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To Singapore, With Love: Carissa Cheow’s Valentine’s Submission

On 14 February 2024, we received a form submission with a message supposedly from Carissa Cheow. We sent an email to Carissa’s publicly available email address to verify if this form submission was indeed from her. She has since confirmed that it is. We do not take her form submission as factual or definitive pieces of intelligence.

Carissa has also clarified in her email response to us:

I separately wish to clarify for the avoidance of doubt that none of the contents of my submission represent my own personal opinion or assessment on any of the matters referenced. These are merely things which were orally said to me by Mercury, Heather, and Rena in an unusually vivid and specific dream. Please publish this disclaimer together with my submission. Thank you so much!

We are merely republishing Carissa’s form submission in full out of good will to Carissa, as she is a core victim:

I'm Carissa Cheow Hui Ying, and thank you for sharing our experiences to the world without fear or favour. I am writing in directly to you as I wish to seek your assistance to make known to the people of Singapore a dream which I had received 54 days ago from today on Wednesday, 20 December 2023 while I had taken a short nap from 5.10pm to 6.35pm. This dream turned out to be unexpectedly detailed and directly related to the Situation involving Mercury and other actors involved over the years.

Please find attached the messages, with their exact date and timestamp I had typed them down, which I had typed out and sent to myself immediately upon waking up from the nap and still vividly recalling the details of the dream. All mentions of "H" are short for Harvey (Vickreman Harvey Chettiar) and all mentions of "MJA" are short for Mercury Jamie Alice. There are several other acronyms in these messages such as ISD ("Internal Security Department"), J4S ("Justice4Singapore"), S4H ("Safety4Harvey"), GSS ("Graduate Students' Society"), NMTD ("#NoMoreTopDown"), PTU ("Police Tactical Unit"), PMO ("Prime Minister's Office"), IPO ("Initial Public Offering"), VC ("venture capital"), HC ("Hwa Chong"), JC ("junior college"), 1G ("1st Generation"), IPS ("Institute of Policy Studies"), EPO ("Expedited Protection Order"), MOE ("Ministry of Education"), MFA ("Ministry of Foreign Affairs"), CCS ("Chan Chun Sing"), safeNUS ("Students for a Safer NUS"), TJC ("Transformative Justice Collective"), NUSSU ("NUS Students' Union"), CPIB ("Corrupt Practices Investigation Bureau"), and SJW ("social justice warrior").

Thank you!
[20/12/2023 6:36 pm]
saw MJA in my dream talking to me IRL about ISD knowing i got future role in the history of SG and so do the people around me and that's why the more of us came together the higher a priority it became to stop me and us
[20/12/2023 6:44 pm]
Heather was also in that dream and talking to me together with MJA and she said the reason she warned MJA back in the day that I was a "powerful witch" which I have no idea how she concluded that is because she knew I would come to be involved in some major spiritual event in the not so distant future and if MJA didn't stop engaging me then MJA and Heather would both be implicated by this, and MJA both insisted that MJA "did not believe in this hocus pocus" and yet also corroborated Heather, saying that word had gotten so far that even the ISD's own people who dabbled in this stuff had saw it coming, which was exactly why they also thought I had to be eliminated to avert that major spiritual event happening because they didn't want it to implicate them
[20/12/2023 6:45 pm]
Rena Lai did not talk to me in the dream but she was also present with the two, repeatedly said she didn't know any of this and didn't want to know any of this, and insisted that this was exactly why she kept telling MJA to just stay out of trouble and don't get entangled in any funny business
[20/12/2023 6:51 pm]
the discussion with MJA was the longest because it even went into the future of law as a concept and an institution itself worldwide, and that the ISD was deathly afraid that if I kicked up something like that in SG, especially while being surrounded by the right combination of people which MJA had explicitly said their ISD handler Shawn had referred to as a "once in 50 years freak event" that is so rare in SG history, I and those around me might accidentally or purposely kick up a much greater storm globally that could upend the whole international order, and that MJA was told by their ISD handler that the precise reason the ISD had to fix up so many 1G leaders in the PAP and Barisan was because they had too many people who actually knew what they were doing in the same place from too many backgrounds, and that the past ISDs had "heaved a sigh of relief" once LKY moved towards a technocratic preference in elite selection because that meant less and less threats to eliminate within the top leadership itself
[20/12/2023 6:54 pm]
MJA even brought up Tharman and said their ISD handler had described hearing from his colleagues that the ISD was "extremely annoyed" that my rise, my "incessant letters and complaints", and what could come of both, made them have to interfere in him again with Operation Anne Boleyn (which MJA still mispronounced as Umboli) because the ISD of past years had described Tharman as a "glitch in the matrix" that either had to be coopted or eliminated, and that their nightmare scenario was having to do both in the same lifetime
[20/12/2023 6:59 pm]
