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Sherlock Holmes And The Case Of The Missing CPF Monies, Silenced Whistle-Blowers And Mysterious Hijirah Maker: The Internal Security Department’s 2013 Operation Providence Against Kenneth Andrew Jeyaretnam And Vickreman Harvey Chettiar

This is the story about Kenneth Jeyaretnam, Vickreman Harvey Chettiar, the Internal Security Department (ISD) and its 2013 Operation Providence. We start in the 1990s, shortly after Operation Spectrum in 1987 – and allow chronology to speak for itself.

Between the 1997–1998 Asian Financial Crisis and the 2007–2009 Global Financial Crisis, the world saw high-tech industries being hard-hit in 2001, exacerbated by the 9/11 attacks in the United States, and the 2002–2004 outbreak of SARS. Throughout, the narrative peddled by Singapore’s ruling party – the People’s Action Party (PAP) – was that Singapore was able to weather the hard storms of two massive economic disasters. From 2012 to 2014, whistle-blowers Kenneth Jeyaretnam (also known as Kenneth Andrew Jeyaretnam), Roy Ngerng Yi Ling and Han Hui Hui started digging into and probing about Singapore’s Central Provident Fund (CPF) monies – “a compulsory comprehensive savings and pension plan for working Singaporeans and permanent residents primarily to fund their retirement, healthcare, education and housing needs in Singapore”, “administered by the Central Provident Fund Board, a statutory board operating under the Ministry of Manpower which is responsible for investing contributions”, according to Wikipedia.

They were working with available data, observing inconsistencies and calling for more transparency. Their whistle-blowing attempts were not taken kindly.

This is the story about Kenneth Jeyaretnam, Vickreman Harvey Chettiar, the Internal Security Department (ISD) and its 2013 Operation Providence. We start in the 1990s, shortly after Operation Spectrum in 1987 – and allow chronology to speak for itself.

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On 6 September 1990, Vickreman Harvey Chettiar (also known as Harvey) is born in Singapore. She has inter-sex characteristics, i.e. 47-XXY Klinefelter’s Syndrome, but is ultimately Assigned Male At Birth (AMAB).

In 1997, Harvey realizes that she is not cisgender, as she experiences gender dysphoria. Harvey begins Primary 1 at Blangah Rise Primary School. Harvey is bullied by a boy known as Azhari, who is part of a gang of boys of varying ages in the neighborhood and whose family has connections to a notorious Secret Society in Singapore, known as Omega. In Semester 1 during this year, Harvey is caned in front of the school with the maximum number of lashes at the time, i.e. six – five due to having been caught using the girl’s bathroom five times, and the final sixth due to being remorseless about this.

First Medical Suspicion of Harvey's Gender Dysphoria

Harvey’s mother brings her to the Child Guidance Clinic (CGC) upon the school’s insistence. She attends the CGC until early 1999. Due to the prevailing diagnostic tools of the day, anyone below 12 cannot be certified as having Gender Identity Disorder (GID). The ICD-10 was already endorsed in May 1990 by the 43rd World Health Assembly, but this is not yet adopted or implemented for civilian matters in Singapore. Therefore, Harvey cannot be diagnosed with GID but is instead flagged as having suspected GID by the CGC. At this point, GID is not even called GID, but is referred to as ICD-9 302.81 Fetishism, referring to transvestic fetishism. Note that this is later changed to ICD-9 302.85 Gender identity disorder in adolescents or adults in 2008.

This diagnosis is not disclosed to Harvey’s mother or Harvey because there is a specific policy against disclosing this to Assigned Male At Birth (AMAB) people due to National Service (NS) obligations in Singapore. However, it is disclosed to Harvey’s mother that Harvey was a Category 302 case. Harvey’s mother has no idea what this means, and assumes that the doctor is pathologizing Harvey or condescending her in some way. Although her mother does ask the doctor what Category 302 is, the response she gets is that if Harvey does not grow out of this “phase”, Harvey will face a lot of difficulties in growing up and in adult life.

Harvey Gets Onto the ISD's Radar at Age 7

In Semester 2 in the same year (i.e. 1997), Harvey defends herself against Azhari by building a makeshift bow and arrow. She manages to hit Azhari multiple times before school prefects notice and intervene. The police investigate Harvey under the Corrosive and Explosive Substances and Offensive Weapons Act 1958 § 6(1) and Penal Code § 324 for voluntarily causing hurt with dangerous weapon. At the material time, criminal culpability is age 7, so Harvey is considered culpable for the offense. Harvey is investigated for manufacturing a weapon for shooting. The police leave it to the school to deal with the issue. However, due to being bullied by Azhari, Harvey transfers out of Blangah Rise Primary School at the end of the year, coincidentally before the school is able to penalize her. Overall, this incident also puts Harvey on the Internal Security Department’s (ISD) radar for the first time, at just age 7.

In 1998, Harvey, having left Blangah Rise Primary School, begins Primary 2 at Choa Chu Kang Primary School. The 1997–1998 Asian Financial Crisis hits while she is 7 to 8 years old.

Early 2000s

Harvey's Unexpected Betrothal at Age 9

In July/August 2000, Harvey visits India with her mother and her grandmother. While in Tamil Nadu, Harvey is unexpectedly betrothed to her maternal uncle’s daughter. Harvey and her maternal uncle’s daughter are both chronologically 9 years old at the material time.

Harvey Drops Out of Primary School

In 2001, Harvey begins Primary 5 at Zhenghua Primary School – her seventh school. Throughout her primary school existence, she is repeatedly bullied by all sorts of students across the various schools she attends, due to being different in a way that nobody can understand. Several teachers participate in the bullying as well. At last, Harvey drops out before completing Primary 5. Harvey thus ultimately never takes Singapore’s national Primary School Leaving Examination (PSLE). After dropping out of primary school, Harvey’s mother effectively cuts Harvey off from having her own social existence, sequestering her from the world, due to her mother’s own ailments and misanthropy.

On 23 and 25 July 2001, J. B. Jeyaretnam’s two bankruptcy appeals are dismissed by the Court of Appeal. He loses his seat as a Non-Constituency Member of Parliament (NCMP) and is disbarred.

In 2002, Harvey ascertains that she is a trans woman.

From 2004 to 2007, Harvey attends night classes at the Institute of Technical Education (ITE), in preparation for the Singapore-Cambridge General Certificate of Education Ordinary Level (GCE O-Level) examinations. Harvey’s mother insists on registering alongside Harvey and on attending the classes with her, thus preventing any independent social relationships.

2006 and 2007

Liberty League Gets $100,000 Grant from NVPC

On 13 January 2006, Channel News Asia publishes an article, headlined ‘Non-profit group gets grant to promote ‘healthy gender identity’’. It states: “Focus groups to help gays and lesbians understand their sexual identity are just one of the things that newly set up Liberty League plans to put in place. The non-profit organisation has received a S$100,000 grant from the National Volunteer and Philanthropy Centre [NVPC].”

Note that Liberty League is one of the organizations that whistle-blower Carissa Cheow has named in her publicly released letter to the Attorney-General’s Chambers (AGC) dated 27 March 2023. This letter can be accessed via her Facebook post / Proton file sharing link / IPFS link.

In this letter, Carissa Cheow blows the whistle on Singaporean Christian far-right connections to The Witherspoon Institute, CanaVox and Global Rainbow Crosser Alliance, which are registered in the US. In her letter, Carissa states that she has learnt that at least US$200,000 has been funneled into Singapore for operational purposes, in collaboration with Focus on the Family Singapore, Cornerstone Community Church Singapore, Church of Our Saviour, 3:16 Church and Liberty League.

2006 Liberty League Scandal

On 19 January 2006, People Like Us (PLU) publishes a media release, titled ‘Govt gives $100,000 to Christian-linked anti-gay group’. It states: “The government needs to explain why the NVPC thinks $100,000 is money well spent when given to a disguised religious cause based on unscientific psychotherapeutic approaches that seek to deform young people’s sense of self-worth and psychological health. PLU also notes that the published guidelines for eligibility for funding from the NVPC include the stipulation that all programmes must be secular, and believes the government needs to explain its grant to Liberty League when even 18 year-old students can so clearly spot its religious agenda.”

On 20 January 2006, Singabloodypore publishes a post, titled ‘Behind the Liberty League Scandal’. It includes an email from Alex Au Waipang (also known as Yawning Bread), which outlines how “Liberty League should not have qualified even based on the technical criteria, let alone the qualitative consideration of suitability”, flagging the $100,000 grant given by NVPC to Liberty League as “an issue about [governance] and accountability with public money and public trust”.

On 22 January 2006, Singabloodypore publishes a post, titled ‘The three layers of the Liberty League issue’. It questions not only “the decision to give government funding to Liberty League”, but also points that “a government ministry [i.e. the Ministry of Community Development, Youth and Sports] and its quasi-independent body [i.e. NVPC] that dishes out funds on its behalf, failed to perform due diligence before giving out public money, and the grant was in technical breach of its own eligibility criteria”. It furthermore points out that “the government [had] censor[ed] an emerging newspaper story” about the matter. Specifically, it states: “The newspaper story [about the grant given to Liberty League] was supposed to be in Friday’s edition (Jan 20), but minutes before it was to be filed, a call came from a ministry to stop the story. What exactly was the motive behind this Stop order, we don’t know.”

Start of Harvey's Adolescent/Adult History with IMH

Meanwhile, in 2007, Harvey takes several Singapore-Cambridge GCE O-Level examinations for specific subjects as a private candidate. In this year, Harvey’s mother brings Harvey to the Institute of Mental Health’s (IMH) Specialist Outpatient Clinic (SOC). Dr Chua Tze-Ern diagnoses Harvey with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and Obsessive Compulsive Disorder comorbid with Tourette’s Syndrome. The 2007–2008 Global Financial Crisis hits in the same year, while Harvey is 17 to 18 years old.


On 3 July 2008, J. B. Jeyaretnam starts the Reform Party (RP).

