been receiving threats via the ‘Contact Us’ form on our blog, which looks like this:

‘Contact Us’ form on our blog, wherein the ‘Name’ and ‘Email’ fields are mandatory

Message #1

On 10 November 2022, at 12:16pm, we received a form submission with a message that reads:

“To those who’re enabling Miss Vickreman in publishing these online falsehoods for smearing Alice’s reputation, you have one chance to take it back and live in peace.

Shut down your website and associated social media accounts by midnight on 10 November 2022, Thursday, and don’t put screenshots of anything from any of the offending platforms anywhere else either.

If you choose not to accept our offer of amnesty, we will use our solicitor and our other supporters, including State actors, to ensure that all of you serve prison time.”

Screenshot of a form submission message, i.e. Message #1

The email input was Charles Yeo’s email address, which is publicly available. Charles clarified with us – and then on his own Instagram – that he had not sent such a message. In fact, he was very confused. Charles is literally Harvey’s friend and has no motive to make such threats.

Message #2

On 11 November 2022, at 8:11pm, we received another form submission with a message that reads:

“You had your chance to take down your VOM website and all associated social media platforms, and live our your lives peacefully, but you have chosen death.

We know that Harvey considers Carissa Cheow [deadname redacted] and Loh Shen Lune as found sisters, and Harvey also has some unknown non-binary god-parental figure, whom we’ve narrowed down to [name of Anon Victim #3].

Lune Loh is now going to serve prison time for ketamine possession, which gets her up to ten years’ prison and a fine of $20K.

And if Harvey continues with VOM after that, it’ll be her god-parent [name of Anon Victim #3] up next!”

Screenshot of a form submission message, i.e. Message #2

The email input was Lune’s email address, which, like Charles’, is also publicly available. For self-explanatory reasons, the message is not actually from Lune. Moreover, Lune is also literally not in Singapore right now, so these threats to plant ketamine and frame Lune for drug possession are, frankly, a bit fruitless and feeble.

Lune’s Response

Lune also posted a response to this on her Instagram Story:

“@victimsofmalice got another email and… I can’t even take coffee for my life much less a hard drug like Ketamine – so I don’t have any??? I am in the UK and am still receiving threats from them and am so very tired;;;”

Screenshot of Lune’s Instagram Story response

Message #3

In response to Message #1, Joyce had previously made the following Twitter thread on her own personal Twitter account, accessible via this link. This was on 11 November 2022 at 10:20am.

Slideshow depicting screenshots of Joyce’s Twitter thread

On 12 November 2022, at 6:48am, we received yet another form submission with a message that reads:

“Please convey my thanks to Ng Rui Lin Joyce for the heads-up on NordVPN and traffic correlation attacks, which I have been advised of by my tech support guy after he saw Joyce’s Twitter thread on it.

I’ve switched to TOR browser as you’d be able to see from my IP address, and I’m so much safer now I can impersonate police!”

Screenshot of a form submission message, i.e. Message #3

The email input was a Singapore Police Force (SPF) email address.

Messages #4 and #5

Shortly after Message #3, also on 12 November 2022, we received two messages via the ‘Contact Us’ form on our blog at 7:02am and 7:04am respectively. The messages are identical, except the emails input are of two different SPF email addresses. The messages read:

“I saw Miss Vickreman’s correspondences submitted to CJTS threatening the fucking President of Singapore herself, threatening the Law Minister K. Shanmugam and even admitting to plotting an axe attack on the District Judge Mr Soh Boon Leng Kestler.

Afterwards, Harvey entered a half-hearted “sorry if you’re offended” retraction to the CJTS to what, get the police off their ass?

Miss Vickreman will be finished once she goes into remand in the men’s section for pre-trial detention for these major crimes, but it could take a while yet and I need for it to be sooner rather than much later, so I shall be going after Sunil Sudheesan next!

Thank you for VOMiting out that Loh Shen Lune is in the UK, now I’ll not waste effort on her but instead focus on putting Joyce into Changi Prison in the men’s section.”

Slideshow depicting screenshot of duplicate form submission messages, with different emails input, i.e. Messages #4 and #5

For again self-explanatory reasons, we don’t believe that these messages were actually sent by police officers. We don’t really get the logic behind someone impersonating the police, and find it quite silly, but that’s not really any of our business. (This being said, we do want to acknowledge the “VOMiting” pun though. Not bad.)

