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Our First Statement: Overview of the Situation

Our First Statement: Overview of the Situation

Content Warnings:

This post contains depictions and/or descriptions of the following, which may be distressing to some readers:

  • doxxing
  • impersonation
  • stalking (graphic and detailed descriptions thereof)
  • rape threats and death threats (graphic and detailed descriptions thereof)
  • murder (graphic and detailed descriptions thereof)
  • sexual violence including rape and date-rape
  • drug overdose
  • unsolicited nudes and leaking of explicit videos
  • malicious humiliation
  • anti-Semitism
  • transphobia
  • racism

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Mercury’s Anthrax Hoax
  3. Links to Harvey
  4. Doxxing of Lune
  5. Pink Dot 2022
  6. Impersonation
  7. Stalking of and Rape/Death Threats Against Carissa
  8. Claim to Harvey’s Grandfather’s Murder
  9. Doxxing and Leaking of Jia Min’s Sex Tape
  10. Threats for Jia Min to Drop PHC Claim Against Mercury
  11. Date-raping Jia Min with GHB
  12. Claim to Harvey’s Grandmother’s Murder
  13. Further Death Threats to New Victims
  14. Ongoing Stalking of and Death Threats Against Carissa’s Family
  15. Ongoing Rape and Death Threats Against Jia Min
  16. Ongoing Framing and Rape Threats Against Harvey
  17. What You Can Do


Mercury Jamie Alice is a 22-year-old individual who has been harassing and threatening multiple individuals in Singapore. Mercury’s violent history dates back to early 2019 and prior, but escalated since her 9 August 2021 anthrax hoax, and subsequently escalated again in June 2022.

We have detailed below the timeline of Mercury’s harassment campaign to the following ends:

  1. record and bring to light the sheer amount of harm that Mercury has enacted on us;
  2. call attention to the fact that Mercury has not been arrested yet (at the time of us posting this) and has continued to cause immense danger and distress to us;
  3. center our truth and testimonies as Mercury’s victims; and
  4. remind the public that until an arrest is made, our lives are in danger.

Mercury’s Anthrax Hoax

On 9 August 2021, Mercury made an anonymous police report claiming that “a man would release anthrax spores in a mall and bus interchange at Bedok”. Mercury named the man supposedly committing the crime as her ex’s ex-partner, and made the police report in her ex’s name to frame them. However, as the police traced the provenance of the message to her own computer, she was quickly arrested following this false claim.

Prior to committing the anthrax hoax, Mercury had approached Harvey to request for Harvey’s assistance in committing this offence. Harvey refused to do so, and disagreed with Mercury’s intentions to frame her ex for a criminal offence. However, when arrested for the anthrax hoax, Mercury claimed to the police that Harvey was the true mastermind behind the anthrax hoax and that Mercury was merely an accomplice, therefore framing Harvey and sending the police on a wild goose chase.

Harvey and Mercury first met in March 2019. Mercury had informed Harvey that she had just been kicked out of her family home for being trans. Being a trans woman herself, Harvey was agreeable to support Mercury in whatever ways she could reasonably manage. For instance, this included Harvey helping Mercury find rooms to rent, setting aside small sums to pass Mercury monthly, and providing Mercury emotional support.

Thus, from 2019 to 2021, Harvey aided Mercury financially, legally, and emotionally – for which Mercury was not only largely ungrateful, but felt unilaterally entitled to more. Mercury has expressed that she believes that Harvey is obliged to assist Mercury even in Mercury’s illegal and harmful schemes.

Eventually, Mercury’s repeated attempts to threaten, frame and coerce Harvey caused Harvey to cut ties with her.

Due to Harvey’s refusal to assist Mercury in committing offences, Mercury now believes that Harvey has wronged her. Primarily, Mercury blames Harvey for not taking the fall on Mercury’s behalf for the 9 August 2021 anthrax hoax that Harvey refused to participate in.

Doxxing of Lune

On 4 August 2021, an account appeared on Instagram claiming that Harvey had died, and that her wake and funeral would soon be taking place. Harvey was, of course, still alive.

