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Follow-up Corruption Complaint Against Roger Seah Ming Hui And Eight Other Individuals

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Lune Files a CPIB Complaint Against Police Officer Roger Seah and Eight Other Individuals

On 16/17 February 2024, Lune Loh posted a thread on X (formerly Twitter), stating that she had "filed another CPIB complaint against the corrupt practices of Roger Seah". Based on the text of the complaint, this appears to be a follow-up to her previous CPIB complaint against Roger Seah filed on 13 December 2023. Again, CPIB refers to the Corrupt Practices Investigation Bureau in Singapore.

The new complaint lists eight co-suspects in addition to Roger Seah himself. All of the co-suspects are as follows:

  1. Roger Seah Ming Hui, Inspector, Singapore Police Force
  2. Rujan S/O Nagarajan, Legal Executive, Attorney-General Chambers
  3. Parvathi Menon, State Counsel, Attorney-General Chambers
  4. Ng Yong Kiat Francis, Former DPP, Attorney-General Chambers
  5. Wong Yuen Kuai Lucien, AG, Attorney-General Chambers
  6. Kuah Boon Theng, Managing Director, Legal Clinic LLC, and National Healthcare Group Pte Ltd
  7. Jonathan Au Yong Kok Kong, DSP, Singapore Police Force
  8. Indranee Thurai Rajah, Minister, Prime Minister's Office
  9. Mercury Jamie Alice, Marketing Executive, BitCyber

Lune's thread is embedded below:

Joyce is Accused by Mercury Jamie Alice of Hacking into Roger Seah's Phone

On 21/22 February 2024, Joyce Ng posted a thread on X (formerly Twitter). The thread includes a screenshot of an email authored by Mercury Jamie Alice, addressed to the President and Management Committee of Mensa Singapore. Joyce points out that Mercury has "accused [her] of... hacking into Roger Seah Ming Hui's phone". Based on the email screenshot, Mercury was making this accusation to explain the provenance of the first thirty screenshots in Lune's previous CPIB complaint against Roger Seah.

Joyce also points out that this is not the first time Mercury has made false accusations against her. She links the pattern of false accusations against her to her status as a hacker making her an easy scapegoat.

Joyce's thread is embedded below:

Transcript of Lune's Full Thread

1/ On 8th February 2024, I filed another CPIB complaint against the corrupt practices of Roger Seah, a member of the Singapore Police Force. This time now, I have included in my complaint Roger's collusion with eight others in fixing up individuals. I list them below:

2/ Co-Suspect #1: Roger Seah Ming Hui, Inspector, Singapore Police Force

3/ Co-Suspect #2: Rujan S/O Nagarajan, Legal Executive, Attorney-General Chambers

4/ Co-Suspect #3: Parvathi Menon, State Counsel, Attorney-General Chambers

5/ Co-Suspect #4: Ng Yong Kiat Francis, Former DPP, Attorney-General Chambers

6/ Co-Suspect #5: Wong Yuen Kuai Lucien, AG, Attorney-General Chambers

7/ Co-Suspect #6: Kuah Boon Theng, Managing Director, Legal Clinic LLC, and National Healthcare Group Pte Ltd

8/ Co-Suspect #7: Jonathan Au Yong Kok Kong, DSP, Singapore Police Force

9/ Co-Suspect #8: Indranee Thurai Rajah, Minister, Prime Minister's Office

10/ Co-Suspect #9: Mercury Jamie Alice, Marketing Executive, BitCyber

11/ You can access my follow-up complaint in full here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/10s346a7DMk5jCBWj3NBWEONy4JSWmubT/view

12/ Roger Seah should still be investigated thoroughly for this potential collusion and corruption. Sign my petition here: https://www.change.org/p/singaporeans-against-corruption-investigate-police-officer-roger-seah-ming-hui-thoroughly

Transcript of Joyce's Full Thread

I come back from hacker conferences to find that Mercury's accused me of... hacking into Roger Seah Ming Hui's phone, a police officer being investigated for corruption... & bragging about Harvey getting suspended from @MensaInternatl? Being a hacker = easy scapegoat huh. 1/