2008 Apartment Fire Incident

On 24 July 2008, Harvey’s apartment kitchen catches fire. She wakes up to a thud in the middle of the afternoon. She goes to the kitchen and sees that she cannot enter it because of the flames. She is still just chronologically 17 years old at the material time and is home alone. Harvey immediately calls the Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF). When the SCDF firefighters arrive, they realize that they cannot get into the apartment because the door and gate are locked. Harvey struggles to get to the door and gate because the hall is already full of smoke at this point. The SCDF firefighters burst in through the window. They collect the keys from Harvey, and are able to open the door and gate. The fire is put out.

The SCDF firefighters call the police to investigate the cause of the fire. They leave one firefighter behind to liaise with the police, and the rest head off. The police arrive and question Harvey on how the fire started. Harvey tells them that there have been issues with the hose before. She deduces that the hose must’ve exploded, because this was where the flames seemed to have been originating from before the fire had grown bigger. The police initially accept Harvey’s answer. However, upon telephoning their division and checking with the relevant superiors, they call for an Investigation Officer (IO) and informs him that Harvey is not giving an acceptable story. This is likely because putting Harvey’s explanation on official record would mean admitting fault on the part of the Housing and Development Board (HDB).

Thereafter, a police team led by IO Ramesh S/O Shangkaran arrives. Off the bat, IO Ramesh S/O Shangkaran accuses Harvey of having started the fire and demands to know why. Harvey asserts that she did not start the fire, repeating that the hose in the apartment has already had issues for some time. Hearing this, IO Ramesh S/O Shangkaran attempts to grab Harvey. Harvey says that she is not going to go anywhere with him. This agitates him further. There is a scuffle, as multiple police officers try to get hold of Harvey, who punches one of them in the nose. Harvey is arrested and verbally accused of Voluntarily Causing Hurt (VCH) to deter a public servant from his duty. Ultimately, this VCH accusation is not put on the record or pursued. When the police and Harvey reach the police station, the offense of Mischief by fire with intent to destroy a building under § 436 of the Penal Code is noted down as the reason for Harvey’s arrest instead.

By this time, it is evening. Harvey is served a charge. She is told that § 436 makes her liable to a penalty of up to 10 years of imprisonment, or life imprisonment. Without any legal knowledge or training at this point of her life, Harvey does not know how to handle the matter. She is told that it will be in her interest to cooperate with the police, given the serious penalty of the charge. Harvey is given a few suggestions for a narrative that she can provide. Ultimately, Harvey picks the narrative that sounds the least ridiculous – i.e. that she was trying to build a model rocket at home and the rocket caught fire. In other words, Harvey is coerced into giving false confession. This back-and-forth lasts until after midnight.

While Harvey is chronologically 17 years old at the time, her psychosocial age is 12, due to the preceding years in her life’s trajectory, particularly her complete social isolation and lack of psychosocial development. She therefore eventually succumbs to the pressure and indeed gives a false confession to IO Ramesh S/O Shangkaran.

On 25 July 2008, after giving false confession due to police coercion, Harvey is arraigned in Subordinate Court 26 the next morning. The prosecutor points out that Harvey is youthful and documented to suffer from ‘sexual psychosis’, which refers to her GID, and autism. Harvey is remanded to the IMH for two weeks.

At the IMH, Dr Cai Yiming brings up the CGC’s diagnosis of suspected ‘sexual psychosis’. Harvey says that she has no knowledge of having such a diagnosis, and disagrees that she has any psychosis, because being a trans woman has nothing to do with ‘psychosis’ from her perspective. Harvey’s ASD is also brought up.

As it turns out, this ‘sexual psychosis’ refers to ICD-9 302.85 Gender identity disorder in adolescents or adults, which was based on the diagnosis of ICD-9 302.81 Fetishism that Harvey had received at the CGC back in 1997.

Overall, during this period, Harvey is strip-searched four times while in IMH’s Male Prison Ward 75B by male security guards and male nursing staff. The first instance is on 26 July 2008. As a reminder, at this time, Harvey’s chronological age is 17 years old, but her psychosocial age is just 12 years old.

The conclusion is that none of Harvey’s disorders have any contributory link to the nature of her actions. Thus, Harvey is deemed to be ‘of sound mind’, and thus fit to plead.

Harvey Vows to Never be Coerced into Giving False Confession Ever Again

After this, Harvey’s mother manages to get Harvey a lawyer. Harvey says that she wants to claim trial and dispute the false confession that she had been coerced into making. The lawyer advises Harvey against this, because even if she manages to successfully dispute and disclaim the false confession, Harvey will be liable to a charge of False information under § 182 of the Penal Code for giving the very false confession that had been extracted from her.

Because of this, Harvey privately vows to never be cornered into such a situation ever again, and thus never falsely admit to anything, even if it is merely a matter of paperwork. This is also why Harvey has refused to sign any paperwork, including police statements, that states her gender marker as Male or he/him/his.

On 30 September 2008, J. B. Jeyaretnam dies of heart failure at age 82. In April 2009, J. B. Jeyaretnam’s son Kenneth Jeyaretnam becomes the Secretary-General of the RP.


Balraj Naidu's Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) Incident

About a year later, on 29 September 2009, an article by Elena Chong is published on The Straits Times, headlined ‘Reform Party man wanted by US’. It states: “FORMER Reform Party committee member Balraj Naidu made a brief court appearance on Tuesday for an extradition hearing which was adjourned until next Monday.” It also states: “He is wanted by the US Government on two terrorism-related charges and brokering an arms deal with the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Ellam (LTTE).” Balraj Naidu is also known as Balldev Naidu or Baldev Naidu.

The next day, on 30 September 2009, The Online Citizen republishes Elena Chong’s article and appends a Press Statement by the Reform Party, signed off by the party’s Secretary-General Kenneth Jeyaretnam. It states: “This US extradition request came as a complete surprise to me. I have just now spoken to Mr Naidu’s lawyer and understand that the request relates to matters that are alleged to have occurred back in 2006. It therefore pre-dates the Reform Party and so The Reform Party has no knowledge of the case.”

On 1 October 2009, Sri Lanka’s national newspaper The Daily News publishes an article by Walter Jayawardhana, headlined ‘Alleged Tiger arms dealer arrested in Singapore’. It states: “Singapore former Reform Party Man who was a powerful committee member of the party Balraj Naidu has been arrested and produced in court for an extradition hearing over an alleged arms deal with the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE).”

On 25 December 2009, The Daily Mirror Online publishes an article, headlined ‘Singapore extradites businessman to US over LTTE links’: “Balldev Naidu, a founding member of the Reform Party in Singapore, has been extradited to the United States on charges of terrorism. The 48-year-old businessman is believed to have been moved to the US sometime last Friday. There, he will face two charges of conspiring to provide arms and financial support to the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam in 2006, which were brought against him at an extradition hearing last month.”

2010 and 2011

Harvey Gets a Virtual Social Existence

In 2010, Harvey gets an Internet connection and therefore gets a virtual social existence at last, through social media, particularly Facebook. She turns 20 in this year, but the odd and unique trajectory of her life means that she is mentally, emotionally and socially significantly younger. Her chronological age is 20 whereas her psychosocial age is 13. Note that her psychosocial age development does not follow a linear timeline during these years, as she is still ultimately physically socially isolated.

On 16 December 2010, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) publishes a statement, titled ‘Singapore Man Sentenced to More Than Four Years in Prison for Conspiracy to Provide Material Support to a Foreign Terrorist Organization’. It is subtitled ‘Aided Tamil Tiger Terrorists in the Attempted Purchase of Grenade Launchers, Sniper Rifles, Machine Guns, and other State-of-the-Art Firearms’. It begins: “BALTIMORE, MD—U.S. District Judge Catherine C. Blake sentenced Balraj Naidu, age 48, a citizen of the Republic of Singapore, today to 57 months in prison, followed by two years of supervised release, for conspiracy to provide material support to a foreign terrorist organization. A federal jury convicted Naidu on October 18, 2010.”

On 19 April 2011, President S.R. Nathan of Singapore dissolves Parliament. Singapore’s 2011 General Election is underway.

On 22 April 2011, Ai Ghee Ong and Ernest Z. Bower from the Center for Strategic & International Studies publish a Critical Questions article, ‘Singapore’s May 7 Elections’. In it, they cite “rising property prices, inflation, and immigration” as key issues of debate, due to property prices having risen 17.6% in 2010 and an anticipated inflation of 4% in 2011 – “the highest since 2008”. Immigration is cited as a hot topic, due to concerns about “increased competition for housing, jobs, and places in schools” from the “immigrant influx” of “talented immigrants and expatriates”.

On 7 May 2011, Singapore’s 2011 General Election is held. It is a “watershed election” and “political landmark”, pushing the PAP to do “soul-searching” as the WP secures the Aljunied Group Representation Constituency (GRC).


Kenneth Jeyaretnam Starts Asking Inconvenient Economic Questions

On 23 February 2012, in his capacity as Secretary-General of the RP, Kenneth Jeyaretnam publishes a response to the Singapore Budget 2012, headlined ‘Budget 2012 – Part One’.

On 2 March 2012, also in his capacity as Secretary-General of the RP, Kenneth Jeyaretnam publishes a response to the Singapore Budget 2012, headlined ‘Budget 2012 – Part Two’.

On 30 May 2012, Kenneth Jeyaretnam publishes a post on his blog, headlined ‘An Open Letter to the Minister for Finance’. He begins: “I note that a question in three parts was tabled during the Parliamentary sitting on 14th May 2012 by Mr. Desmond Lee, MP for Jurong GRC, on the subject of our republic’s US$ 4 billion loan commitment to the IMF. I have checked the Parliamentary record and I can find no mention of Parliament having been told about this loan previously or asked to give its approval.” The letter is written in his capacity as Secretary-General of the RP, and is addressed to Tharman Shanmuguratnam from the Ministry of Finance.

On 11 June 2012: Kenneth Jeyaretnam publishes a post on his blog, headlined ‘The Alarming Implications of PM Lee’s Speech to the Economic Society of Singapore’. He begins: “Recently I have asked some questions about discrepancies in our national accounts. These seem to indicate that our reserves are not as buoyant as we might have been led to expect by past surpluses and the supposedly class-leading returns achieved by our sovereign wealth funds. No answers have been forthcoming. Instead there has been a deafening silence from the State media. Whether our reserves have been depleted through poor management or were never there in the first place or whether there is a relatively simple explanation is something we can only speculate about.”