MJA started talking about law because they were ranting to me about how SG laws were too puritanical (and kept policing their sexual offences), at which point I cannot remember what I said but I know MJA heard my reply and said that this was exactly what the ISD had feared, and why they had privately labeled me as a "low probability but disproportionately high risk cause of the total breakdown of law and order in society itself", which MJA emphasized most people won't care or grasp them anyway because too abstract, but with me it risked becoming a concrete problem "because I could do many things that would lead to the concept itself of law and order as we know it being totally upended in ways that would be far too damaging for the SG govt to not deal with before they get implicated". MJA quipped that their handler thought the "large scale social unrest and rioting" scenario was a lot more likely to happen with H instead of me, which is why while they immensely dislike H for costing them Providence, they kind of also prefer that because that one they can wash hand and let riot police or PTU do the job instead and just "sweep up all the unrest", which the ISD describes as infinitely easier than having to deal with the complete breakdown of "law" and "order" in their current formulation as concepts, even more so given H was assessed by the ISD to be likely to want to front that unrest/rioting to "loudly and destructively make everyone and their mother know her pointless grievances", which was useful to the ISD because it becomes easier to discredit her and hence demolish the Providence problem
[20/12/2023 7:02 pm]
it gets more complicated: MJA in this dream said that their handler had told them that the ISD does not realistically believe most people will understand these concepts anyway, but had become increasingly concerned upon realizing that their "preparation" of me had given me a 15 year headstart in political theory instead which most comparable age peers would be starting out maybe now instead. MJA also mumbled something about the ISD feeling the same way about Joyce and tech, but admitted to not knowing much both because their handler didn't tell them the more confidential information and likely also doesn't know it.
[20/12/2023 7:08 pm]
but back to the political theory: MJA had gone on in my dream to elaborate that the ISD wasn't unduly worried at my foray into theory because in their handler's words "most theories and most theorists suck anyway and nobody really buys into it" (briefly citing Lune as an example of someone they would much rather prefer to be nudged down that pipeline rather than hanging out with me too much and hence actually being able to make theory accessible eventually, even if with less headstart than me, and that this is why the ISD had sought and hoped to create a split between Lune and I but never succeeded, and are now terrified of that because of J4S), but the turning point for ISD was witnessing me effectively translate my theory into praxis in my organizing days in NUS, and then meeting H, and then meeting "Hydra-22", because that would mean I could potentially make what would otherwise be in MJA's handler's words a "dead in the water case that nobody would be sympathetic to anyway" (referring to H) become a "cause célèbre" and that this itself would "open the floodgates" to us dismantling institutions as we know them today entirely backed by mass popular support precisely because I was surrounded increasingly by very competent people, which is why "Hydra-22" was seen as a threat at all
[20/12/2023 7:19 pm]
MJA in this dream also described that the ISD was worried Hydra-22 would, if not discredited, amass the same level of political legitimacy matched only by the Kuan Yew-Chin Siong combination which the ISD had hitherto been thankful had never been replicated in SG ever since Operation Coldstore, and that they have successfully fixed up all the "kichi" dissenters from past ruling administrations like Toh Chin Chye and Devan Nair and Ong Teng Cheong. and the ISD could not afford that, and that is why they disputed the PMO's assessment that touching me would cost the PAP a million votes and went on to prioritize eliminating me which "they had been planning since I entered university and amassed a following", which was exactly why both my citizenship applications were rejected, because apparently they were worried I could be drafted to run as early as in the 2020 GE and their worry was not my candidacy but my strategic advisory role to parties, PRECISELY because they saw the need to eliminate me or at least thoroughly discredit me SO AS NOT to let me get to a stage where I would in fact cost them a million votes. MJA also said Shawn told MJA that the ISD was "initially relieved" that while I was not completely isolated like H was pre-2017, I was effectively "without friends, let alone any real following", and that was why they didn't think I needed to be closely monitored yet at that time and had still harboured thoughts of hiring me precisely because "it would be easier to induce me to do the necessary if I was more isolated and had less of an independent following". Shawn told MJA that the ISD changed their mind after I had entered university, started my transition, and embarked on an "exponential growth trajectory in acquiring more social circles which the MOE and ISD has rarely seen in their entire cabinets of dossiers of students they track from a young age, who either have been popular all along and remained so later on, or have been loners early on and continued to be so later on". MJA says they cannot make head or tail what Shawn meant when he made a comparison likening my "exponential growth trajectory" to "the kind of growth trajectories that get startups funded by VCs, except that unlike a startup nobody can acquire Cari", and that was when the ISD realized that they could "neither acquire me nor make an IPO offer to induct me into the ISD", and that this is the actual unspoken reason why my citizenship applications were rejected.