As I understand it, Mercury Jamie Alice, as well as Roger Seah, along with one DSP Jonathan Au Yong Kok Kong are being investigated for a conspiracy to incite and entrap Harvey into committing a harassment offence against Roger Seah. 2/

I am aware Minister Indranee Thurai Rajah, National Healthcare Group & its lawyer Kuah Boon Theng, Attorney General Lucien Wong, as well as AGC's Rujan S/O Nagarajan, Parvathi Menon and Ng Yong Kiat Francis are being investigated for their involvement in this conspiracy. 3/

Mercury Jamie Alice, as the Marketing Executive of @BitCyberSG, a company providing cybersecurity solutions, you do realize that claiming someone did criminal activity requires *hard proof* right? Especially for someone in your position. I shall consider legal action. 4/

Finally, please consider signing Lune's petition, calling for the CPIB to investigate this criminal conspiracy thoroughly. change.org/p/singaporeans-against-corruption-investigate-police-officer-roger-seah-ming-hui-thoroughly 5/5


PS: this is not the first time Mercury accused me for doing illegal things or making me out as someone that I am not. Being a hacker != Doing criminal activity "Gideon Teagarden", if you even exist, whoever you are, & whatever you've done, I don't envy your position.


Transcript of Lune's Follow-Up CPIB Complaint Against Roger Seah Ming Hui And Eight Other Individuals

I am Lune Loh. I have a filed a previous CPIB complaint against Inspector Roger Seah Ming Hui on 13 December 2023 last year. I have since come to learn of further information regarding both Roger Seah and at least eight other co-suspects who are connected to the offences that I reported in the first complaint, which I shall be traversing below. Please refer to the Annex enclosed at the back of this document for the supporting screenshots.

Co-Suspect #1: Roger Seah Ming Hui

  1. In Paragraph 9 of my previous report, I mentioned that:
“I understand from my source that this “partner protection deal” refers to Inspector Seah having previously “told Mercury that his gang would provide protection to Mercury's partners against Adnan if the need arose, [and] strung Mercury along as unknown to Mercury, Adnan was actually incapacitated most of that period by being either in DRC or warded in IMH”. Given the alleged involvement of secret societies in this arrangement offered by Inspector Seah to Mercury, I ask that your office also refer this matter to the Singapore Police Force’s Secret Societies Branch (SSB) for them to investigate it.”
  1. I have come to learn from Mercury Jamie Alice that “Mr Seah Ming Hui Roger is the headman of the Singapore chapter of the Wah Kee gang, which is part of the 04 Society. But Wah Kee chapters in other countries aren't under other societies.”
  2. In Paragraph 8 of my previous report, I mentioned how:
“In Exhibit 02, Inspector Seah had specifically informed Mercury that he had “a team member in the AGC”, and I ask that this be investigated as the wording suggests undue influence by Inspector Seah not just on Mercury, but also on this person in the AGC.”