On 14 June 2012, Kenneth Jeyaretnam publishes a post on his blog, headlined ‘Chesapeake Energy and Temasek: A Tale of Two CEOs and Shareholder Democracy’. He writes: “Recently I wrote an open letter to the Finance Minister asking him to explain some apparent discrepancies between the government’s annual Statement of Assets and Liabilities (ALS) and the reported general government surpluses. Using the IMF’s own figures as well as those kindly provided (after much prodding, to be explained in a separate post) by the Department of Statistics, I pointed out in my letter that the total reported surpluses are of the order of S$429 billion since 1980. This contrasts with my calculations from the ALS which show that real net assets (excluding land) are only some S$280 billion as of 31st March 2011.”

On 21 June 2012, Kenneth Jeyaretnam publishes a post on his blog, headlined ‘The Truth about that IMF Loan’. He begins: “Yesterday I received confirmation from the President’s office that his permission had not been sought for our republic’s loan to the IMF.”

On 26 June 2012, Kenneth Jeyaretnam publishes a post on his blog, headlined ‘In Search of Answers: My Correspondence with The Statistics Department’. He begins: “Whilst I continue with my attempts to hold the MOF up to proper scrutiny, we must not forget the discrepancies in our Budget. I have decided to make the following exchange of correspondence available as a public service and an exercise in transparency. It is in chronological order but those of you who find it a bit dull may wish to skip to the end. There I discover another discrepancy and I am still awaiting a response. Unfortunately the Statistics Department have become ominously silent since I drew it to their attention five days ago.”

On 1 July 2012, Kenneth Jeyaretnam publishes a post on his blog, headlined ‘An Open Letter to Christine Lagarde Managing Director of the IMF’. He writes: “Meanwhile here in Singapore since February, I have been raising the issue of opacity in our government’s budget, failure to adhere to IMF standards and grave concerns over the constitutionality of our country’s pledge to the IMF, to the same gentleman amongst others, albeit with a considerably less successful outcome.” He also writes: “The parliamentary record shows that Parliamentary approval was not sought. In addition the aforementioned Minister of Finance has failed to respond to any of my open letters raising questions and has failed to reasonably provide any accountability or transparency. His Excellency, President Tony Tan Keng Yam, did respond and referred my letters to MAS thereby confirming that Presidential approval had not been sought. The MAS is merely the manager of the official foreign reserves on behalf of the government and not the owner of the reserves. But in any case they have now failed to respond.” In addition: “Without accountability there is a real danger that these forced savings, which cause real hardship for many poorer Singaporeans, could be dissipated through poor investment returns before we can do anything about it. This is not merely an idle academic exercise. It was not so long ago that Greece’s accounts were shown to be have been manipulated.”

Roy Ngerng Yi Ling Also Asks Inconvenient Economic Questions

On 10 July 2012, Roy Ngerng Yi Ling publishes a post on his blog, headlined ‘How is Our CPF & Income Being Used? Is it Fair & Equitable?’

On 21 July 2012, Roy Ngerng Yi Ling publishes a post on his blog, headlined ‘Our CPF Monies: Truth Denied From Us’.

On 23 July 2012, Roy Ngerng Yi Ling publishes a post on his blog, headlined ‘Does Spore’s Govt Have Enough Money?’

On 7 September 2012, Kenneth Jeyaretnam publishes a post on his blog, headlined ‘Where have our reserves gone?’, demanding for “the Finance Minister and the PM [to] come forward and give a proper explanation of the discrepancies in the government’s accounts” and “an accounting of their management of our money and why performance has been so poor”.

On 17 September 2012, Kenneth Jeyaretnam publishes a post on his blog, headlined ‘A Short Note on Where Have Our Reserves Gone?’. He also publishes another post, headlined ‘An Open Letter to TOC in Response to Their Removal of My Article “Where Have The Reserves Gone”’.

'Sherlock Holmes And The Case Of The Missing (Or Merely Hidden) Reserves' by Kenneth Andrew Jeyaretnam

On 23 September 2012, Kenneth Jeyaretnam publishes a post on his blog, headlined ‘Sherlock Holmes And The Case Of The Missing ( Or Merely Hidden) Reserves’. In it, he mentions that his earlier post on 7 September 2012, ‘Where have our reserves gone?’, “was taken down by [The Online Citizen] without explanation” and that when he “pushed Mr. Pillai for an explanation he said that they had received a phone call from a representative from Temasek Holdings objecting to [Kenneth Jeyaretnam’s] use of the word “Ponzi” in relation to the CPF scheme”. He also opines that “recent changes to the CPF scheme” might provide “early warning signs of potential liquidity problems at GIC”.

On 25 September 2012, Kenneth Jeyaretnam publishes a post on his blog, headlined ‘An Unappetising Picture’.

On 26 September 2012, Kenneth Jeyaretnam publishes a post on his blog, headlined ‘Roach Motel Or Investing for the Long-Term: You Decide What Best Describes Temasek’s Investment Strategy’.

On 1 October 2012, Kenneth Jeyaretnam publishes a post on his blog, headlined ‘Behind Chamber Doors. (Why wait for the Judgement when the State Media have already decided the IMF Loan Case outcome?)’. In it, he inquires: “If the government is so worried about liabilities then why does it continue to borrow so much from CPF presumably to be invested in GIC and Temasek?”

On 4 October 2012, the www.gov.sg Portal – which is “the official online communication platform and repository of the Singapore Government” – publishes an article, headlined ‘Is there something wrong with our Reserves?’. The introductory paragraphs read: “From time to time, there are claims that the Singapore Government is covering up losses in our reserves, or that Singaporean CPF monies are not safe. Some recent online postings have even claimed that GIC and/or Temasek are reporting false returns to cover up losses, or that the Government siphons monies from its Budget or from Government borrowings so as to pad up GIC and Temasek’s books. The Government does not publish the size of assets managed by GIC, although the asset size of MAS and Temasek are published. On the basis of the information that the Government has published, as well as the full system of checks and balances, these recent claims are baseless. Indeed, they are fantastical, but let’s look at some basic facts.”

In response, on 15 October 2012, Kenneth Jeyaretnam publishes a post on his blog, headlined ‘MICA’s Response Fails to Reassure’. He notes: “A few days back there was a comment posted on my blog by @Lengyiren drawing my attention to a posting on www.gov.sg saying that the government had rebutted my claims about the reserves. The link to the so-called rebuttal is http://www.gov.sg/government/web/content/govsg/classic/factually/factually-041012-istheresomethingwrongwithourreserves.” He writes: “The government has failed to explain why returns appear to have been unacceptably low.”

Harvey Rejects the Arranged Marriage

Meanwhile, also in October 2012, Harvey’s grandparents are contacted by her maternal uncle’s wife, Sivashakti, to discuss further marriage arrangements for the daughter that Harvey was betrothed to since July/August 2000. Harvey makes clear that she does not intend to honor the betrothal, and will not be going ahead with the arranged marriage. Harvey is chronologically 22 years old at the material time, and her psychosocial age is 14.

In the morning of 12 December 2012, the social media accounts of Speaker of Parliament, Member of Parliament for Punggol East SMC and PAP member Michael Anthony Palmer are deleted. The People’s Action Party (PAP) invite the media to a press conference, scheduled for 1:15pm, with Deputy Prime Minister Teo Chee Hean. Michael Anthony Palmer announces to the press that he has resigned. The official narrative presented to the public is that this is due to his extramarital affair with the Constituency Director of the People’s Association’s (PA) Pasir Ris West Constituency Office office, Laura Ong Hui Hoon, who has also resigned from her position.

On 22 December 2012, Roy Ngerng Yi Ling publishes a post on his blog, headlined ‘Medisave Required Amount to Increase by $6,500 to $38,500 in 2012. We Have a Right to Know!’ He writes: “Singaporeans, we have a right to know. And we demand that the government provides us with this information to be transparent and accountable. We demand that the government halt this increase and provide us with this information, before Singaporeans make a decision as to what is a viable increase, when we are able to make an informed decision with all the facts and information available. The CPF is our money. We have a right to know how it’s used and how we are made to contribute to our CPF monies. We have a right to know how any calculations to increase the minimum sum in our CPF is made, with our full knowledge and agreement.”

On 28 December 2012, Roy Ngerng Yi Ling publishes a post on his blog, headlined ‘Dear Singaporeans, Do You Know The Real Reason Why They Do Not Want To Increase Taxes? Profits.’

On 30 December 2012, Roy Ngerng Yi Ling publishes a post on his blog, headlined ‘Singaporeans, This Is It! This Is How Our Government Takes Our Money’. He writes: “The profits from these Singapore companies actually go back to the shareholders. And even if they go back to Temasek and GIC, they aren’t returned back to us. They compute the interest rate of our CPF according to the bonds, which earn a misery interest rate, while they refuse to tell us what the actual interest rates are – 17% from Temasek and 6.8% from GIC. They continue to ask us to pay more for the Medisave Required Amount, even if they could increase the interest returned by just a bit to top up the amount. At the same time, they’ve created systems which prevents us from withdrawing from our CPF, such that the withdrawals have actually reduced, even if there are more and more older Singaporeans who would actually need to withdraw their money. This, when the heads of these Singapore companies earn millions of dollars while there continue to be more and more older Singaporeans working at our food centers as cleaners because while they continue to earn a low income and do not see their incomes grow, and while they are not able to take their money out from CPF, this is all they have – to continue working themselves out just to make ends meet and to pay for ever increasing healthcare costs, which they have to pay from their own pockets, because the government refuses to pay more.”


On 9 January 2013, Singapore’s Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) publishes a statement, ‘Press Statement by Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong on Punggol East By-Election’, announcing that a by-election in Punggol East SMC will be held, given that Michael Palmer’s resignation means a vacant parliamentary seat. President Tony Tan Keng Yam issues the Writ of Election.