[20/12/2023 7:28 pm]
then MJA in my dream said that the "straw that broke the camel's back for the ISD was Cari's hat trick of 2019 to 2021", which MJA says Shawn had named safeNUS, my publicized GSS campaign, and NMTD as the three-in-a-row combination they were terrified of, and that was when they were convinced I had well and truly become a concern for them because I was no longer confining myself to just theory and was no longer the "loner" that I was in HC or the "still-outcast with just 1 group of mentally unsound friends who would implode eventually anyway" in JC, and that was why they had started planning actively to constrain me in 2019 after I met H, because their worry was that if I could pull those off unexpectedly (MJA says Shawn described it as "unexpected to the ISD because nobody had done it before in decades and the last time they had done it was Tan Wah Piow and Juliet Chin, but back in those days it was much easier to frame, detain, and deport", and that this is why the ISD has had to actively meddle in my immigration status for over 6 years to make my eventual intended deportation look like a routine bureaucratic problem rather than a deliberate deportation which would trigger an outcry they cannot estimate the size of), then there is a nonzero risk that H could "latch onto Cari" and amass that same following for an unlikely matter like H's cases which the public wouldn't be sympathetic to. here MJA quipped that Lune was not wrong to say that H was the most unlikable person in the world, which is why the ISD really didn't want me and H meeting and have been actively trying to "engineer situations" to cause a hard split between H and I as their last resort to defanging Hydra-22.
[20/12/2023 7:33 pm]
MJA then said in this dream that the ISD had actually brought me up to Shanmugam before when safeNUS was founded, because they were afraid I would eventually unearth my own sexual assault backstory and the ISD's role in it and expose that alongside H's 2014 rape, but Shanmugam had brushed them off and advised the ISD that letting Cari channel her energies there would keep her occupied and reduce that risk anyway. but the ISD apparently didn't believe Shanmugam and was convinced he was trying to use Cari for his own purposes the same way Shanmugam eventually managed to do with "another prominent NUS political science graduate" (inferred to be Kumarr but not named by MJA), and also was convinced I would be highly unlikely to fall for that ruse anyway since I had caught the MOE's radar in P1 to even be monitored for "preparation" at all whereas the other guy wasn't.
[20/12/2023 7:45 pm]
finally MJA said that the ISD was initially hoping they could simply sabotage my job applications enough upon graduation that I "would have grounds to have my PR revoked for lack of gainful employment and hence be deported on a technicality nobody could argue with", and were relieved that this was already on track anyway due to the "lousy HR in Singapore" (here MJA went into some incoherent ramble about their own past job searches, and quipped that they only got into BitCyber because it had no real HR anyway and was just a sham), but that the ISD got concerned when two things happened: 1. I became too public because I kept bringing up the Situation, including at my IPS Conference in September 2022 right before my EPO hearing, and then "escalated to writing letters, and have gone so far as to escalate to J4S itself" – the 100k figure was remarked as unprecedented – and that these had made me too difficult to eliminate through more standard fix-ups instead whereas "if they were criminal offences instead like H's this kind of escalation by now would have resulted in a revocation and denial of bail for good as no sane judge would allow further escalation from someone who has shown absolutely no propensity to back down even after being targeted for years", and 2. when I joined Hyan, which their concern wasn't so much that this would discard their option of a more straightforward deportation on technicality related to unemployment, but precisely because they were worried that me joining Hyan could actually cause it to become internationally relevant one day and also "experience the same exponential growth trajectory that Cari has proven so annoyingly good at despite being otherwise undeserving of it", and that while they didn't realistically expect this to be in the near future, they had no way of estimating the timeframe for this and hence have no effective way of countering this problem, which is why when the money laundering matter surfaced the ISD leaped at it immediately in hopes that this would deter Cari and cause a mass exodus from Hyan reducing it back to just Joyce and hence not a problem, but when that didn't work either the ISD realized that they needed to switch approach to getting me deported, and that was when they resorted to instructing MFA to get Malaysian Immigration to lose my records instead.