As the account had posted Mercury’s phone number and named her as a point of contact (i.e. stating that people should RSVP their attendance to Harvey’s wake and funeral via Mercury), Mercury texted Lune to request for Lune to make a police report about the account. Lune obliged, and sent a copy of her filed report to Mercury privately. As Lune had no reason to distrust Mercury at this point, Lune did not redact any details from the police report before sending it to Mercury. This was on 8 August 2021 – i.e. the day before Mercury committed the anthrax hoax.

One month later, on 8 September 2021, the account which had posted Harvey’s wake and funeral notice suddenly posted Lune’s full police report, and hence doxxing Lune’s personal particulars, such as Lune’s NRIC and residential address. This was shocking, as Lune had only sent the police report to Mercury.

Pink Dot 2022

(cw: anti-Semitism, transphobia)

On 18 June 2022, a number of Harvey’s friends and acquaintances came together to increase visibility for Justice4Harvey – a campaign advocating for Harvey’s justice. Pink Dot had been chosen as the venue for this due to ongoing community discussions about racism in the LGBTQ+ community, as well as Harvey being a brown queer herself. This event was affectionately termed ‘Brown Dot’.

As Brown Dot was publicly promoted on social media, Mercury soon got wind of the event and attempted to physically stalk the group at the event. Mercury also attempted to identify participants via social media.

Following this, Mercury and Heather began to harass as many participants as they could contact on social media to inform them that Harvey was a sex pest and a generally untrustworthy person – neither of which are true. Mercury additionally made many anti-Semitic comments about Harvey while spreading these rumours, referring to Harvey as a “true-believing Jew” and a “Jewish tranny whore”. Mercury also stated that “it’s been well-known throughout the centuries that Jews are generally predatory”.

When the participants refused to cooperate with Mercury and Heather, they escalated to further offences.


Mercury is a frequent user of burner social media accounts (including Telegram and Instagram) to harass and impersonate others. She believes that such accounts cannot “technologically be tied back to [Mercury], thus all of [our] testimony will not prove that [Mercury] had anything to do with these accounts that have been harassing [us].”

Mercury believes that these Telegram accounts do not constitute “hard evidence”, and as such she will be able to evade responsibility for her offences. She has stated:

“You can believe what you want, but what do you think the cops are going to believe? You’ve no hard, conclusive evidence. […] I’m talking to you in Secret Chat [on Telegram] bcus I’ve said the right things in open chat to frame Harvey.”

Mercury has stated that she uses multiple devices separate from her main phone as well as her main social media and messaging accounts. Mercury has repeatedly asserted that they will not be found in the event of a police investigation because she stores the devices at undisclosed separate locations and can also simply delete any incriminating chat history before being searched.

Shortly after Pink Dot 2022, Mercury began using burner Telegram accounts to gain information from us through impersonation. By impersonating Lune and Carissa, Mercury was able to obtain Carissa’s address. Although she has blamed these impersonations on other people, such as Harvey, no person other than Mercury possesses the motivation to do such a thing.

Mercury has also, in at least one instance, impersonated a public figure, Pritam Singh (Singapore’s Leader of the Opposition) on a burner Telegram account in October 2022. She claimed that the impersonation was “for psyops” purposes and aimed to convince various other parties that Harvey “has continuously been framing up and impersonating Mercury for a litany of crimes”.

Stalking of and Rape/Death Threats Against Carissa

(cw: stalking, graphic descriptions of rape and death threats)

On 4 July 2022, Carissa and a friend left Carissa’s estate to get dinner. During dinner, at around 7:45pm, Carissa started being spam-called and spam-texted by Mercury’s Telegram account that, at that time, was still impersonating Carissa herself (i.e. fake Carissa was spamming real Carissa). Carissa and her friend quickly finished their dinner and headed to a quieter place nearby so that Carissa could read the text messages properly. At this point, Mercury name-dropped Carissa’s estate name and mentioned that “it hasn’t been that hard to get inside previously”. She texted that Carissa would “have to come out past the guardhouse eventually”, and made detailed and explicit threats to very violently stalk, torture, rape and murder Carissa.