16 January 2013 is Nomination Day for the 2013 Punggol East by-election. The PAP’s Koh Poh Koon, the WP’s Lee Li Lian, the Singapore Democratic Alliance’s (SDA) Desmond Lim and the RP’s Kenneth Jeyaretnam successfully file their nominations in the morning.

Kenneth Jeyaretnam’s family begins to receive death threats. On 18 January 2013, Kenneth Jeyaretnam’s 16-year-old son Jared Jeyaretnam receives two email messages containing castration threats and 27 graphic, disturbing images. Kenneth Jeyaretnam’s wife Amanda Jeyaretnam is alarmed. Kenneth Jeyaretnam lodges a police report. The police classify this as Criminal intimidation under § 506 of the Penal Code.

Death Threats Against Kenneth Jeyaretnam's Family

On the morning of 20 January 2013, Kenneth Jeyaretnam announces that he will be cancelling the RP rally because of safety concerns. Hours later, the RP changes its mind and announces it’ll continue with the rally, attributing this decision to “police assurances of security measures”.

On 23 January 2013, The Straits Times publishes an article, headlined ‘Man arrested for online threat against Kenneth Jeyaretnam’. It states: “A 23-year-old was arrested today for transmitting an online threat against Reform Party chief Kenneth Jeyaretnam.” It also states: “The Police did not reveal the identity of the person arrested.”

On 25 January 2013, The Bangkok Post publishes an article, headlined ‘Singapore man held for politician threats: police’. It states:

The 23-year-old is accused of sending menacing emails to Reform Party head Kenneth Jeyaretnam, who had previously received messages he described as “tantamount to death threats”.
Media group Singapore Press Holdings (SPH) said in its flagship newspaper The Straits Times that the man was a clerk in its classified ads department.

“A temporary staff member is being investigated for a criminal offence which has no bearing on, or (is) related to SPH,” a newspaper spokesman was quoted in the report as saying. “He has since resigned, and we have accepted his resignation.”

A police statement seen by AFP read: "Police have classified the case as criminal intimidation," adding that the man, who has not been named, had sent the threat on January 23. If convicted he faces up to two years in prison.

On 14 February 2013, Roy Ngerng Yi Ling publishes a post on his blog, headlined ‘Singapore Population White Paper 2013: Exposing the Flaws of Policy Making’.

On 16 February 2013, Roy Ngerng Yi Ling publishes a post on his blog, headlined ‘The Real Problem With the Singapore Population White Paper 2013’.

On 20 February 2013, Roy Ngerng Yi Ling publishes a post on his blog, headlined ‘Why Singapore Government’s Rent-Seeking Behaviour is Detrimental to the Singapore Economy’.

2013 Poison Pen Incident by Sivashakti

In March 2013, Harvey unequivocally rejects Sivashakti’s daughter as her bride. Harvey is guilt-tripped on the premise that if Harvey does not proceed with the marriage and instead rejects the bride, Sivashakti’s daughter will be humiliated and ostracized by everyone in her village, as the cultural assumption would be that the bride must have been rejected due to being sexually promiscuous in the intervening decade since the original betrothal, had an abortion, or is otherwise severely sexually defective and/or otherwise unsuitable as a bride for an equally severe reason.

Harvey repeats that she does not agree to an arranged marriage, making it very clear and firm that she would not be marrying Sivashakti’s daughter, despite the consequences upon Sivashakti’s daughter resulting from the rejection. Sivashakti becomes enraged. Harvey is chronologically 22 years old at the material time, and her psychosocial age is 15.

Sometime in the first week of July 2013, the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) in the United States receives intelligence from Sivashakti, who is operating under the moniker of a ‘Santhosh Sharma’. She alleges that Harvey is plotting to bomb the United States embassy in Singapore. This poison pen tip-off is transmitted by the CIA to authorities in Singapore. This is the 2013 Poison Pen Incident.

On 8 July 2013, several ISD personnel visit Harvey’s apartment at 8am. Harvey rejects following them, and tells them to schedule an appointment at least three or four days in advance, or she will be unable to attend without earlier notice. Harvey has no idea what the matter is at the material time. The ISD personnel insist that a statement must be taken on that day. The ISD personnel tell Harvey’s mother privately that the urgency is due to diplomatic pressure from America. The ISD personnel ask Harvey’s mother to cooperate with their investigation, disclosing that the Americans would prefer to take over the situation directly, but that the Singaporean authorities do not wish for such action to occur, as they would prefer to deal with matters domestically. Harvey’s mother goes to the neighborhood police station in lieu of Harvey to give a statement.

Birth of 2013 Operation Providence by the ISD

Sometime between 8 and 22 July 2013, the ISD evaluates Harvey’s character profile and background during their checks. They notice that Harvey has some distant connection with the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) and is Facebook friends with one of Kenneth Jeyaretnam’s sons, and on this basis decide that she would make a good fixer. This is the birth of Operation Providence: The plan is to fix Harvey up so that Harvey is, in turn, cornered into being a fixer against Kenneth Jeyaretnam, who is sticking his nose too much into the CPF monies matter.

As we shall later elaborate, Operation Providence tremendously backfires as Harvey refuses to cooperate. Since then, the ISD has been trying to cover their tracks about Operation Providence, for fear of it getting leaked, and fix Harvey up for her non-compliance instead.

Another basis for why the ISD evaluates Harvey to be a good fixer is because she is transgender and thus less likely to be able to resist or withstand their torture methods, but the ISD is unaware that Harvey is a Jewish zealot at the material time, and thus believes firmly in the Judaic Commandment of “Thou shalt not bear false witness”.

2013 Bomb Hoax Incident

On 22 July 2013, Jurong Police Divisional Headquarters receives a bomb hoax message via CrimeStopper, emanated from an unknown origin. The message claims that the Workers’ Party (WP) of Singapore, specifically its members Chen Show Mao and one other Member of Parliament (possibly Sylvia Lim Swee Lian), are plotting to firebomb the Woodlands Regional Bus Interchange Complex during night time, in order to cause property damage and political instability while avoiding loss of life. This is the 2013 Bomb Hoax Incident that Harvey is falsely accused of, and is eventually cleared of because she literally did not do it.

On 26 July 2013, at around 4pm, Harvey’s apartment is raided and she is arrested at home by the police, falsely accused of said bomb hoax. The arresting officer is SSSgt Ramesh S/O Shangkaran i.e. the same police officer who had dealt with Harvey in the 2008 Apartment Fire Incident! SSSgt Ramesh S/O Shangkaran accuses Harvey of having sent the bomb hoax message and demands she cooperate with them. Harvey denies having sent any such bomb hoax.

Several of Harvey’s possessions are seized, including her computers and mobile phone, flash drives, her personal journal, a black pouch, several items of stationery and even her kidney stone. Harvey is greatly affected by the interruption the raid and seizure causes to her life. This is documented in a post on Gopalan Nair’s blog, ‘Singaporean young man of Indian descent claims false arrest, abuse of police powers and denial of civil rights’, published a few months later on, on 30 January 2014:

Vickreman’s personal journal, which [she] refers to as [her] Blue Logbook, constitutes an irreplaceable written record of 51 months of [her] life, and is of significant emotional value to [her]. And being a handwritten paper document, the Blue Logbook would have little, if any, relevance to the investigation of an electronic crime.
The data contained in Vickreman’s Windows computer and [her] USB 2.0 flash drives constitutes 45 months of [her] intellectual and artistic endeavors, comprising up to five thousand hours of creative labor, and represents an enormous corpus of work, which is of great intellectual and emotional value and utility to Vickreman.
[…] The police have cloned all of the data on both Vickreman’s Windows and [her] Linux computers, [her] USB 2.0 flash drives, and [her] mobile-phone; thereby obviating the need for them to retain any of these items for further investigation of an electronic crime which by its nature does not involve any physical evidence. The police are unwilling to give Vickreman even a cloned copy of the data on [her] Windows computer and flash drives!
Due to having been denied access to [her] invaluable data for the past twenty-seven weeks, Vickreman has been unable to continue with [her] usual intellectual endeavors, which include; mechanical engineering, hardware modelling, Linux open-source software packaging, and printed circuit board design; and has consequently sunk into a severe bout of depression.

Failed Execution of 2013 Operation Providence by the ISD

On 26 July 2013 – the same day of the raid and arrest – Harvey is interrogated by the police. At night, Harvey is held in Cell D23 in Jurong Police Division Headquarters. Harvey is approached by the ISD’s Operation Providence team during her detention. The officers in Jurong Police Divisional Investigation Branch are unaware about the nature of the ISD’s involvement.

The ISD’s Operation Providence team informs Harvey that they require her cooperation with a separate matter: The ISD’s Operation Providence team requests that Harvey provide false testimony that Kenneth Jeyaretnam’s son had confided in Harvey that Kenneth Jeyaretnam is involved in Balraj Naidu’s harboring and assistance to the LTTE. The ISD’s Operation Providence team has a script for this, and it is dangled in front of Harvey.

However, as previously mentioned, Harvey had vowed after her traumatizing experiences in the 2008 Apartment Fire Incident, and the subsequent false confession she was coerced into giving, to never be cornered into such a situation ever again. Harvey therefore refuses to cooperate, stating that she will not be participating in any scheme the ISD wishes to perpetrate against anyone. The ISD’s Operation Providence team informs her that since she is unwilling to cooperate, she is likely to be detained for longer. They also tell her that the 2013 Bomb Hoax Incident – which the ISD itself had orchestrated in an attempt to corner Harvey into being a fixer for Operation Providence against Kenneth Jeyaretnam – is for her to settle with the police and the Courts directly. The ISD’s Operation Providence team makes clear to Harvey that they will not be helping her since she is refusing to assist them with Operation Providence.

The next morning, on 27 July 2013, Harvey is arraigned at Subordinate Court 26. She expects she’ll be remanded to IMH but instead she is remanded under § 238(3) of the Criminal Procedure Code (CPC) – which is not a charge – to police custody to assist with investigations, without being informed of the specific provision under which she is being detained in police custody. This is terrifying and confusing to Harvey, who finds herself in severe distress at facing indefinite detention.