Co-Suspect #2: Rujan S/O Nagarajan

  1. I have since come to learn that Roger Seah’s “team member in the AGC” is one Mr. Rujan S/O Nagarajan, a Legal Executive in the Attorney-General’s Chambers (AGC), and is additionally a current or former member of the Feng Huang Shan gang, which is a part of the 21 Secret Society, and had become acquainted with Roger Seah via gang-related spaces. I understand that Rujan’s Telegram handle is @rujan28, and that Mercury had met Rujan in 2018 through Live Action Role Playing (LARP) spaces.
  2. I understand that Mercury has mentioned regarding Rujan that “Back then, he couldn't let his gangland life get mixed up with his real-life job and identity, so he informed those he knew through gangland to stop calling him by his real name and use a codename even referring outside his presence”, and that this codename is “Ganesh because he's Indian and that is the Hindu elephant deity that knocks aside all obstacles placed in one's path to success.”
  3. I further understand that “his role is subordinate to Roger Seah's as he can't get much information from the SPF on his own, so the deal was Roger Seah gives the intel and the AGC ginna brings the muscle”, and that “the AGC ginna” here refers to Rujan.
  4. In Paragraph 2 of my previous report, I stated that:
“This information which I received comprises of 30 screenshots taken by Inspector Roger Seah Ming Hui himself, while operating a Telegram account under the pseudonym of “Inspector Ganesh” to avoid disclosing his involvement by accident.”
  1. I have since come to learn that this “Inspector Ganesh” account was in fact operated by Rujan, at the instruction and behest of Roger Seah, with Roger Seah deliberately giving Mercury the misimpression that it was in fact Roger Seah personally using the account to correspond with Mercury at the material time of 13 August 2021.
  2. I understand from Mercury that “Roger Seah had forced some sod accused of something to register a SIM card under their own name and then give it to Roger Seah, and then he had used it to create the Insp. Ganesh burner account, and it'd been operated by the AGC ginna independently codenamed Ganesh, but Roger Seah didn't tell me this upfront and I'd thought I was really talking to Roger Seah. Ganesh told me about it in September 2021, and mentioned that Roger Seah said it would be essential to get Miss Vickreman to create an opening to be recognised as posing threat to Mohamed Syafik Iskandar.”
  3. In connection to the “partner protection deal” mentioned in Paragraph 9 of my previous report, I understand that Mercury had expressed that “Adnan was supposed to have been kept out of the way and incapacitated so he couldn't come after us, as Harvey clearly wasn't going to ask her friends or use her connections to take out Adnan, despite knowing the danger against us.”
  4. I understand that Mercury had sought such an arrangement because in Mercury’s own words, “Adnan had been interfering in my relationship with Rena, and even hacked into my GDrive to copy all the contents including intimate videos with Rena and separately other girls. He could have used what he copied to blackmail me into breaking up with Rena. Harvey had been told all of this and the stakes involved, but she still refused to do everything in her power to take out Adnan by either killing him or framing him up so he'd be put away in jail for many years.”
  5. I understand that Mercury has “learnt of [this partner protection deal] when it was brokered for us at our request by Rouge via Roger Seah with Wah Kee since Miss Vickreman was clearly not going to risk her social standing or use any of her social connections to do anything to take out Adnan.”
  6. In Mercury’s own words, “We asked for it in January 2021, and it was brokered then and concluded as in finished brokering in February 2021”, and “In January 2021 it was just as a friend, and we asked him to try to pull string to get us the protection that Miss Vickreman wouldn't risk a single thing on her side to try to obtain for us.”
  7. In addition, I understand from Mercury, who refers to Rujan by his personal nickname “Rouge”, that “Rouge was in touch with us on the vandalism charge because the AGC needs to completely dislodge the repeatedly publicised allegations of rape by Miss Vickreman, plus prevent her lawyer (if any) from trying to use her rape as a mitigating matter for her vandalism charge if she'd decided to about-face and plead guilty.”
  8. When asked who had told Mercury that this was the purpose for Rujan being in touch with Mercury specifically and when was Mercury told of this through what setting and means, Mercury had stated that “Rouge mentioned it IRL when we hung out.”
  9. Separately, I understand that my friend Carissa Cheow Hui Ying had sent a 25-page letter of representation to the AGC on 27 March 2023, and subsequently delivered hardcopies of the letter and other relevant supporting documents, including bundles of evidence to the AGC at 1 Upper Pickering Street the next day on 28 March 2023.
  10. I understand that the person who had collected two orange envelopes addressed to the Deputy Public Prosecutors having conduct of the matter against both Mercury and Harvey respectively, each containing these documents at 1 Upper Pickering Street from Carissa, was Rujan himself, based on the acknowledgement slip he had signed.
  11. When asked by Carissa if that was the same person who is Roger Seah’s “team member in the AGC”, Mercury had indicated in response that “Ah, yea. He intercepted your papers, and while he couldn't simply not hand them in, he made sure that they wouldn't get too much attention.”
  12. Referencing Rujan’s Telegram bio which reads “Young, Rich & Handsome”, Mercury had indicated that “Rouge is young and he aspires to be rich and perceived as handsome. He wants to study an LLB at NUS and become DPP, that's his dream. But first, the man gotta work his way up the ranks, with some help here and there by his handler in the International Affairs Division, although Rouge himself is not in AGC's IAD.”
  13. When asked why Rujan has a handler, Mercury had replied that “Well, ya don't expect that a ginna like him is gonna get his orders straight from the top? They gotta have layers of middlemen to make sure nobody can directly finger them bigwigs.”