She also made it clear that she’d seen both Carissa and her friend leave the estate: “I am curious, who is the woman that recently came out of the compound [Carissa’s estate] with you, earlier in the night, and where did you wander?” This shows that Mercury had been live-monitoring the estate, as the friend meet-up had been completely spontaneous and there was no way Mercury would’ve known about it otherwise.

At around 9pm, Carissa went to file a police report. Mercury resumed texting Carissa threats at 2:30am, and sent a message at 4am listing Carissa as #1 target on her hit-list, indicating that Carissa is “Marked for Death”.

Mercury texted Carissa:

“I am going to kill you, but before I end your life, I am going to defile you – I look forward to my enormous sausage widening your asshole as I thrust it in, after I’ve knocked you out cold and tied you down spreadeagled to your bedframe. After I strip you, I’m going to make a recording of your lifetime’s last sexual activity, and send it out on PornHub after you have suffocated to death, to be everybody’s final memorial of you. You will die by suffocation while experiencing having my enormous sausage in your rectum!”

Claim to Harvey’s Grandfather’s Murder

(cw: description of murder)

While impersonating Carissa, Mercury had also confirmed her previously suspected involvement in the death of Harvey’s grandfather, who had been found collapsed and motionless in the kitchen in his flat on 26 December 2021. At the time of death, Harvey’s grandfather’s death was assumed to have been due to natural causes. However, it was discovered later that there might have been foul play involved, due to a then-unknown party poisoning Harvey’s grandfather with methyl iodide (as claimed via messages on a public social media account).

Mercury claimed that she had been the then-unknown party responsible for Harvey’s grandfather’s death. Mercury stated: “The target was Harvey, not [Harvey’s] grandpa” and that “I personally put it in the pot of coffee brewing on the stove on 25 December 2021, Saturday.” Mercury also claimed that Harvey’s grandparents’ “door and gate were always unlocked, at least during the daylight hours”, allowing her access to the unit.

Mercury also stated:

“The accidental poisoning of the grandfather happened in December, but the target in early February was in fact the grandmother with a non-lethal dose, so Harvey and her mother will get bogged down long-term with her medicals.”

This information corroborated with Harvey’s grandmother having indeed suffered a major stroke on 4 February 2022.

Doxxing and Leaking of Jia Min’s Sex Tape

(cw: revenge porn, sexual violence)

After Pink Dot 2022 ended, Mercury noticed that Harvey was acquainted with Jia Min. Seeing them together made Mercury extremely enraged, as Mercury immediately assumed that Harvey and Jia Min were sexual partners. Jia Min had previously had a sexual encounter with Mercury in September 2020, after matching on a dating app. Mercury had recorded this sexual encounter, without Jia Min’s knowledge or consent.

Mercury then began to harass Jia Min’s friends and acquaintances via burner accounts on Telegram. In these text messages, Mercury revealed that she actually possessed and retained the non-consensual images and video footage of her September 2020 sexual encounter with Jia Min, and threatened to leak them to the public if Jia Min continued to associate with Harvey.

On 21 July 2022, Mercury followed through with her threat to leak Jia Min’s sex videos, as well as Jia Min’s full name and residential address. This set of messages was sent to multiple groups via Mercury’s burner WhatsApp and Telegram accounts. This included high-profile groups, such as Healing the Divide, which has over 5,000 members. Mercury also sent the revenge porn to Jia Min’s mother and schoolmates.

On 5 September 2022, Jia Min was granted an Expedited Protection Order (EPO) by the Court against Mercury, and served it to Mercury the same evening. A few hours later, Mercury breached the EPO by sending Jia Min’s sex video to Joyce, accompanying the video with the caption:

“[Jia Min] is among the personal property of the Underworld System, so with our host’s permission, we’ve the right to exhibit our actions with our personal properties to whoever we think fit – for this is a concubine whom our right hands possess. [Balance scale emoji.] Please feel free to appreciate this fine piece of tail, and everyone who chances upon this chat group has our permission to save and share!”

Jia Min promptly filed a police report about this EPO breach.

Mercury has also admitted responsibility for the spread of the revenge porn, saying:

“I’d sent [Jia Min’s] sex videos to tens of thousands of people, with her name and address attached, and it might have reached hundred thousand people who’d seen her naked body on display, together with her moaning and submissions.”