Harvey’s CJTS Correspondences

We need to provide context to these duplicate messages:

On 8 August 2022, Mercury served a Protection from Harassment Court (PHC) notice for a claim against Harvey, Mercury’s ex and Tobias. The claim number for this is PHC/10295/2022. We will refer to this as ‘Mercury vs Harvey/Mercury’s ex/Tobias’. Mercury accused the trio of being her harassers, and positioned herself as the victim. This is the opposite of the reality. We are Mercury’s victims, not vice versa. Please see ‘Our First Statement’ on our blog.

In response, Harvey served a PHC notice for a claim against Mercury on 21 September 2022. The claim number for this is PHC/10330/2022. We will refer to this as ‘Harvey vs Mercury’.

Subsequent to this, Mercury applied for the cases to be joindered for trial: The two separate PHC claims (i.e. Mercury vs Harvey/Mercury’s ex/Tobias as well as Harvey vs Mercury) would be henceforth trialed together. The first Case Management Conference (CMC) occurred earlier this week, on 9 November 2022.

Hours before the CMC commenced, Harvey had submitted correspondences to the Community Justice and Tribunals System (CJTS) portal. She cursed out Minister Shanmugam, President Halimah and District Judge Kessler Soh. From Harvey’s perspective, she’s had a tiring past year – needing to grieve the death of her grandparents (that Mercury has since claimed to have murdered) and needing to deal with Mercury’s relentlessness. In light of this, she had previously applied for the CMC to be adjourned to next year. This application was rejected.

Hence, in her CJTS correspondences, Harvey made threats towards these public figures, out of anger and frustration towards needing to deal with the CMC. For transparency, we are posting the correspondences that Harvey submitted to the CJTS portal with Harvey’s consent. Alt text available.

  • Screenshot of CJTS correspondence, submitted by Harvey on 11 November 2022, at 1:02am. Message reads: "I have told your damned kangaroo Court courteously that I am not ready to allocate the time or focus this year to deal with this case, but it seems that sweet words cannot convey the deadly seriousness of my message. Do I need to lay in wait outside the State Courthouse for the damned prostitute to speedy process, and open his skull with an axe in order to adequately convey to him the message to leave me the hell alone and let me have peace for the rest of this year?" Supporting document attached is a file titled 'PHC-APPL-28188-2022'.
  • Screenshot of CJTS correspondence, submitted by Harvey on 11 November 2022, at 1:10am. Message reads: "On second thought, it would make a fair bit more sense for me to find that damned mongrel Kasiviswanathan Shanmugam whose bright idea the PHC Courts were in the first place, and convey to him with an as-yet-unpurchased axe my experience with his brainchild, so that his permanent incapacitation can serve as a warning to the other PAP fascists who have not yet been deposed from power by any Capitol-style insurrection in Singapore, which is full of cowardly and apathetic citizenry!" Supporting document attached is a file titled 'PHC-APPL-28188-2022'.
  • Screenshot of CJTS correspondence, submitted by Harvey on 11 November 2022, at 8:30am. Message reads: "Please note that the date in my Application No. PHC-APPL-28298-2022 should be Friday 26 July 2013, and not Friday 13 July 2013 as erroneously entered therein. In addition, please note that I am not actually applying for anything in the said process, but it rather serves as my Declaration of Intent against the elected and selected statespersons from the People's Action Party."
  • Screenshot of CJTS correspondence, submitted by Harvey on 11 November 2022, at 8:42am. Message reads: "However, my more immediate intentions are more modest, and involve the incapacitation via the infliction of permanent injury to the Dishonorable District Kangaroo Mr Kessler Soh Boon Leng, who saw to my torment in 2013 and 2014, and now still has the gall to grab my criminal case for Vandalism of the Supreme Courthouse, and fix himself as the judge for my criminal trial! I am still in the process of tracking him down to his exact residential address, and planning the operation to pay him back."
  • Screenshot of CJTS correspondence, submitted by Harvey on 11 November 2022, at 6:37pm. Message reads: "I place on record my retraction of those contents of my correspondences of 9th November 2022 (which were filed at 1:02am, 1:10am and 8:30am) which may be construed as threats, and would like to state that I had been driven to communicate these thoughts precisely due to my lack of capacity, as a result of the circumstances of my family members being murdered, to deal psychologically with the PHC cases; and I'm also likewise unable to actually carry out any such threats as may be afore-construed.

Slideshow depicting screenshots of Harvey’s CJTS correspondences

At the end of the day, Harvey really just needs a break and some rest. Realistically, Harvey has no actual time, capacity and resources to carry any of these threats out. She literally didn’t even have the energy to attend the CMC, conducted on Zoom, originally – resulting in her outburst. Harvey has since submitted a follow-up CJTS correspondence, retracting her correspondences.