Co-Suspect #3: Parvathi Menon

  1. I have since come to learn that Rujan’s “handler in the International Affairs Division” is one “State Counsel (not DPP) Parvathi Menon, although she started out as a DPP in 2013, jumped ship to the Ministry of Law in 2017, and then was asked to come back in 2021”, and that “Rouge is merely a foot soldier. Outside of his formal duties in the AGC, he takes his orders from Ms Parvathi Menon for the covert stuff.”
  2. I understand from Mercury that “Ms Parvathi Menon used to liaise with Seah Ming Hui Roger's contact in the CID's Secret Societies Branch up until that guy got caught in 2022 for completely unrelated corruption”, and that this “Seah Ming Hui Roger’s contact in the CID’s Secret Societies Branch” refers to one Mr. Poo Tze Chiang.
  3. When asked what is Parvathi Menon’s involvement in the exchange of messages between the “Inspector Ganesh” Telegram account and Mercury on 13 August 2021, which is the subject of my previous report, Mercury had indicated in their own words that “I had understood later on from Rouge that Ms Parvathi Menon, as a former DPP, had advised Mr Seah Ming Hui Roger as to what to have in the police report against Miss Vickreman, so that it will stick like shit and completely stop her lawyer (if any) from trying to use her rape as a mitigating factor for her criminal charges if she'd decided to about-turn and plead guilty, but I'd inadvertently stymied the plan because I'd not agreed to everything Ganesh asked for.”

Co-Suspect #4: Ng Yong Kiat Francis

  1. I understand that Mercury had mentioned that Parvathi Menon was “Likely to have another middleman in-between, but her orders come from Mr Wong Yuen Kuai Lucien, S.C., Attorney-General of Singapore” when asked who Parvathi Menon was taking orders from, and that “Rouge mentioned that the middleman is the State Counsel (cum a DPP) Mr Ng Yong Kiat Francis, S.C.”.
  2. I understand from Mercury that “Ms Parvathi Menon had a cushy director-level job in the Ministry of Law, but was asked by Mr Francis Ng to come back to the AGC to help further the objective of dislodging Miss Vickreman's repeatedly publicised allegations, and discreting the allegations entirely through forcing Miss Vickreman to have to apologise (for the purpose of exhibiting remorse for the mitigation) to Mohamed Syafik Iskandar for wrongfully harassing his family over the years.”
  3. I further understand from Mercury that “Mr Francis Ng would decide what goes in the report (to further the AG's interest which has already been repeatedly stated above), and Ms Parvathi Menon would convey it to Roger Seah for me to be instructed. If I had reneged on my promise to file the report, the cops would have recommended to the Prosecution while I was on police bail to seek for my remand at IMH immediately after I was eventually arraigned, using my psychological conditions (which I was forced to disclose because of the anthrax hoax being sabotaged by Miss Vickreman) to "check" by putting me into that dangerous and dysphoric situation whether I'd be fit to plead.”

Co-Suspect #5: Wong Yuen Kuai Lucien

  1. Mercury had mentioned that the Wah Kee gang, which Roger Seah is the headman of as was previously stated, “were approached for assistance by both Anak 357 (on account of Mohamed Syafik Iskandar and his family) and the AG (on account of continuing issues caused to State interests by Miss Vickreman).”
  2. Upon clarification being sought from Mercury, I understand that “the AG approached the Wah Kee gang to get Miss Vickreman to give the State an opening to discredit her in connection to her endlessly repeated claims against Mr Mohamed Syafik Iskandar and brand her to public as a criminal”, and that the Attorney-General’s motives were, in Mercury’s own words, “because of the repeated publicising of the butt-fuck reflecting negatively on criminal justice system and forensic medical checking, especially with AMAB folk choosing to express trans femininity inside a male prison ward and then complaining about the predictable result.”
  3. When asked what the Attorney-General Lucien Wong had instructed Wah Kee to do, Mercury had responded that “The AG just told Wah Kee to work with the necessary people (at Wah Kee's discretion) and get Miss Vickreman to commit needed criminal offences so that she can be fixed. The AG would ensure through the AGC's Crime Division that Miss Vickreman would be dealt with severely for harassing a police officer, and also have to apologise to Syafik (and admit to the mistaken identity) for mitigation purposes in order to try to minimise her prison sentence.”
  4. When asked when Lucien Wong had made contact with Wah Kee, Mercury replied that this was in “May 2021 because Harvey's endless rape allegations had gotten SSCB's attention”, and when asked who Lucien Wong was in touch with in Wah Kee in their capacity as a representative of Wah Kee, Mercury confirmed that this person was indeed Roger Seah. I understand that SSCB here refers to the Serious Sexual Crime Branch in the Singapore Police Force’s Criminal Investigation Department.