Mercury has previously claimed that she could not be responsible for the revenge porn, as doing so would compromise herself. However, multiple of Mercury’s targets have also received videos from Mercury of herself having sex with her past and current partners; this is part of her harassment. As such, it is evident that Mercury does not actually have any qualms about sending explicit videos of herself to others.

Threats for Jia Min to Drop PHC Claim Against Mercury

(cw: drug overdose, graphic descriptions of murder and humiliation threats, revenge porn)

On 17 October 2022, Mercury threatened to murder Jia Min and portray it as Jia Min’s own “drug overdose” – in order to pressure Jia Min to drop her PHC claim against Mercury. Mercury texted:

“And if [Jia Min] was smart, she would also lodge an Application for Withdrawal of Claim against [Jia Min’s PHC claim number] and then live her life in peace, instead of ultimately having the case lapse because of the Claimaint’s death by drug overdose, which also shames her after death. Or maybe [Jia Min] likes being humiliated both while she is alive and after she is dead.”

Mercury threatened to circulate the explicit videos to Jia Min’s future study and workplaces, stating:

“I’m planning, just to keep her humiliation fresh, to circulate it at six- or twelve-month intervals specifically targeting those places that [Jia Min] is studying or eventually working at, to let the folks who don’t know anything about her past see her naked body displayed for shaming her.”

Date-raping Jia Min with GHB

(cw: graphic descriptions of rape)

Mercury has also claimed that during their sexual encounter in 2020, Mercury date-raped Jia Min by drugging her with gamma hydroxybutyrate (GHB). This was made known to Carissa on 27 October 2022, when Mercury stated that she had handed Jia Min a glass of doped water as Jia Min had been unwilling to agree to some of the sex acts Mercury wanted. Jia Min was not aware of this during the encounter.

Mercury further stated:

“Oh, but I’d really enjoyed [Jia Min’s] mouth, though. Cold fish with her mouth opened for my cock. When she was passed out like a dead fish on my bed, it was honestly like necrophiliac play. I’d shot my load into her mouth when she was out cold, and she didn’t know it even when she later woke up an hour or so after passing out.”

Mercury claimed that because Jia Min took the water offered to her (despite Jia Min being unaware that the drink had been drugged), “anybody can reasonably infer that she had consented to unconscious sex acts”. Mercury claimed that there was a legal precedent for this: She referred to the case “PP v Tan Yew Sin” and stated that “consciousness [is] not necessary for consent.”

Mercury has previously stated that she believes that consent given under duress is real consent, and that consent cannot be retracted once given.

Claim to Harvey’s Grandmother’s Murder

(cw: rape threat, sexual violence, detailed description of murder)

As previously mentioned, on 4 February 2022, Harvey’s grandmother suffered a major stroke, and was sent to the hospital, staying there for a few weeks. Mercury has since also claimed responsibility for this stroke (please refer to the Claim to Harvey’s Grandfather’s Murder section). In April 2022, Harvey’s grandmother was moved from the hospital to a nursing home.

On 26 June 2022, Mercury texted Jaspreet and threatened to “force-fuck” Harvey’s grandmother at the nursing home if Harvey did not take the fall for Mercury’s anthrax hoax. (Mercury was aware of the exact nursing home which Harvey’s grandmother was at.) Mercury also sent Jaspreet a video of a camera peering over a shower door, revealing a nude person inside the cubicle – who Mercury claimed was “the first landlord that Harvey found for [Mercury] in 2019”.

In the afternoon of 8 September 2022, shortly after Harvey attended the hearing for her application for an EPO against Mercury, Harvey received a call from the Singapore General Hospital (SGH). SGH informed Harvey that her grandmother was under their care, in critical condition and expected to pass away within the same day.

At around 7pm, Harvey headed to SGH to visit her grandmother, who was almost completely unconscious and thus unable to see or speak to her. Some of us rushed down to join Harvey. Harvey’s grandmother passed away at 8:26pm. We discovered that SGH had already independently suspected foul play due to the sudden decline of Harvey’s grandmother’s vitals, and had ordered a coroner’s case to be opened.