In her rage, Harvey also streamed the start of her 9 November 2022 CMC on Instagram Live. She promptly stopped the recording after her CMC judge, Assistant Registrar Mr Sheikh Umar, told her that this was not allowed. The broadcast had lasted about 6½ minutes in total.

Harvey was informed by Mr Sheikh Umar that multiple police reports had earlier been filed for her CJTS correspondences and would also need to be filed for her broadcasting of the CMC.

Now, returning back to Messages #4 and #5, please note that Sunil Sudheesan is Harvey’s CLAS-assigned lawyer, dealing with Harvey’s separate criminal case. For more details on this, visit justice4harvey.carrd.co. Note also that Mercury has access to the CJTS correspondences, so it is self-evident that these two messages were sent by Mercury herself, in response to our blog.

Update (16 November 2022, 10:30pm)

Harvey has since submitted a Letter of Explanation, Retraction & Apology with regards to her CJTS correspondences and her broadcasting of the CMC. Please see this post for the full details.

Messages #6 and #7

Also on 12 November 2022, we received two messages at 4:31pm and 4:32pm. The messages are again identical, except the names input are firstly ‘Miss Mercury Jamie Alice’ and subsequently ‘Halimah bte Yacob’. The messages read:

“First, Miss Vickreman makes absolutely no effort to pass as a woman, and even goes out of her way to look male by dressing as a terrorist from the CSGO video game.

Second, her problem is that she refuses to understand her place in Singapore’s social order, and behaves like she is equivalent to a bourgeoisie cisgender Chinese man.

Third, I’ve checked with her distant uncle S[redacted] and he confirms that she’d stopped seeing her IMH doctor in August and so also stopped her HRT medication.

All said, even if she was transgendered at some point, she’s started detransitioning over the last three months, so now there’s no reason for the State Courts to take any transgender issues into account when she is sentenced over her 3 existing charges.”

Slideshow depicting screenshot of duplicate form submission messages, with different names input, i.e. Messages #6 and #7

We’re not entirely sure what the purpose of pretending to be President Halimah is. In any case, these messages are inaccurate. Harvey is not actually detransitioning. A claim that Harvey “makes absolutely no effort to pass as a woman” is literally an opinion with transphobic insinuations.

Besides this, on the matter of Harvey no longer “seeing her IMH doctor in August”, Harvey has explained it as such:

“Mr S[redacted] has a communal duty toward my grandparents to check in upon and ensure that their descendants, at least those who reside in the same geographical territory, are doing well physically and psychologically; and to help them out where he can.

As Mr S[redacted]’s own efforts were insufficient to disabuse me of being an “arawani”, he proceeded to the Institute of Mental Health to request for them to treat me for my psychological affliction; but was informed that as I am under the care of a doctor at the National University Hospital, the IMH’s doctors cannot unilaterally have my patient file transferred to IMH without my treating psychiatrist’s consent…

Hence, Mr S[redacted] next proceeded to NUH’s Neuroscience Clinic, explained his interpretation of my situation to them, and requested my transfer to the care of a psychiatrist at IMH; and as my treating psychiatrist at NUH had no objections if I allegedly wanted to go to IMH, the transfer was unduly done.

I thereafter requested the NUH Neuroscience Clinic, upon learning of these circumstances, to transfer my care back to NUH; but I have been informed that NUH cannot unilaterally take over my patient file in the absence of consent of my treating psychiatrist.

As I am completely unwilling to be examined by any psychiatrist at IMH, and my treating psychiatrist will not sign off on a transfer back to NUH if I refuse to even attend any appointments at IMH or accept any psychiatric care whatsoever, this circumstance has effectively ended my access to mental healthcare…

In addition, since I have refused to attend follow-up appointments at IMH altogether, which includes my appointments for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and Gender Dysphoria, both of these diagnoses are now documented by my IMH treating psychiatrist as “no longer present” – thus ending my access to both medication and transgender hormone therapy, and expiring the prior recommendation from NUH for third-party referral for my bilateral orchidectomy.”

Harvey has had no choice but to be off her HRT medication because she does not wish to return to IMH, given that IMH was the place where she got raped in 2014. (For more details on this, visit justice4harvey.carrd.co.) However, Harvey had continuously been on HRT over the preceding 4½ years while under NUH care.

As our recommendation, the sender of these messages might perhaps benefit more from a lesson on logical reasoning, rather than wasting time on sending countless emails to our ‘Contact Us’ form.

Edit (16 November 2022): Reformatted post slightly for easier navigation and access.