Co-Suspect #1: Roger Seah Ming Hui (continued)

  1. When asked to elaborate on what exactly transpired during the material time that Mercury was in police custody and specifically what Roger Seah had said or had done, in connection to Mercury or Harvey during that period, Mercury had provided the following explanation:
“IO Seah Ming Hui Roger told us at the outset that we were facing up to ten years, and with no guarantee of the one-third remission, for the anthrax bomb hoax. Then he told us that we might just be in luck because the cops are way more interested in getting bigger fish than just putting us away for an anthrax hoax. He'd intimidated that if we didn't cooperate, he can have us detained for up to one week at a time, which can be renewed indefinitely every week, in the police station for us to "assist the police" with their investigation into the anthrax hoax.

The cunt also threatened further that if in the longer-term, cooperation was not forthcoming, we could be detained under the Criminal Law (Temporary Provisions) Act for up to one year at one time, which can be indefinitely renewed.

After that the cunt told us that we're not going out on police bail unless we promise to file the police report against Miss Vickreman, and he'd be in touch after our release to instruct (after liaising through Rouge and up his line to DPP Francis Ng) us on what has to go in the report.

In addition, in order to nail us for something, no matter how small the supposed crime, he also charged us over the porn in our iPhone!”
  1. When asked if Roger Seah had specified to Mercury, either orally or in writing, through what means he would be in touch with Mercury after Mercury’s release, Mercury had specified that “He told me orally in Bedok Police Divisional HQ that he's taking over handling Miss Vickreman and would message me through the Inspector Ganesh burner Telegram account.”
  2. Mercury had also specified that Roger Seah “taking over handling Miss Vickreman” refers to Roger Seah “[going] directly [to] stir shit with Miss Vickreman and get her to pick a fight with the police rather than wait for her to retaliate online at Syafik in consequence of the impersonation IG account.”
  3. When asked if Roger Seah had specified to Mercury, either orally or in writing, where the aforementioned instructions originate from, and what objectives these instructions are in furtherance of, Mercury had specified that “The instructions originate from the AG, and they're for the furtherance of the objective of dislodging Miss Vickreman's repeated rape allegations, which thus continued tarnishing not just the criminal justice system, but also both AGC and IMH as parts of said system.”
  4. I also understand from Mercury, who had provided the following explanation, that:
“The MohdNordinAbdulSamad IG account was operated based on directions from Wah Kee as to what will probably work on Miss Vickreman, (with Wah Kee themselves getting information from Anak 357's Mohammad Nordin bin Abdul Samad as to his family dynamic), conveyed by Rouge (with something lost in translation, thus making the impersonation imperfect), to incite Miss Vickreman to either write something on Instagram or do something else to hurt Syafik.

After we got set up by Miss Vickreman for the anthrax hoax, the cunt Seah Ming Hui Roger took over directly instead of conveying things through Rouge, and said that since instigating Miss Vickreman to openly attack Syafik wasn't working, he'd go stir shit directly and get her to attack him on IG instead, given her proclivities for criticising the Government on social media.

(But the cunt didn't inform us anything about this then, so we didn't know what was going on until December. If we'd known, we needn't have messaged Mx Elijah Tay to seek assistance.)