[20/12/2023 7:46 pm]
MJA said that "H plus Cari is enough of a nightmare, Cari plus Joyce is another kind of nightmare, H plus Joyce would never work anyway, but the three combined is too dangerous to leave unaddressed"
[20/12/2023 7:51 pm]
MJA then ended off in my dream by saying that in their own opinion they think the ISD is overestimating Lune's threat value, and that Lune is better for being "hot stuff and fuckable" but does not present a real threat anyway, but that MJA can't care less that the ISD is wasting their time on Lune and is happy to sabotage the ISD on it because MJA hopes that would get MJA a chance to fuck Lune, whom MJA knows is desperate for a fuck, and because MJA has a long list of grievances about the ISD being "as useless as those gang people who refused to help us at all and even kicked me out" when MJA had asked them for favours which MJA then went into a minor tirade saying that both ISD and gangs have "the same excuses" that MJA's demands are unrealistic and unreasonable, and that "you and your bunch must have managed to convince them to withhold any assistance to the Underworld System that would actually be of real use to us, and force us to have to do work for no reward", and which is why MJA believes that they are fully deserving of rewarding themself as much as possible by spending each paycheck they get from BitCyber every month because at least there they "barely have to work and still get paid"
[20/12/2023 7:52 pm]
ok that sums up my unusually elaborate dream involving meeting MJA, Heather, and Rena unexpectedly
[20/12/2023 8:19 pm]
I now remember what I said, I brought up Amia Sreenivasan, my intended PhD supervisor, and had suggested that MJA read her book "The Right to Sex: Feminism in the Twenty-First Century" but MJA brushed me off and said "I don't care about your university-educated SJW feminist bullshit", started ranting about the 28 so-called "buyer's remorse" incidents, and that is why MJA started saying "i don't care about that but the ISD does and is clearly worried" and went on to elaborate
[20/12/2023 8:29 pm]
ah yes MJA also said that the reason NMTD was their final nail for me is because the ISD saw the YNC closure as something that like H's "dead in the water case that nobody would be sympathetic to anyway", many people would be more than happy to see it go because it represents the peak of elitism and gatekept opportunities to most Singaporeans anyway, but that based on the ISD profiling me for years "it was an open secret that you did NMTD but unfortunately for the ISD nobody can actually prove it", and that if i could do that with the closure which "the Government had calculated wouldn't be a problem at all publicly but unexpectedly became one because of you and your lot of troublemakers", then it was not unlikely i could do that with H and succeed
[20/12/2023 8:37 pm]
MJA also said in the dream that NMTD had caused CCS great embarrassment and is why he also has a vested interest in stopping us even though he otherwise doesn't give a shit about this Situation especially after he failed to make PM designate twice. but MJA also added that the "NMTD factor" is why the ISD ultimately took a gamble and collaborated with the High Tide "Christian zealots" in early 2023 because it was becoming clear that the ISD's own efforts with Qadar had not been able to stem support for us and concern on the ground even after the TJC coup saga had "seriously dented your standing amongst your civil society buddies who were eager to discard you to avoid problem with the Government", and that Poison Ivy was their biggest bet that had paid off the most handsomely for the ISD and is the real reason even though it failed in getting H to flip on J-min in remand, which the ISD doesn't give a flying fuck about to MJA's irritation, the ISD has continued to let the "Christian zealots do their thing" and found issue with me wanting to CPIB them left right centre and blow them up in protests everywhere
[20/12/2023 8:51 pm]
ah yes I also remember on the topic of exponential growth trajectories MJA mentioned that the ISD couldn't care less about Lune at first even though she did expand her circles from the weeb crowds because "Lune ultimately only mingled with the singlit crowd which are very noisy but politically useless anyway in the ISD's view", and so they were happy to leave Lune to "waste her time" there whereas with me they noticed I was in too many different spaces that I became a concern, and that while they noticed Lune and I getting closer from singlit and then in NUS, they didn't care initially because Lune could just as easily have been close to me just because I was also a writer and just because I was also trans, whereas once it became political and culminated in the MOE protest, they were convinced (even though they are wrong) that I had a role to play in nudging Lune into doing it. MJA here admits to asking Heather to help read Lune's "longwinded and unreadable queer oral history which is even more longwinded than Cari's already long one which the ISD actually bothered to waste their time to read hoping to find something", to which Heather scolded MJA for literally asking MJA's own partner to go read Lune's stuff solely because MJA wanted to fuck Lune! but MJA did say that Heather scold already still go read anyway and managed to find out that I actually had nothing to do with the protest, but the ISD started forming the impression I did after the MOE protest, which is why they also think that "Joyce and you were the true masterminds of the S4H protests"
[20/12/2023 8:58 pm]