Harvey is charged under § 8(1) of the United Nations (Anti-Terrorism Measures) Regulations 2001, read with § 5(1) of the United Nations Act, for False Threat of Terrorist Act, with the allegation that she had transmitted an electronic message containing false information regarding a terror threat to the police, i.e. the 2013 Bomb Hoax Incident. District Judge Kessler Soh Boon Leng is in charge of this case. He remands Harvey to police custody. The length of the remand period is not made known to Harvey, so she is left with the assumption that she may be detained for a period of one whole year under the Criminal Law (Temporary Provisions) Act. This is severely terrifying to Harvey.

On the same day (i.e. 27 July 2013), SSSgt Ramesh S/O Shangkaran (who was, at the material time, still the Senior Investigation Officer), frustrated with Harvey, transfers the case to Assistant Superintendent (ASP) Lim Luo Ren in the evening, who then becomes the Senior Investigation Officer for the case.

Harvey is Remanded to Police Custody

From 27 July 2013 to 2 August 2013, Harvey is remanded at Jurong Police Division Headquarter’s Cell C17. Harvey is provided only meager amounts of food (less than a quarter of what she usually requires for consumption), is made to shower in ice-cold water, and is denied visitation and even pain medication. She develops a high fever, suffers head and body aches, and is denied medical treatment. Harvey is also not given the midday meal during two of the seven days since it’s the Ramadan period – but Harvey is from a Hindu family and, at this juncture, has never practiced or adhered to any Muslim practices. This is reported in Gopalan Nair’s blog:

Each morning in police custody, Vickreman was made to shower in ice-cold water in full view (as [she] was not permitted to close the cubicle door) of several male and female police officers who derided [her] and made jokes at [her] expense, then (as no towel was provided) had to first stand then squat naked on the bathroom floor for up to an hour while brushing [her] teeth and waiting for [her] skin to dry, only after which [she] was allowed to get dressed in the remand uniform which consisted of a threadbare white t-shirt and torn blue shorts. Several times each day, a few police officers would enter Vickreman’s cell, order [her] to stand with both hands against the wall, and search [her] by pulling [her] T-shirt up and [her] shorts down, and would sometimes also probe [her] genitalia and anorectal cavity.

Sanitation in the jail-cell consists of a squat-toilet equipped with a bidet embedded in the wall, and a faucet embedded about three feet above the bidet in the same wall. The bidet spouts ice-cold water for the washing of the posterior, and the faucet dispenses equally cold water for drinking and the washing of hands. Neither toilet tissue (for wiping the posterior after defecation) nor any form of soap (for sanitizing of hands) is available. The entire floor of the jail-cell (including the area around the squat-toilet) is very smooth and provides little friction; wherein even a small amount of moisture can cause the accused individual to slip, fall and sustain (potentially deadly) injury.

Although Vickreman slipped and fell several times on the jail-cell floor, [she] fortunately did not suffer any injury more serious than blood clots and bruises. The squat-toilet is located at a corner of the rear wall of the jail-cell, and the side walls of the latter are plain and featureless. The door and front wall of the jail-cell are both made of iron beams and strong, transparent glass; which affords any passing police officer a full view of the jail-cell’s complete interior. Affixed to the jail-cell’s ceiling are two powerful fluorescent lights, which continuously remain turned on all through the day and night, thereby preventing the accused individual from sleeping soundly during the night.

The accused individual is made to sleep on the jail-cell’s bare floor (which is cold to the touch in large part due to the police station being heavily air-conditioned), with no form of bedding whatsoever; neither a mattress nor even a straw-mat to lie on, nor even a pillow upon which to rest the head. Due to sleeping on the cold floor during [her] week in remand in police custody, Vickreman suffered rigors and body aches. The hardness of the jail-cell floor caused Vickreman to develop chronic neck, shoulder and upper back pains, with which conditions [she] continues to be afflicted to this day.

During this week in remand, Harvey is questioned by ASP Lim Luo Ren multiple times. Harvey is also questioned by a few other officers from Jurong Police Division Investigation Branch. For these sessions of questioning, Harvey is brought up to the first or second storey of the building complex. ASP Lim Luo Ren is the good cop. The few other officers are the bad cops. They are unable to extract a confession from Harvey. Fortunately, the police do not physically hit Harvey.

Harvey Faces Physical and Sexual Torture by the ISD

The actual custody cells are in the building’s basement. Harvey is beaten by the custody officers there, under the instructions of the ISD, in response to Harvey’s refusal to cooperate with them. The beatings are targeted and specific to Harvey. It occurs on two of the days during her remand period from 27 July 2013 to 2 August 2013. However, Harvey is also subject to the ISD’s sexual torture methods every day until 1 August 2013, including on the two days of her beatings. This involves being sexually probed with foreign objects as a method of torture.

While Harvey is in remand at Jurong Police Division Headquarters, on 29 July 2013, Ravi S/O Madasamy (also known as M Ravi) of Messieurs L F Violet Netto is engaged to represent Harvey in all criminal matters.

On 2 August 2013, Harvey is brought back to Subordinate Court 26, where District Judge Kessler Soh – at the prosecutor’s request – remands Harvey for a period of two weeks to the IMH for psychiatric evaluation.

Harvey is Remanded to a Male Prison Ward in IMH

Between 2 August 2013 and 16 August 2013, Harvey is put in the non-air-conditioned Male Prison Ward 75A at IMH. Harvey is found to weigh approximately 80kg, while at the time prior to her arrest her weight was 88kg. Harvey suffers from ailments arising from heat and insufficient ventilation. She experiences insomnia and is denied barbiturate medication. She is also deliberately issued clothing which is two sizes too small for her. When raising this as a concern, Harvey is met with a response along the lines of “If it’s too tight, then don’t wear it!” This is obviously not an option for Harvey, who is already humiliated as a trans woman in a male ward. She sticks to the least awful option and tolerates the tightness. However, the tightness of the clothing results in her experiencing severe constriction and she suffers deep venuous thrombosis, which causes severe pain and muscle atrophy, the latter of which is the reason why Harvey’s legs remain unnaturally thin and weak. As reported in Gopalan Nair’s blog:

Vickreman’s attorney wrote to the Institute of Mental Health, during [her] two weeks of remand there, to ask that Vickreman be given the option to request pain relief or treatment for [her] ailments. Vickreman was duly given said option, and when [she] exercised it by requesting pain relief, the request was denied!

Overall, during this period, Harvey is strip-searched nine times (once in the Jurong Police Divisional Headquarters prior to being taken to Court, and then eight times in IMH's Male Prison Ward 75A by male security guards and male nursing staff). This excludes the one week in late July 2013 of Harvey’s remand under CPC § 238(3) in the Jurong Police Divisional Headquarters Complex, wherein the strip-searches segued seamlessly into other lawful abuse, and thus could not clearly be discerned or counted.

On 16 August 2013, Harvey is brought back to Subordinate Court 26 and is granted bail, set at $15,000. Her mother bails her out and takes her to Alexandra Hospital, where she receives treatment as an outpatient for a knee injury which she sustained earlier in the day while locked up in the courthouse basement. Note that this charge never goes to trial. The prosecution withdraws the charge after 18 months. Harvey is acquitted completely. There is literally no basis.

On 22 August 2013, Harvey attends a police interview at Jurong Police Divisional Headquarters. Her statement is recorded in the presence of her Appropriate Adult Claudia Lee Schmitt Powers. ASP Lim Luo Ren issues Harvey a signed list of the items seized, for the devices and items seized by the police on 26 July 2013.

Hijirah Maker

On 23 September 2013, Harvey attends a police interview as a witness at Ang Mo Kio Police Divisional Headquarters, in connection with a police investigation about Kenneth Jeyaretnam’s reports in January 2013 about someone known as Hijirah Maker harassing and intimidating Kenneth Jeyaretnam and his family in Singapore and even outside of Singapore’s jurisdiction, i.e. in the United Kingdom.

Note that it is later discovered that Hijirah Maker is, in fact, an ISD team tasked to execute an operation against Kenneth Jeyaretnam due to his poking his nose too much and too far into the CPF monies matter. Hijirah Maker is part of Operation Providence – with the aim of making Kenneth Jeyaretnam’s family so afraid that he will be sufficiently busy with taking care of them, and thus discontinue his investigation into the CPF monies matter.

Harvey had previously noticed some of the Hijirah Maker posts online, as they had appeared on her Facebook feed. Harvey had alerted Kenneth Jeyaretnam to these posts. Kenneth Jeyaretnam was in the United Kingdom at the material time, and had called the Metropolitan Police, which had the Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre liaise with Facebook to take down the offending Hijirah Maker posts. Separately, Kenneth Jeyaretnam also informed the Singapore Police Force (SPF) about the issue. During their investigation, the police had asked Kenneth Jeyaretnam how he had come to be aware of these posts. Kenneth Jeyaretnam had said that Harvey had alerted him to the posts’ existence. The police had therefore called Harvey in as a witness for their investigations.

Sometime in October 2013, Harvey verbally threatens Zaqy bin Mohamad during a house visit. This is because Harvey views Zaqy bin Mohamad as the face of the PAP government who had persecuted her by having allowed the police to seize and retain her computers and every copy of her data – so she is murderous and decides to intimidate Zaqy bin Mohamad, threatening to dislodge him from his parliamentary seat. Note that she does not actually murder Zaqy bin Mohamad and has no intention to.

Harvey Passes Mensa Singapore Admissions Test

On 19 October 2013, Harvey sits for the Mensa Singapore Admission Test and achieves an IQ score of 148 points, and consequently joins Mensa Singapore in February 2016. This score of 148 points in October 2013 contrasts sharply with Harvey’s IQ score having previously been assessed to be 97 points in August 2008 by Dr Archana Kaur at IMH during her remand admission for the 2008 Apartment Fire Incident.