It took only six weeks after the cunt threw his weight on Miss Vickreman on 7 October 2021 for her to deliver a double opening, harassing both the cunt and Syafik via Instagram stories.”
  1. When asked what Mercury meant by “Seah Ming Hui Roger took over directly instead of conveying things through Rouge”, Mercury replied that “Roger Seah took over giving me instructions, or rather lead me to believe such, although he was in fact having Rouge talk to me using the Inspector Ganesh burner Telegram account.”
  2. When asked what Mercury meant by “he’d go stir shit directly and get her to attack him on IG instead”, Mercury replied that this entailed Roger Seah “[Giving] her conflicting confirmations when he goes to investigate her, and since her autistic ass cannot adjust to changes if she's not told about it ahead, and the cops damn well aren't going to account to her for anything, confirm plus chop she'll pick a fight with the police for them deviating from whatever was agreed to initially in the first contact for investigations.”
  3. When asked what Mercury meant by “give her conflicting confirmations when he goes to investigate her”, Mercury confirmed that this refers to the events of 7 and 8 October 2021 involving Roger Seah’s interactions with Harvey over scheduling the interrogation for Mercury’s anthrax hoax at Bedok Police Divisional Headquarters.

Co-Suspect #6: Kuah Boon Theng and National Healthcare Group Pte Ltd

  1. In relation to the SSCB, which was mentioned earlier in Paragraph 30 of this report, I understand from Mercury that “Upon the suggestion of Ms Kuah Boon Theng, S.C., of M/s Legal Clinic LLC, the NHG had the IMH staff remove Mohamed Syafik Iskandar's case file from IMH's records altogether, plus also amend another Malay inmate's recorded housing to Ward 75A during the material time of the alleged butt-fucking and fingering, so that he'd be the only matching profile that the SSCB would find if somehow one day Harvey managed to get it bumped up to SSCB, but as long as she's honest, she'll discredit herself by saying that's not the guy instead of just saying he's the culprit to make her own life easier too.”
  2. I understand that this was the basis subsequently used to justify that Mohamed Syafik Iskandar was indeed a mistaken identity and “the wrong man” when “the AG approached the Wah Kee gang to get Miss Vickreman to give the State an opening to discredit her in connection to her endlessly repeated claims against Mr Mohamed Syafik Iskandar and brand her to public as a criminal”.
  3. I understand that this involved “[instigating] Miss Vickreman, using the Mohamed Syafik Iskandar impersonation IG account, to retaliate against the actual Mohamed Syafik Iskandar by harassing him online in some way. Even if this does come out, Mohamed Syafik Iskandar will still come out as the victim who got harassed without giving any provocation to Miss Vickreman, thus solidifying his story that his is a case of mistaken identity, which Miss Vickreman is refusing to accept and so keeps harassing the wrong man. Thus AGC must act to get this menace off the streets.”

Co-Suspect #7: Jonathan Au Yong Kok Kong

  1. When asked who had initially operated the @mohdnordinabdulsamad Instagram account, Mercury specified that “It was initially operated by the only other cop who's of relevance in Wah Kee, a Jonathan Au Yong, who's also with Bedok Police Division”, and had also mentioned that “Jonathan Au Yong is Wah Kee's deputy headman for the Singapore chapter, and although he has other SPF shenanigans, proper accounting of them has not been provided to me. Other Wah Kee members may hold notable positions in State agencies, but I don't know about it. The Wah Kee members relevant to this plan are cunt Mr Seah Ming Hui Roger, plus Mr Jonathan Au Yong who is a chill guy.”
  2. When asked what concrete steps were taken by each of the co-suspects, Mercury provided the following explanation:
“First, Wah Kee's members Roger Seah and his gangster deputy Jonathan Au used a seized mobile phone to register the Mohd Nordin IG impersonation account, then Jonathan had messaged my partners and myself using the impersonation account without anyone being bothered to tell us that it was a setup and so we needn't actually have been worried. They had input from the real Mohd Syafik Iskandar for the purpose of making the account solid.

Miss Vickreman had also believed it to be the real Mohamed Syafik Iskandar messaging to harass my partners and myself as retaliation for Miss Vickreman's harassment of Iskandar.

