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Wah Kee Pressures Mercury to Convey Their Threat to Lune for Her to Withdraw CPIB Complaint Against Wah Kee Singapore Chapter Headman Roger Seah Ming Hui

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On 16th March 2024, Lune Loh received a series of messages from Mercury Jamie Alice via Telegram Secret Chat. The messages conveyed a demand for Lune to (falsely) confess to having falsely filed her CPIB complaint in December 2023. Failing which, Lune would be charged for a Penal Code § 354A offence (Outraging modesty in certain circumstances), and remanded for a week at a time under Criminal Procedure Code § 238(3) ("If it appears likely that further evidence may be obtained by a remand, the court may so remand the accused in custody for the purpose of any investigation by a law enforcement agency but not for more than 8 days at a time."), during which she would be stripped and beaten daily.

The messages also namedropped Joyce Ng as a possible scapegoat for the source of the Inspector Ganesh screenshots.

We understand Wah Kee to be the source of pressure on Mercury to convey the threat. As a reminder, Roger Seah is the head of Wah Kee's Singapore chapter.

Transcript of Messages between Mercury and Lune

I'm reaching out now both because I've come under pressure as a result of your actions and because I'd rather not see a hot fuckable body become scarred and blemished until you can no longer wear any two-piece bikini in public.

First, you really should not have filed that CPIB complaint against Mr Seah Ming Hui Roger, or the follow-up complaint involving eight others.
Second, you have until the 22nd or the 24th of March 2024, (not sure on the deadline exactly but take it as 22nd to play safe), to go forward to the police and confess that you falsely filed the December 2023 CPIB report. You need not accept responsibility for forging the Inspector Ganesh screenshots, but can instead put the blame on Ms Ng Rui Lin Joyce or somebody else who is outside of Singapore jurisdiction.

You should be able to get off (if you are damn lucky) with a heavy fine or at most a relatively short custodial sentence of three months tops (i.e. after the one-third remission for excellent conduct in prison, if you behave yourself well).

I believe you're wiser than Ms Vickreman and you will be able to abide by all the prison rules, in order to qualify for said one-third remission.
Third, if the CPIB complaint isn't withdrawn the nice way as described above, you are going to be charged for a Penal Code § 354A offence, remanded for a week at a time under Criminal Procedure Code § 238(3) at the Jurong Police Divisional HQ, and stripped daily and beaten by the Custody side until you are motivated to tell the unconnected Investigation side that you'd made up the CPIB complaint and screenshots.

The Prosecution's sentencing position for the Penal Code § 354A offence will be, assuming that you have cooperated with the foregoing, a plea deal for reduction to PC § 354 and prison sentence of six months with no fine or caning.

But if you have not cooperated with the above, then the charge would remain as Penal Code § 354A, and the AGC's sentencing position shall be 2 years imprisonment and 6 strokes caning.

You might want to think carefully whether you even want the matter to escalate until you are charged with Penal Code § 354A, which will be attended with plenty of press coverage for one SafeNUS founder kena charge for molestation.

Lune asks:

where is this pressure coming from?

Mercury replies:

The associates and superiors of the Honourable Mr Roger Seah Ming Hui

Lune asks:

who are these associates and superiors of Roger Seah, and where are they from?

Joyce's Post

On 26th March 2024, having been emailed photographs of the Secret Chat by Lune, Joyce made a post on the matter, which is embedded below.

Transcript of Joyce's Post

Last week, @omyhangu informed me that she was threatened with false criminal charges, if she doesn't withdraw her corruption complaint against police officer Roger Seah.

They want her to claim I forged the screenshots in the complaint. See attached.

So hacker = Easy scapegoat.

Transcript of Lune's Email to Joyce

Subject: RE: Threats I Have Received that Mention You

Hello Joyce,

I hope you have been well.

I just wanted to bring your attention to some threatening messages I have received from a Telegram user @hgalice. Your name was mentioned in them, so I thought it might be better for you if you were aware of them

Take care, and stay safe out there.

Best regards,
Lune Loh