The next day, in the afternoon of 9 September 2022, Harvey received an update that the post-mortem examination of her grandmother had been completed by the Health Sciences Authority (HSA), and the finding was that death occurred due to a cardiac arrest, which at that time was presumed to be because of old age. Harvey was told over a phone call to collect the body by 11 September 2022, Sunday.

Subsequently, this was re-looked into on the basis of the following messages received: That evening, at 7.18pm, Mercury texted Joyce with the extremely and uncannily specific details of Harvey’s grandmother’s death. For instance, Mercury listed the hospital and exact ward number of Harvey’s grandmother, as well as a route through which one could access Harvey’s grandmother in secret:

“And the block which contains the ward is guarded well and secured up front, but has an unsecured rear path which requires going through machine areas and climbing over some landscapings.”

Mercury claimed responsibility for Harvey’s grandmother’s death:

“Several thousand milligrammes of hydroxyzine for a dear old grandma on the early morning of 8th September, and her heart would’ve ceased its incessant beating by now, apparently of old age. And the freshly-dead have to be claimed within a day, so I’d be willing to hazard a guess that Harvey would be attending her grandma’s funeral on September 11th, because I had left nothing of the death/funeral timing to chance. The body would have been embalmed by now, which would destroy all traces of hydroxyzine.”

Further Death Threats to New Victims

(cw: death threats, stalking, transphobia)

On 20 September 2022, Mercury texted that she has been spying on Harvey’s grandparents’ flat and added two new victims (i.e. Anon Victim #1 and Anon Victim #2) to her hit-list for being friends with Harvey.

Previously, Anon Victim #1 had connected a housing-precarious friend of hers with Harvey; Harvey had thus allowed the housing-precarious friend to stay in the spare room of Harvey’s grandparents’ flat for a while. Mercury found out about this arrangement and decided to include Anon Victim #1 on her hit-list. Mercury name-dropped Anon Victim #1’s full name that she had somehow managed to obtain, despite Anon Victim #1 having never met or been acquainted with Mercury.

Anon Victim #2 was previously friends with both Harvey and Mercury. She had lived with Mercury for a period of 5 months, from August to December 2020, and remained on talking terms for over a year after that. However, Anon Victim #2 eventually cut ties with Mercury in February 2022, after witnessing Mercury’s harmful and toxic behaviour towards others.

Mercury’s texts read:

“But despite all of your security consciousness, it’s just so fucking hilarious that all it takes is a brown tranny with one sob story [i.e. the housing-precarious friend] told to [Anon Victim #1’s full name] to convince Harvey to hand over the keys to her grandparents’ house, giving full access and revealing that the traitorous whore [Anon Victim #2] already been staying there for some time. Congratulations to both [Anon Victim #1] and [Anon Victim #2], for joining the queue just behind Carrie for death!”

Mercury additionally revealed that she had been closely monitoring Harvey’s grandparents’ flat:

“Harvey and her gang are so on edge, that even one chair moved from the veranda to inside of the tenant’s bedroom caused Harvey to panic and want to call the cops. So I hope she stays in fear continuously up until her sudden death!”

Ongoing Stalking of and Death Threats Against Carissa’s Family

(cw: death threats, detailed description of stalking, graphic description of rape and death threats)

Like Jia Min, on 5 September 2022, Carissa was granted her EPO by the Court against Mercury and served her EPO to Mercury the same evening. A few hours later, Mercury breached the EPO.

Mercury threatened Carissa’s family, texting:

“Your friends have done a very foolish thing in opening up a fresh front which they won’t be able to adequately defend, and they are going to pay very dearly for their mistakes. Carrie is relatively safe in her condominium, but I don’t think her mother and brother are as secured!

I don’t know Carrie’s mother’s and brother’s addresses yet, but it’s only a matter of time until I track them down, follow them home.”

Mercury claimed that if a police report was made, it would not be recorded as an EPO breach as the act would not be done “under Alice’s name”. Moreover, Mercury claimed that she would simply tell the police that Harvey was framing her for this. Carissa filed a police report about this EPO breach.