But Roger Seah was also in touch with Rouge, who was liaising through his handler Parvathi Menon with the AG on the plan, because it is ultimately the AG who'll assign his DPPs for the prosecution of Miss Vickreman for crimes that would be committed by her in retaliation.”
  1. For avoidance of doubt, Mercury had clarified that the “seized mobile phone” mentioned is not the same device as the one which was used to register the “Inspector Ganesh” Telegram account. Mercury had also specified that the seized mobile phone belonged to “Some random suspect arrested by somebody in Bedok Police Division and his mobile phone was seized for investigations or something”, and that Roger Seah and Jonathan Au Yong had used this seized mobile phone to register the @mohdnordinabdulsamad Instagram account in January 2021.
  2. I understand from Mercury that in “late January 2021 or early February onwards”, Jonathan Au Yong had used the @mohdnordinabdulsamad Instagram account to message Mercury and Mercury’s partners, and that both Roger Seah and Jonathan Au Yong had received “input from the real Mohd Syafik Iskandar for the purpose of making the account solid” from the time the account was created or soon after, “so January or February”.
  3. With reference to Paragraph 35 of this report, where Mercury had made mention of “Wah Kee themselves getting information from Anak 357's Mohammad Nordin bin Abdul Samad as to his family dynamic”, Mercury explains that “I know that Mr Jonathan Au Yong used it for analysis and advising Mr Seah Ming Hui Roger on what would seem most convincing using the Instagram impersonation account.”
  4. With reference to Paragraph 35 of this report, where Mercury had made mention of “directions from Wah Kee as to what will probably work on Miss Vickreman”, Mercury had explained that “The assessment was made by Mr Jonathan Au Yong, based on the information available regarding Miss Vickreman from Mohamed Syafik Iskandar, other members of Anak 357 based on what they'd heard, documents from AGC about Miss Vickreman's prior incidents since 2008, talking to Leslie Lung and others who'd suffered negative interactions with her, gathering the impression of the staff of M/s Legal Clinic LLC who'd worked on defending IMH against Miss Vickreman's frivolous suit, and her medical records available via NEHR.”
  5. When asked what was the duration that Jonathan Au Yong had operated the @mohdnordinabdulsamad Instagram account, and who he had handed it over to in which month for what purpose, Mercury had specified that Jonathan Au Yong had operated it from its creation “up until August or September of 2021, and it was then given to us to continue the needful”.
  6. When asked which month it was given to Mercury, and who had arranged the handover of the account to Mercury, and briefed Mercury on its purpose and what it is intended to be operated for, Mercury had replied that “I can't remember exactly but I believe it was in October 2021, and Rouge passed me the account by sending over the username and password. I had already understood by then what it's for and didn't need to be briefed.”
  7. I understand that Mercury separately confirmed that Jonathan Au Yong did not interact with Mercury in person at the Bedok Police Divisional Headquarters during the material period of Mercury being in police custody for the anthrax hoax from 9 August 2021 to 11 August 2021.

Co-Suspect #8: Indranee Thurai Rajah

  1. I understand that Mercury had specified that “I don't know every person who is involved in such matters. I know Indranee Thurai Rajah, Gan Kim Yong, Tan Chuan Jin and Seah Kian Peng are all definitely involved in ordering or directing fix-ups.”
  2. Mercury had also stated that “Mr Wong Yuen Kuai Lucien, S.C., doesn't take orders from anyone, but he does take input and requests from Ms Indranee Thurai Rajah, S.C”, and “Mdm Indranee Thurai Rajah gives input on the AGC side through her suggestions to Mr Wong Yuen Kuai Lucien, and Mr Siah Kian Peng had informally pressed for Miss Vickreman to get charged for vandalism of the Supreme Court rather than being let off with just a Conditional Stern Warning in lieu of criminal's prosecution. As for what is in it for these fucks, they're not actually getting any benefit, but they're driven by the Christian ideology / religious madness.”
  3. I understand that the Attorney-General, as the Public Prosecutor, is supposed to act independently from political office holders in Cabinet, so as to maintain independence of prosecutorial discretion from partisan political influence. As Indranee Thurai Rajah is a Cabinet Minister, holding the appointment of Minister in the Prime Minister’s Office, I ask that this connection be investigated thoroughly.