MJA also stated that their handler had complained to them that the ISD probably made a mistake with me too because they had initially thought that my support was concentrated in university folks and civil society SJW types and so had focused their energy at the start of Operation Qadar on trying to make me widely disliked amongst other activists, which the ISD believes they had succeeded with which was why they were confident going into 2023 that Cari was effectively neutered and H would be finished off in a matter of time without Cari being able to pull any support, but my letters started changing things because they started showing up in coffeeshop chatter and hence came to the ISD's attention even outside of work hours when their officers were simply ordering food outside and overhear adjacent tables talking about it, which seriously concerned the ISD into realizing I might not be unlikely to be seeking to pull working-class support next, which "thus far nobody in civil society has proven capable of or remotely interested in actually doing, to the relief of the ISD", and that is why from April and May onwards I went up significantly in their threat assessment and they wanted to expedite their efforts to deport me
[20/12/2023 9:07 pm]
and here MJA said that their handler had heard from the Qadar team people that the ISD had previously "noticed that most university-educated activist types have proven completely hopeless and even counterproductive in drawing working-class support for whatever they were doing", which was exactly why the ISD didn't consider them a threat, and the ISD had initially only seen me as a threat for the reasons above but had essentially profiled me to also just be another university-educated SJW type activist with the same kind of sensibilities and methods, maybe just a touch more effective than the usual, but then realized they made a mistake there in assuming I was just an activist, which they had conveyed to MJA early on which is why MJA had sought to use that method of convincing us at the start of the Situation right after Brown Dot by assuming we were just bleeding heart liberals, and MJA had complained that by following the ISD's useless and wrong advice MJA ended up on our bad books instead AND blew the J-min rape problem wide open when there was none to begin with "because J-min clearly either enjoyed fucking us or couldn't remember and couldn't care less anyway" and the ISD only then retroactively decided to modify Qadar to placate MJA but after the TJC coup fiasco was revealed to MJA in June by Shawn that the ketamine was fake, MJA no longer believes the ISD is not lying to MJA about Qadar genuinely being a masterplan that can clear MJA's name entirely, and that is why MJA is only helping the ISD to the extent that they consider it aligned to their own interests, and that is also why MJA had hoped that I could leave them alone and focus on the High Tide fuckers as they've pleaded for me to do on Secret Chat in June
[20/12/2023 9:38 pm]
there was some lore from MJA in my dream about what Shawn had told MJA regarding why safeNUS caught their attention and subsequently why GSS caught their attention, and why even though both individually were essentially no threat to the ISD, it is when combined three-in-a-row that the "Cari hat trick" became a serious concern. with safeNUS the ISD read it as me refusing to back down even after being snubbed in the union elections of 2019 and going so far as to make safeNUS "outdo the useless student unions" especially in 2020 with the Jeremy Fernando statement and 5 demands, which was being talked about everywhere even in Government spaces and on the ground that they couldn't just ask the media to not report it, whereas with GSS they saw it as essentially useless anyway and a waste of time but viewed my attempt to and ability to amass 200+ likes on my FB page campaign for the GSS election in 2020 which "didn't even have 20 people voting because it was an internal closed door election where the results usually don't matter because everyone is equally useless but when a real contender comes along the results can simply be rigged because nobody is even paying attention or would demand a disclosure of the vote counts", but that I had decided to make it a problem by getting 200+ people, which was more people than the number of students actually bothering to vote even in NUSSU elections, to pay attention and endorse me such that it became impossible to rig because too many eyes were on it, and that this was proof that I learned my lesson after losing in the NUSSU elections. they were also worried I would use GSS to create a problem for them regarding financial aid especially because NUS was already planning to cut financial aid to grad students even though it wasn't announced yet and that I could blow this up unnecessarily before the fact precisely because of my tuition fees fiasco which the ISD had hoped would tie up my time and force me to drop out (they did not see a successful fundraiser coming, as MJA notes and also complains about because MJA was irritated that H shared my fundraiser at the time but refused to help MJA raise funds for their PC parts – MJA did not specify if the ISD had anything to do with my tuition fee problems but simply said they knew nothing about it because their handler didn't say more), but were relieved that I was essentially being tied up by a useless president and hence unable to make any real headway, which allowed me to credibly lose the 2021 GSS presidency, but when I immediately went from that to NMTD in less than a month, that rang alarm bells for them and confirmed that I wasn't just randomly diving into things to cause trouble haphazardly but that there was "a method to my madness" as the ISD put it.