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Harvey's Six PCP Spiking Incidents

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We understand that to date, Harvey has been spiked with Phencyclidine/phenylcyclohexyl piperidine (PCP) six times:

  1. 3 Feb 2020, by Liberty League.
    1. This induced a PTSD flashback in Harvey that caused her to flip a marble table in the Supreme Court building, leading to the first of Harvey's four current charges.
  2. 5 Dec 2022, at an eatery near Harvey's residence.
  3. 28 Apr 2023, after Tangaraju s/o Suppiah's wake, in service of Operation Poison Ivy, leading to the fourth of Harvey's four current charges.
  4. 19 Nov 2023, via food procured from an eatery near Harvey's residence.
  5. 1 Feb 2024, where a GrabDelivery order was intercepted and a bottle of beverage in the order was spiked.
  6. 25 Feb 2024, with both PCP and "several hundred microlitres of GHB (gamma-Hydroxybutyric acid)" during an off-the-record interrogation session at Police Cantonment Complex conducted by the Internal Security Department (ISD) and China's Ministry of State Security (MSS).

According to Wikipedia, "PCP may cause hallucinations, distorted perceptions of sounds, and violent behavior."

We have come to understand further details about the primary objectives of each of the latest three instances, and the secondary objective common to all of them.

Primary Objectives

19 November 2023

This used 1.4x to 1.5x the usual dose, and the purpose was to nerf Harvey's inhibition enough to bring forth her innate Jewish aggression, so she'd smash up some public property or even voluntarily cause hurt to someone, instead of just an IG offence. This would enable the AGC to show that she's escalated from just online offences to physical violence, and Honourable District Judge Ho Yi May Lorraine had made a mistake in giving bail to Miss Vickreman, even with additional conditions intended to prevent the commission of further criminal offences – such as requiring her to reside with her bailor (for close supervision), continue attending her treatment sessions at IMH for addressing the issues which contributed to her offending in the first place, and deletion of her social media history to completely prevent the possibility of further POHA, AJPA or other online offences.

1 February 2024

This was also for getting Miss Vickreman to reoffend while out on bail and go back into remand where she belongs. But it was further to wrap up loose ends and put an end to what utility Harvey has to your group. And to stop your group from doing whatever nonsense is capable of making Harvey's criminal trial for the MAC-910699-2021 case look prejudiced.

Prosecution needs Miss Vickreman's initial conviction to look completely legitimate, so that subsequent three prosecutions will be automatically assumed to be fair, with Miss Vickreman being the only unreasonable one.

They also have the instructions from Attorney General Wong Yuen Kuai Lucien, S.C., to object to bail pending appeal on bases of persistent breach of bail Condition 'I' for months and that the time spent in prison post-conviction is very unlikely to outstrip the eventual sentence, as Miss Vickreman is also facing 3 other charges, so the conviction on which they're objecting to bail pending appeal must be 100% legitimate.

25 February 2024

Miss Vickreman thought she was being very smart, must intellectually masturbate with her Mensa membership, those hoping she'd drink the specially-prepared packet drink were very happy when she demanded coffee instead – they just needed to spend another dose for it.

Miss Vickreman literally demanded the kopi from the ISD while inside the police station!

Miss Vickreman voluntarily asked for coffee, and chugged it down complete with several hundred microlitres of GHB solution and the regular dose of phenylcyclohexyl piperidine!
The primary objective of this instance, with its proximity to her MAC-910699-2021 trial dates of 5th to 7th of March is that once she realises that she's been drugged, it'll be too dangerous for her to risk infecting herself with anything to frustrate the criminal Court proceedings while there still remains an unknown quantity of the drugs in her body. So she cannot pull the same trick of either faking or infecting herself using COVID-19 which she had done in July 2023 to repeatedly skip her PTCs and delay processes.

This instance ensures that she can't pull tricks to cause the trial to have to be postponed any further, so she shall start serving her sentence and thereby stop interfering with MSS interest as she is no longer outside to be able to do so.

On why Harvey was spiked with both PCP and GHB:

GHB reduces the level of consciousness and makes people more compliant. The latter part I understand didn't work on Miss Vickreman though, instead she'd threatened the officers.

GHB also impairs memory, as you can see the effects from Wong J-Min in September 2020.

Commit criminal offence, can be anything, get another charge and see is any judge mad enough to give her bail again. Also won't be in a frame of mind to coherently instruct lawyer.
One also potentialises the other. Assuming by now y'all probably already have a protocol for when Harvey is suspected to be drugged, given her penchant for unknowingly ingesting PCP, this helps lengthen the effects and keep her acting up even after she is informed that she might have been drugged again by PCP.

Secondary Objective

ISD (although I don't know if those who did it may be MSS agents), and the last three times in November and now February the secondary objective has remained constant – Harvey will inevitably act up every time she's on PCP, and that will harass and take up the capacity and time of you and others around her. Eventually, it'll become too burdensome to deal with her, and the relationship will become very strained with possibly a wedge or two as well. Further, every time she goes on PCP and acts up, after the PCP has worn off there is a crash, but no one will be available to comfort her because her acting up should've made people feel very unsafe around her. Enough repetitions and it'll reach a point where she's not just depressed on the crash but in suicidal despair – she will break eventually, because she's immature with the disposition of a teenager, and there is only so many times she'll be able to go through the same experience before she's mentally broken.

Mercury's Handler

Mercury claims Mercury's source for the above to be Mercury's "ISD/MSS handler", whom we understand to be Shawn:

Have you not been paying attention? My ISD/MSS handler, lah!