2013 Illogical Anthrax Hoax Incident

On 27 October 2013, Jurong Police Divisional Headquarters receives an anthrax hoax message via CrimeStopper, emanated from an unknown origin. This case was ultimately never solved, but since Harvey had an ongoing bomb hoax case of a similar nature, the police decide to investigate Harvey as a suspect. Again! This is the 2013 Illogical Anthrax Hoax Incident.

On 5 November 2013, at Harvey’s 3rd Pre-Trial Conference (PTC), the prosecutor alleges that Harvey had transmitted a second message to the police, on or around 27 October 2013, i.e. the 2013 Illogical Anthrax Hoax Incident. The prosecutor uses this allegation as grounds to demand the forfeiture of all of Harvey’s seized items under § 364 of the Penal Code. But Harvey has neither been convicted of the current charge nor has she been charged with transmitting the alleged second message! It would have made no logical sense for Harvey to have transmitted this alleged second message to the police, as in doing so she risks her bail being revoked and she risks being remanded to the Changi Prison Complex. Moreover, since the time of her arrest, both of her computers and her mobile phone have remained in police custody. They were in police custody on 27 October 2013, the date of the 2013 Illogical Anthrax Hoax Incident. So how would Harvey have done this?

On 13 December 2013, Harvey gets her Deed Poll done at last. Her name is officially changed from her deadname to ‘Vickreman Harvey Chettiar’.

On 19 December 2013, the United States’ Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) publishes a statement, titled ‘Convicted supporter of Sri Lankan terrorists deported from Dallas to Singapore’. It reads:

DALLAS — A man from the Republic of Singapore, who was convicted in 2010 of supporting terrorists in Sri Lanka with weapons, was deported Wednesday by officers from U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s (ICE) Enforcement and Removal Operations (ERO) after serving a nearly four years in federal prison for his crimes.
Balraj Naidu, 51, departed Dallas Dec. 16 and arrived in Singapore Wednesday under escort by ERO officers.
Naidu was extradited into the United States from Singapore Dec. 18, 2009 so he could be criminally prosecuted for the following offenses: conspiracy to violate the Arms Export Control Act, conspiracy to provide material support to a foreign terrorist organization, money laundering, attempted export of firearms and munitions, and possession of a firearm in furtherance of a crime of violence. He was convicted in the District of Maryland Dec. 16, 2010 for Conspiracy to Violate the Arms Export Control Act and sentenced to 57 months in federal prison.
In preparation for his deportation, Naidu was released to ICE custody Nov. 8, 2013.


On 18 January 2014, Central Police Divisional Headquarters receives a false message via CrimeStopper, emanated through Prepaid M1 No. 8545-8169. This wasn’t investigated initially but was eventually investigated in August 2014. This was a message in Ravi S/O Madasamy’s name, challenging the police. Ravi S/O Madasamy becomes a suspect. Note also that Ravi S/O Madasamy is still Harvey’s defense lawyer at the material time.

On 30 January 2014, Gopalan Nair publishes a post on his blog Singapore Dissident, titled ‘Singaporean young man of Indian descent claims false arrest, abuse of police powers and denial of civil rights’.

M Ravi Receives a Death Threat from the Hijirah Maker

On 17 February 2014, Ravi S/O Madasamy (also known as M Ravi) receives a death threat – from the Hijirah Maker – directing him to change Harvey’s plea from Not Guilty to Guilty, and thereafter discharge himself. The threat involves having thugs lift Ravi S/O Madasamy up and throw him off from the twelfth floor of his block. Ravi S/O Madasamy does not feel threatened by this, and therefore does not give in to the threat.

2014 Bomb Hoax Incident

On 18 February 2014, Central Police Divisional Headquarters receives a bomb hoax message via CrimeStopper, emanated through Prepaid M1 No. 8545-8169. The message is sent in the Malay language. It alleges the existence of a hand grenade in one of the file cabinets inside Ravi S/O Madasamy’s office premises. Note that said file cabinet does not even physically exist, at the material time. Harvey becomes a suspect. This is the 2014 Bomb Hoax Incident that Harvey is falsely accused of, and is eventually cleared of because she literally did not do it.

On 19 February 2014, uniformed police personnel visit Harvey at 12pm. They hit Harvey on her left knee with a baton and solder her apartment’s gate locking-mechanism shut. Plainclothes police personnel arrive at around 9:20pm. They harass Harvey and her mother for over two hours while attempting to open her apartment’s gate. Harvey asks for their warrant card and they retort that they are not required to prove anything to Harvey. A plainclothes police officer pries the apartment gate open and storms Harvey’s apartment at around 11:40pm. Harvey points a vegetable knife at Deputy Superintendent (DSP) Sukhdev Singh’s neck. At around 11:55pm, Harvey is arrested for charge DAC-004210-2014 of False Threat of Terrorist Act under § 8(1) of the United Nations (Anti-Terror Measures) Regulations 2001, and charge DAC-004211-2014 of Criminal Intimidation under § 506 of Penal Code (Chapter 224). A search and seizure of several non-electronic items (including stationery) is conducted. Harvey’s Nokia E6-00 Mobile Phone, containing the Prepaid SIM Card for M1 Mobile No. 8545-8169, one SanDisk Ultra 16GB Micro-SDHC Flash Memory Card and a spoilt Nokia 1209 Mobile-Phone are seized.

On 20 February 2014, Harvey is interrogated while in police custody without the presence of an Appropriate Adult. DSP Sukhdev Singh produces a Long Statement, containing a so-called “confession” appearing to be from Harvey – that was not in fact given by Harvey! In reality, Harvey had only signed the Cautioned Statement. Some Long Statements of unknown origin, dated 20 February 2014 (i.e. this date), and bearing poor imitations of Harvey’s signature, later mysteriously appear and are admitted into evidence when trial approaches, sometime in late 2014 or early 2015.

Return of the Hijirah Maker

On 21 February 2014, at 12am, The New Paper publishes an article by Shaffiq Alkhatib, headlined ‘‘It looks like it’s never going to end’’. It outlines four threats received by Kenneth Jeyaretnam in 2013. The article specifies that the first threat, allegedly sent on 19 January 2013, threatened “to castrate [Jared Jeyaretnam] unless [Kenneth Jeyaretnam] left Singapore and stopped “meddling” with the country’s economic affairs”. The article also specifies that these four threats are specifically “by an unknown person known as the “Hijirah Maker”.” The article also quotes Amanda Jeyaretnam’s explanation that a hijirah refers to “a young boy who is castrated and turned into a eunuch”, and that “in modern-day India, it’s a term for the transgender community”. Rather confusingly, the article also states: “A 23-year-old man was arrested after Mr Jeyaretnam made a police report about a threat on [18 January 2013], a day before he received the first threat from the “Hijirah Maker”.” The article specifies that said 23-year-old man was “let off with a warning”. Additionally, the article states that the “Hijirah Maker” had returned on 18 February 2014. This is public preparation via media priming for the purpose of generating suspicion that Harvey might be the Hijirah Maker in case it becomes useful to pin her as such.

We note three crucial points:

  1. These articles merge the 23-year-old detail and the Hijirah Maker detail together, to tie in Harvey’s profile. They are in fact two different people – neither of whom are Harvey. The 23-year-old is a separate individual unknown to Harvey, and Hijirah Maker is simply the ISD’s Operation Providence team, targeting Kenneth Jeyaretnam for prying too much into the CPF monies matter.
  2. The ISD also timed it such that the Hijirah Maker’s return was on the same date – 18 February 2014 – as the 2014 Bomb Hoax Incident!
  3. Given Harvey’s profile as a transgender person whose family is of Indian origin, it is accurate that Harvey considers herself a hijra.

Ultimately, these are all methods to psychologically prime and prepare the public for if (or when) Harvey is smeared as being the Hijirah Maker. This is the nature of statecraft.

Harvey's Rape in Remand at IMH's Male Prison Ward 75A

Given that she has a pending case from the 2013 Bomb Hoax Incident, Harvey is easily assumed to be suspicious and is thus falsely classified as a suspect for yet another bomb threat. Also on 21 February 2014, Harvey is arraigned after 2:30pm in State Court 26. District Judge Kessler Soh Boon Leng is in charge of this case. Subsequently, Harvey is remanded at IMH’s Male Prison Ward 75A from 21 February 2014 to 4 March 2014 for psychiatric assessment. During this period, on 24 February 2014, Harvey is raped by Syafik in a bathroom stall, then molested by him for the rest of the week. Rape is not about attraction. It is about power in the sense of domination.

On 23 February 2014, while being remanded at the IMH, some of the ISD’s Operation Providence team members have a chat with Harvey and bring up the recently published Gopalan Nair blog post. They emphasize to Harvey that if any state secrets are revealed or publicized, then she will not be facing a simple court case. Instead, Harvey will be prosecuted under the Official Secrets Act (OSA). They also emphasize to Harvey that if the Americans ask for Harvey again, they’ll hand her over via extraordinary rendition. Extraordinary rendition is relevant here as it would mean that Harvey would be handed over to the Americans off-the-record, so it would be reflected as her having jumped bail and fled jurisdiction, thus also providing grounds for lifetime bail revocation and denial.

At 7am on 24 February 2014, Harvey is raped by Mohamed Syafik Iskandar bin Mohammad Nordin (also known as Syafik) in IMH’s bathroom shower stall. Note that another variation of his name’s spelling is Mohammad Syafiq Iskandar bin Mohammad Nordin (also known as Syafiq). Harvey contracts genital herpes from the rape. Subsequently, she is further assaulted by him (via her rectum being forcibly and coercively fingered by him) for the next few days, until 2 March 2014.

Overall, during this period, Harvey is strip-searched eight times – once within Cantonment Police Complex’s basement prior to being taken to Court, and then seven times in IMH’s Male Prison Ward 75A by male security guards and male nursing staff. The latter overlapped with the time period that Harvey was first raped and subsequently being repeatedly molested by Syafik, and these overlapping instances of sexual violence severely reinforced and had compounding, intersecting effects on the traumatizing experiences of one another. This predictably snowballs and culminates in Harvey’s eventual development of complex post-traumatic stress disorder (also known as C-PTSD).

On 4 March 2014, there is an urgent bail review, and Harvey is released on a bail quantum of $20,000.