On 8 September 2022, Mercury claimed that Heather had stalked Carissa’s brother home, but didn’t manage to find his exact address. Mercury threatened to poison Carissa’s mother with methyl iodide, as “a birthday surprise for Carrie”. Carissa and her brother filed another police report for this EPO breach.

However, this was insufficient to protect Carissa’s family.

On 22 September 2022, Mercury suddenly texted:

“Found [Carissa’s mother and brother] at [block and street number, indeed accurate to Carissa’s family’s actual address]!”

Carissa called 999.

At 8:22pm, Mercury continued:

“Carrie should’ve called the cops by now, so just gotta sit tight now & see which unit they go to!”

Mercury was using the police to identify Carissa’s exact unit number, such that she would be able to kill Carissa’s family.

At 8:40pm, Mercury continued:

“The cops can search all around the vicinity for us, but neither of us is there IRL to be found by them. Our technical support guy set up a little camera powered by the electrical lines running in the common areas of a neighbouring block!”

Mercury was able to do this as her collaborator had set up an illegal camera in a neighbouring block to observe Carissa’s family’s block.

At 8:50pm, Mercury continued:

“Got it, [unit number, indeed accurate to Carissa’s family’s actual address], the cops are usually reliable.”

Mercury obtained Carissa’s unit number by exploiting her knowledge of police procedures.

At 8:52pm, Mercury noted that:

“Even if the police have been warned not to knock, they’ll still go up to the veranda and stand there to inspect the vicinity for clues.”

The police inadvertently alerted Mercury to Carissa’s family’s address.

At 9pm:

“The camera doesn’t record anything to internal storage, everything was transmitted in realtime to a Google Drive, and the camera’s now being ripped out by an expendable hired hand who is not to bring it back, but just dispose far away!”

The surveillance method was then disposed of by a collaborator of Mercury’s.

In other words, Mercury claimed to have exploited the police to obtain Carissa’s family’s address, in order to further her plans to murder Carissa’s family.

On 16 October 2022, Mercury, impersonating Pritam Singh, again threatened Carissa and her family:

“You’re getting one chance to keep the people you love safe and have them around until they die of old age. Tell Deputy Registrar [name of judge] tomorrow morning that you are dropping [Carissa’s PHC claim number], or your brother dies of drug overdose sometime in the next 2½ months. I’ll expect you won’t choose to end up like Harvey.

If you choose to be stubborn, we’ll just be coming back to the same place with your mother in few weeks / months, after your brother is dead, autopsied and cremated.”

On the morning of 17 October 2022, Carissa was informed by the State Courts that her Case Management Conference (CMC) would be vacated as the Judge was on MC. Mercury then continued to pressure Carissa that evening to drop her PHC claim against Mercury by the following day.

Mercury, still using the Pritam Singh impersonator account, threatened both Carissa and Jia Min:

“Your [Carissa’s] brother’s body shall burn in the Mandai Crematorium, after he is dead and autopsied. I am not going to hurt you or do anything to you. But I’m coming for everyone whom you have ever loved, so that when they are dead, every happiness you have ever had and every happiness you ever could have had will turn into ash in your mouth, and only when you’re tasting [a] lifetime of grief is your debt paid.

And after I am done with your [Carissa’s] family, giving you the same fate as Harvey is suffering and will be suffering for the rest of her wretched days, I’m going after [Jia Min] to humiliate and violate her like she could never imagine, and then finally kill her with a drug overdose so she’ll be known posthumously as an addict, which would be humiliating for her memory.”

Given the context of Harvey’s grandparents’ deaths, Mercury’s actions seem to constitute Mercury’s intention to make good on her threats.

Ongoing Rape and Death Threats Against Jia Min

(cw: graphic description of rape and death threats)

On 21 October, Mercury doubled down on her threats to kidnap, humiliate, violate, torture and murder Jia Min, claiming that Jia Min had not only disobeyed her, but “actually went to the police and Courts against me.” Mercury threatened to fake Jia Min’s death via drug overdose. When Carissa pressed about which drug Mercury intended to use, Mercury replied:

“GHB because they don’t normally test for that in an autopsy toxicology screen, but they’ll still be able to tell that the person died of overdose from some unidentified narcotics substances.”