Co-Suspect #9: Mercury Jamie Alice

  1. When asked whether it was Mercury or Roger Seah who had first namedropped “Messiah”, which was named in Paragraph 7 of my previous report by the “Inspector Ganesh” Telegram account, Mercury replied that “I mentioned about The Messiah of Singapore in response to interactions with Roger Seah as is described in a immediate preceding message.”
  2. Mercury elaborated that “My backstabbing tech support guy created and operated the Telegram account, and had collaborated with Miss Vickreman by saying through the Messiah account that technical advice given by Miss Vickreman to sabotage our anthrax hoax plan was technically sound. @TheMessiahSG Telegram burner account was created on 2nd April 2021 IIRC, and it'd been a Good Friday public holiday that day.” I understand that this “tech support guy” has since stopped collaborating with Mercury as of January 2023.
  3. When asked what the persona of “The Messiah of Singapore” was supposed to be based off, Mercury had replied that “It's not based on a specific person but rather on generic Anonymous persona but modified to be a girl instead with waifu characteristics. I asked him to create the account for special ops and to demonstrate to Miss Vickreman that she's not the only one with connections because of her Mensa membership, which I feel she is unsuitable to hold due to generally being a suspicious person who hides things, and not being someone worthy of the group.”
  4. When asked why the “Inspector Ganesh” Telegram account had claimed that one James Raj Arrokiasamy was not the real Messiah person, Mercury had responded that this was “so that they can pin Miss Vickreman for it”, and when asked whose intent and instruction this was, Mercury had replied “The cunt Mr Seah Ming Hui Roger”.
  5. When asked which other persons shared a common intention with Roger Seah in pinning Harvey for the Messiah account, and what actions these other persons had performed in furtherance of this common intention, Mercury had specified “Mr Francis Ng and Ms Parvathi Menon, but they didn't need to do anything extra as the cunt would be investigating Miss Vickreman.” For avoidance of doubt, I understand that “the cunt” here refers to Roger Seah.
  6. When asked how Mercury had come up with the Jehanne identity that Mercury claimed was Messiah, given that Harvey did not even have a physical social existence in 2013, Mercury had explained that “Miss Vickreman did not ever tell us between 2019 and 2021 that she supposedly did not have a physical social existence before 2017.”

Concluding Remarks

  1. As stated in my previous report, I wish to reiterate that Singapore’s continued survival depends on upholding the incorruptibility and integrity of our public service and confidence in our Rule of Law. This means that public officers who have acted corruptly have to be duly investigated, charged, prosecuted, and sentenced.
  2. Given the newfound information that has come to light, which discloses further involvement in collaboration with Roger Seah by multiple other individuals and entities, I wish to emphasize again that the conduct displayed by each of the aforementioned actors in connection to the messages the “Inspector Ganesh” Telegram account had exchanged with Mercury on 13 August 2021 is completely unacceptable in any of our public officers, and must not be tolerated in our law enforcement officials. There can be no room for anyone to get away with such malpractices without consequences, and allowing this to fester would be deeply prejudicial to Singapore’s national interests and well-being.
  3. It is in Singapore’s interest that your office investigates the matter, that the Prosecution prefer the necessary charges against not just Inspector Seah, but any and all other co-suspects found to have collaborated with him in carrying out such illicit, improper, or corrupt practices in connection to this matter, or any other matter discovered in the course of investigations. Failing to do so will severely undermine public confidence in the integrity of our institutions.

I look forward to your office duly commencing and continuing the necessary investigations, and ask that a full and thorough investigation into the aforementioned alleged corrupt practices, as well as other such practices not known to me, be carried out. In addition, I wish to reiterate in the strongest terms the points I raised in Paragraphs 14 to 18 of my previous report, and emphasize that the Prosecution has absolutely no basis to proceed on any criminal proceedings, including but not limited to, setting trial dates and commencing any trial, on the MAC-910699-2021 criminal charge. Thank you.

Annex: Supporting screenshot(s) for CPIB Complaint

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