On 10 March 2014, Harvey’s non-electronic items that had been seized on 26 July 2013 are finally returned to her.

On 8 May 2014, the Ministry of Manpower releases a statement, headlined ‘Changes to the CPF Minimum Sum, Medisave Minimum Sum and Medisave Contribution Ceiling from 1 July 2014 for a More Secure Retirement’.

On 12 May 2014, Roy Ngerng Yi Ling starts a change.org petition, titled ‘Return Our CPF!’.

Roy Ngerng Yi Ling's Controversial Blogpost About CPF Monies and the City Harvest Church Scandal

On 15 May 2014, Roy Ngerng Yi Ling publishes a post on his blog, headlined ‘Where Your CPF Money Is Going: Learning From The City Harvest Trial’. Of all of Roy Ngerng Yi Ling’s posts, it is this particular post that gains Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong’s attention.

The post features two flow charts:

  1. The first flow chart is created by Channel News Asia, titled ‘Trial of City Harvest Church leaders’, with links drawn between Kong Hee (husband of Sun Ho, and founder and senior pastor of City Harvest Church), John Lam Leng Hung, Chew Eng Han, Tan Ye Peng, Serina Wee Gek Yin and Sharon Tan Shao Yuen. A box linking the six individuals states: “These six are accused of channelling S$24 million into two companies – Xtron & Firna – to boost Sun Ho’s music career.” Another box linking the latter four individuals also states: “These four are also accused of misappropriating S$26 million to cover up first sum.”
  2. The second flow chart visually maps relations between the CPF, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong, Singapore Government Securities, the Monetary Authority of Singapore, Temasek Holdings and GIC, with a box stating: “S$253 billion CPF”. The latter four entities are linked by a box that states: “S$1,000 billion”. This second flow chart is prefaced with a remark by Roy Ngerng Yi Ling: “Meanwhile, something bears an uncanny resemblance to how the money is being misappropriated.”
First Flow Chart by Channel News Asia
Second Flow Chart by Roy Ngerng Yi Ling

On 18 May 2014, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong’s lawyer, Senior Counsel Davinder Singh Sachdev s/o Amar Singh, writes to Roy Ngerng Yi Ling, “asking him to take down the original article as well as the links posted on his Facebook pages and to post an apology by [21 May 2014]” as “the post constituted a serious libel against [Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong]”, according to an Asia One article.

On 19 May 2014, Roy Ngerng Yi Ling takes down the post, ‘Where Your CPF Money Is Going: Learning From The City Harvest Trial’. However, he does not issue an apology.

On 20 May 2014, Roy Ngerng Yi Ling publishes a post on his blog, headlined ‘YOUR CPF: The Complete Truth And Nothing But The Truth’.

On 28 May 2014, Roy Ngerng Yi Ling publishes a post on his blog, headlined ‘I Will Continue To Speak Up On Singaporeans’ CPF To Protect Us’.

On 29 May 2014, an article on The Straits Times, headlined ‘PM Lee commences suit against blogger Roy Ngerng’, is published. Roy Ngerng Yi Ling begins crowdfunding efforts for his legal fees.

On 3 June 2014, the prosecutor informs Ravi S/O Madasamy that the police will issue Harvey a signed list of seized items for items seized on 19 February 2014 during their raid of her apartment.

On 4 June 2014, an article on The Straits Times by Nur Asyiqin Mohamad Salleh is published, headlined ‘Blogger Roy Ngerng sued by PM raises $81,000’.

First #ReturnOurCPF Protest

On 7 June 2014, Roy Ngerng Yi Ling speaks at the first Return Our CPF protest at Hong Lim Park, demanding transparency and accountability from the government. Han Hui Hui is the organizer. According to a Yahoo Newsroom article: “The protest’s speaker line-up included 2011 presidential candidate Tan Kin Lian and ex-Singapore Democratic Party member Vincent Wijeysingha, as well as Reform Party chief Kenneth Jeyaretnam, statistician Leong Sze Hian and Ngerng himself. The latter was there with human rights lawyer M Ravi.”

On 14 June 2014, MP for Bishan-Toa Payoh GRC Hri Kumar Nair hosts a dialogue about the CPF scheme. On 15 June 2014, The Straits Times publishes and article, headlined ‘Questions and more questions on CPF at dialogue session’. It states: “The volley of questions and concerns rarely faltered, and most centred on the Minimum Sum, and the monthly payouts during retirement. They asked for more transparency on how these are determined, and why the Minimum Sum is rising. The Minimum Sum will increase from $148,000 to $155,000 next month.”

On 12 July 2014, the second Return Our CPF protest at Hong Lim Park occurs. Roy Ngerng Yi Ling speaks.

On 24 July 2014, Roy Ngerng Yi Ling publishes a post on his blog, co-written by Leong Sze Hian, headlined ‘Clarity, Once And For All: Temasek Holdings Did Invest Singaporeans’ CPF?’

On 26 July 2014, Roy Ngerng Yi Ling publishes a post on his blog, headlined ‘Did Temasek Holdings Use Singaporeans’ CPF To Invest?’

On 29 July 2014, the prosecutor claims that there is a possible conflict of interest between Harvey and her defense lawyer Ravi S/O Madasamy, due to both being suspects of the 18 January 2014 incident.

On 4 August 2014, Roy Ngerng Yi Ling’s affidavit to Lee Hsien Loong is affirmed before Chiang Wee Sean, a Commissioner For Oaths.

AGC Dislodges Harvey's Criminal Defense Lawyer M Ravi by Establishing a Conflict of Interest

On 15 August 2014, the Prosecution – i.e. the Attorney-General’s Chambers (AGC) – establishes a prima facie case at a Criminal Case Management Session for the matter of there being a conflict of interest between Harvey and her defense lawyer Ravi S/O Madasamy.

On 19 August 2014, Ravi S/O Madasamy is discharged by District Judge Lim Keng Yeow from acting for Harvey, due to said conflict of interest.

On the same day, Harvey goes for a police interview at Central Police Divisional Headquarters. She is accompanied by Steve Chia Kiah Hong, who is acting as the Appropriate Adult that she is entitled to. However, the police reject Steve Chia Kiah Hong as her Appropriate Adult. Harvey’s interview is thus postponed to 22 September 2014 instead. The interview is meant to be to interrogate Harvey first, and then serve her a charge sheet for the 18 January 2014 incident.

On 23 August 2014, the third Return Our CPF protest at Hong Lim Park occurs. Roy Ngerng Yi Ling speaks.

On 29 August 2014, Sylvia Lim Swee Lian and Terence Tan Li-Chern of Messieurs Peter Low LLC are engaged to represent Harvey in criminal matters.

On 18 September 2014, Harvey hands over the bloody straight-edge knife she’d held against Sukdev Singh’s throat, used in the offense of Criminal Intimidation, as evidence to Terence Tan Li-Chern.

On 22 September 2014, Harvey is interviewed at Central Police Divisional Headquarters about the 18 January 2014 incident. Harvey is served a charge of Sending False Message under § 45(b) of the Telecommunications Act (Chapter 323). Her statement is recorded in the presence of her Appropriate Adult William Teo Kok Meng.

Hong Lim Park Clash Between #ReturnOurCPF and YMCA Proms @ the Park Charity Carnival

On 27 September 2014, the fourth Return Our CPF protest takes place at Hong Lim Park, again organized by Han Hui Hui. Leong Sze Hian and Roy Ngerng Yi Ling are scheduled to speak. However, this time, the Return Our CPF protest coincides with a YMCA Proms @ the Park charity carnival. A clash between the two events occurs and results in the #ReturnOurCPF protest becoming optically damaged and reputationally destroyed.

In a joint statement published on the same day, the National Parks Board (NParks)and the Singapore Police Force (SPF) writes that both events had been granted their respective permits to use Speaker’s Corner in Hong Lim Park, stipulating that “each event was allocated a lawn”.

We note that the Young Men’s Christian Association of Singapore (YMCA Singapore) “is a volunteer-based Christian organisation that seeks to serve and impact all members of the community, regardless of race, language or religion, through programmes, services and enterprises to develop the body, mind and spirit.” It is a member of the National Council of Churches of Singapore (NCCS). We also note that the YMCA Proms @ the Park event had Minister of State, Ministry of Trade and Industry and Mayor, North East District Teo Ser Luck as its Guest-of-Honour.

The NParks and the SPF’s joint statement on 27 September 2014 writes: “We regret to note that Ms Han did not heed our advice and continued to hold her event at the same lawn as YMCA. Ms Han’s group encroached into the YMCA event area, holding placards and shouting slogans, disrupted performances and frightened participants, including special needs children who were performing at the charity event.”

The next day, on 28 September 2014, several articles are published: The Online Citizen publishes an article by Terry Xu, headlined ‘Fiery confrontation at Hong Lim Park over use of speaker’s corner’. The Online Citizen also publishes an article by Howard Lee, headlined ‘The double event at HLP, and an unwarranted clash’. Meanwhile, Asia One publishes an article, headlined ‘Special needs children heckled by CPF protestors at Hong Lim Park’. It mentions that Minister for Social and Family Development Chan Chun Sing and Manpower Minister Tan Chuan-Jin had condemned the Return Our CPF attendees for having “heckled” “special needs children”. Former Nominated Member of Parliament Calvin Cheng is also quoted to have called for Han Hui Hui’s immediate arrest. Alongside quotes from Workers’ Party Bernard Chen, Non-Constituency Member of Parliament Yee Jenn Jong and PAP Member of Parliament Zaqy bin Mohamad of Chua Chu Kang GRC, the overall frame pits the Return Our CPF organizers and attendees as rowdy, disruptive and hostile against “special needs children”.

On 29 September 2014, in a media statement, the NParks states: “The two separate spaces were clearly demarcated. Unfortunately, members from the Return Our CPF rally refused to conduct their activities in their designated area in the Speakers’ Corner and encroached into the separate area where the YMCA charity event was held. They noisily disrupted the charity event by chanting and waving Singapore flags and marching around the site. Their conduct caused alarm and anxieties to a group of special needs children who was about to perform a dance item on stage and left some of these children as well as elderly members of the audience shocked and traumatised.”