Mercury claimed she would use a small portion of GHB to tranquilise Jia Min, and the rest to kill Jia Min. She also stated that she was avoiding police charges by hiding the bottles away from her flat.

Mercury further revealed that she had previously been planning to rape and murder Jia Min at “MacRitchie Reservoir Trail”, but after a site recce realised that this was not logistically feasible. At the time of this posting, Mercury has thus since switched site location for Jia Min’s intended rape and murder.

Ongoing Framing and Rape Threats Against Harvey

(cw: graphic description of rape and death threats, malicious humiliation)

Sometime in the second week of October 2022, we noticed the existence of a Slack space bearing the URL ‘rape-and-kill-harvey.slack.com’, titled ‘Rape Harvey AHGUA BAPOK’. It later changed to ‘drop-claim-or-you-die.slack.com’, titled ‘Assassinate Harvey’. Then once again to ‘kill-and-burn-harvey.slack.com’, titled ‘Killing of Harvey very soon’.

On 21 October 2022, after admitting to wanting to drug, abduct, torture, rape, kill and humiliate Jia Min, Mercury made a weak attempt to frame Harvey for her crimes: “Actually I don’t plan to carry this out. Harvey intends to kidnap, rape and kill [Jia Min].”

Mercury continued:

“Harvey plans to lure [Jia Min] to one of the woods that Harvey is familiar with, then tranquilise her when they reach one of those abandoned huts that nobody ever passes by, and then rape her. And afterwards Harvey is going to kill [Jia Min] by pushing her into a body of water while [Jia Min] is unconscious, so that she will drown to death.”

Undermining her own claims, Mercury continued:

“We have our non-fatal plans for Harvey too. I’m not going to personally touch Harvey, as I’ve never in my life been so repulsed by any other person as with this Michelin man thing.”

Mercury then claimed that she had impersonated Harvey on Telegram to make threats of “violence and sexual perversity” towards “the mothers and sisters of these gangsters”. Under Harvey’s name, Mercury had made threats similar to the ones she made to Tobias before. Specifically: “The ones where I threatened to rape [Tobias’] mother and then burn her alive to death.”

As such, Mercury bragged:

“I’ve inspired a group of gangsters to find an opportunity when Harvey is alone in a not so public place, kidnap her and take her to East Coast Park woods (located between Carpark F2 and Xtreme Skatepark), strip her fully and sodomise her with a tyre-iron, and then leave with her clothes, so that whoever she calls to come find her will have to collect her in purely that ridiculous CSGO-looking vest she wears. That terrorist cosplay vest does not cover her breasts or her dick or her ass, so it should be really humiliating for her when she is rescued.”

Mercury then claimed: “I made a Slack space, but they found it too difficult to use, and got unhappy after I had changed the name a few times.” This thus explained the Slack space we had noticed previously.

Mercury then gloated once more about her belief that her cases of offence will be discharged by the police “for lack of hard evidence with which to actually convict us.”

What You Can Do

At the time of posting, Mercury Jamie Alice has been relentlessly harassing us for over 4 months. She believes that despite all her offences, the so-called “Court of Public Opinion” will be in her favour (according to her). She hopes to manipulate public perception by framing herself as a “young Chinese lady” being targeted by an “ugly fat Indian backed by a handful of SJWs”. She wishes to leverage racist and sexist rhetoric against Harvey and us to discredit our truths.

Mercury claims that she is the real victim, and that we are conspiring against and bullying her. This could not be farther from reality. We are asking you to believe our story.

At the time of posting, Mercury has not yet been arrested. She has been free to roam Singapore despite the numerous reports that have been filed against her and the multiple breaches of Expedited Protection Orders (EPOs) that she has committed. She has claimed murder and rape, and yet is still free to cause more harm.

We have spoken to many individuals in private regarding Mercury. Some feel that we are exaggerating the matter, and refuse to take her continued harassment of us seriously. In doing so, they have been enabling Mercury’s behaviour and diminished our experiences.

Share our stories. Tell your friends and families about the harm that has been done to us. Tell them that for us, Singapore is not a safe place to be.