Meanwhile, in an article headlined ‘COMMENT: Various accounts of CPF protest ‘heckling’ tell a different story’, Yahoo Newsroom’s Shah Salimat asks: “The ‘heckling’ – which actually consisted of disruptive chanting of ‘Return our CPF’ – made the news because, well, surely anti-government protesters would be exactly the type of mean-spirited, heartless people that would heckle special-needs children, right?”

On 10 October 2014, Han Hui Hui is interrogated by the police about the 27 September 2014 clash between the Return Our CPF protest attendees and the YMCA Proms @ the Park attendees.

The next day, on 11 October 2014, Han Hui Hui publishes a post on her blog, headlined ‘8 hours at the police station’. She writes: “Unreasonably, the notebook that was seized by Inspector Wong Yu Wei since 10 Oct 9pm has yet to be returned, this deprives me of privileged legal communication with my lawyer.” She also writes: “I did not want to march after the confrontation but the YMCA people pushed my participants and they marched so I went along.” Additionally, she writes: “A group of gangsters came and they looked like they were going to beat me up.” According to the post, the police asked: “Why did you shout “Return Our CPF”?” According to the post, Han Hui Hui’s response was: “Because YMCA’s emcee shouted “We love our CPF”.”

On 21 October 2014, the NParks and the SPF issue another joint statement, stating: “NParks has confirmed that Han Hui Hui made two applications to use Speakers Corner on 25 Oct 14. The first application was made on 28 Sept 14 to speak, while a second application was made on 19 Oct 14 to demonstrate, both at Speakers’ Corner on 25 Oct 14. The Police is investigating Han Hui Hui and other individuals for the “Return Our CPF” event on 27 Sept 14. As advised by the Police, NParks has decided to cancel the approvals granted to Han Hui Hui to speak and to demonstrate at Speakers Corner on 25 Oct 14, and will also cancel any existing approvals or not approve any further applications made by individuals under investigation for the 27 Sept event, until their cases are concluded.” This effectively puts an end to any Return Our CPF protests organized at Hong Lim Park.

On 23 October 2014, MARUAH Singapore publishes a post, headlined ‘MARUAH expresses concern about cancellation of approvals for Speakers’ Corner event’:

MARUAH is deeply concerned about the cancellation of approvals granted for the “Return our CPF” protest scheduled at Speakers’ Corner on 25th October 2014.
When Speakers’ Corner was first established in 2000, it was specifically designated as the one protected area in Singapore where speakers could speak freely (with the usual restrictions on race, religion and national security) without having to apply for a permit under the Public Entertainments Act (and its successor the Public Entertainments and Meetings Act). The reforms of 2008 further promoted free speech and civil society development in Singapore and were welcomed by all.
While the events of 27th September remain under investigation, we feel that it is highly inappropriate to cancel the approvals given for the 25th October “Return our CPF” event. Why should an ongoing police investigation about a past event be a reason for prospectively depriving an applicant of the right to hold future events? This move undermines the presumption of innocence which underpins the rule of law, and will have a chilling effect on free speech and democratic development in Singapore.
Any potential disturbances to other park users can surely be dealt with using appropriate scheduling of events. We therefore call on the Police and NParks to reconsider their decision and allow the event to proceed as scheduled.

On 27 October 2014, The Straits Times publishes an article, headlined ‘Six protesters, including activist Han Hui Hui and blogger Roy Ngerng, charged with public nuisance’. It mentions Roy Ngerng Yi Ling, Han Hui Hui, Low Wai Choo, Chua Siew Leng, Goh Aik Huat and Koh Yew Beng as the six accused.

On 7 November 2014, Yahoo Newsroom publishes an article about Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong’s defamation suit against Roy Ngerng Yi Ling, headlined ‘Singapore PM wins defamation suit against activist’. It writes: “Singapore’s High Court ruled Friday that an activist defamed Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong by accusing him in a blog of misappropriating state pension funds.” The Straits Times also publishes an article, headlined ‘Blogger Roy Ngerng found to have defamed PM Lee’.

On 26 November 2014, Harvey files a police report No. J-20141126-2199 against her rapist Syafik at her Choa Chu Kang Neighbourhood Police Center. She also gives her Long Statement to the police, in the company of her Appropriate Adult Eulisia Er Si Yi, elaborating on the content of her filed police report.


On 8 January 2015, Harvey’s electronic devices that had been seized on 26 July 2013 are finally returned to her, after 18 months at Jurong Police Divisional Headquarters. As reported in Gopalan Nair’s blog:

Due to having been denied access to [her] invaluable data for the past twenty-seven weeks, Vickreman has been unable to continue with [her] usual intellectual endeavors, which include; mechanical engineering, hardware modelling, Linux open-source software packaging, and printed circuit board design; and has consequently sunk into a severe bout of depression.
[…] The police’s continued retention of Vickreman’s Windows computer, USB 2.0 flash drives and Blue Logbook is an enduring act of injustice; and their refusal to even provide provide Vickreman with a cloned copy of the data contained on [her] Windows computer and USB 2.0 flash drives is an act of sadistic cruelty.

Their continued retention of the miscellaneous items (i.e. the black pouch, EZ-link card, $20 cash, stationery items and 5mm kidney stone) for further investigation is an act of astounding absurdity!

On 30 January 2015, Harvey’s non-electronic items that had been seized on 19 February 2014 are finally returned to her, after 11 months at Central Police Divisional Headquarters.

2015 Valentine's Day Bomb Hoax

On 14 February 2015, the ISD orchestrates and executes a Valentine’s Day Bomb Hoax to punish Harvey for her refusal to cooperate with Operation Providence, and for her non-compliance in connection to her 2013 and 2014 Bomb Hoax Incidents. This Valentine’s Day Bomb Hoax involves a threat to bomb the Istana to kill the President Tony Tan Keng Yam DUT GCB. The ISD’s logic is that they want to further corner and force Harvey to cooperate.

On 17 February 2015, in relation to the 2015 Valentine’s Day Bomb Hoax, Staff Sergeant Steven Phua arrives at Harvey’s apartment at around 3pm. Harvey and her mother are taken to the police station. Harvey’s statement is taken in the presence of her Appropriate Adult Surinder Singh during her police interrogation at Ang Mo Kio Police Divisional Headquarters.

Staff Sergeant Steven Phua seizes Harvey’s Dell Inspiron 1440 Notebook computer, with 65-Watt Power Adapter and 34mm ExpressCard Slot Cover, as well as her Nokia E7-00 Mobile-Phone, containing a SIM Card. Harvey is issued a signed list of the items seized. At 11pm, Harvey’s apartment is raided and further items are seized: twelve SanDisk Cruzer Blade USB 2.0 Flash Memory Drives (seven 8GB Drives and five 16GB Drives), as well as three SanDisk SDHC Flash Memory Cards (two 8GB Cards, one 16GB Cards and two 32GB Cards). Harvey is issued a signed list of the items seized.

On 25 March 2015, Harvey sends a United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (UNCRPD) representation to the Chief Prosecutor Sundaresh Menon. She points out that Article 04(1) of the UNCRPD requires the government to modify or abolish § 247 of the Criminal Procedure Code (Chapter 69), and that Article 14(1) prohibits the Court from ordering Harvey to be remanded due to her disability in a psychiatric institution.

On 9 June 2015, District Judge Lim Keng Yeow grants Harvey’s application to leave jurisdiction, without an increase in bail quantum. The prosecutor informs Terence Tan that Ang Mo Kio Police Division’s investigation into the 2015 Valentine’s Day Bomb Hoax has been completed, and that No Further Action will be taken against Harvey. Note that this is because Harvey literally did not commit the 2015 Valentine’s Day Bomb Hoax; the ISD did.

On 19 June 2015, Harvey’s electronic devices that had been seized on 17 February 2015 are returned to her. Staff Sergeant Steven Phua has lost the seized SIM Card for Harvey’s subscription mobile number, but is unable to document the SIM Card as ‘lost’.

On 2 July 2015, Alfred Dodwell and Chong Jia Hao of Messieurs Dodwell & Co. LLC are engaged to press the police to investigate her rapist Syafik. Note that Harvey’s police report about her rape was filed on 26 November 2014, so slightly more than 7 months had already passed. The only police update Harvey had received in relation to her rape case involved the police informing Harvey that they were aware that she herself was facing criminal charges at the material time.

As Justice4Harvey writes:

When Harvey’s lawyer spoke to the police regarding her rape report, they highlighted that there were still charges pending against Harvey. This has made Harvey concerned that she might be under doubt: She worries that the police might think that she made a false rape allegation in order to get off with a lighter sentence for her case. To reiterate: After over a year of investigation and trial, Harvey was ultimately acquitted and/or discharged of all her criminal charges for this case in 2015. Her case for this has already been closed.
The insinuation that Harvey might have had ‘ulterior motives’ in filing a report about her rape may have led to her rape allegation being dismissed and not taken seriously.
These judgments and suspicions of rape victims as ‘not telling the entire truth’ and/or ‘having an agenda’ are not uncommon. Victims are put under undue scrutiny and doubt. This makes it hard for them to admit instances of rape to themselves or to others – let alone file a report and/or obtain justice.
In Harvey’s case, this undue scrutiny and doubt was even more intense. Being categorised as a ‘criminal’ reduced her entire identity to just that – a criminal. This reduction of her identity may have made it difficult for the police to accept the possibility that she, too, was/is a victim of harm and violence.

On 21 August 2015, Lionel Jerome De Souza of Messieurs L J Investigation & Consultancy Services Pte Ltd is engaged as a Private Investigator (PI) to investigate Harvey’s rapist Syafik, who had raped Harvey while she was remanded at IMH in 2014. This is because she is tired of being gaslit into believing that the rape never occurred, and that Syafik is just a figment of her imagination. In September, Lionel Jerome De Souza manages to track Syafik down and indeed captures video footage of Syafik.

Harvey is Cleared of the 2013 and 2014 Bomb Hoax Incidents

On 2 September 2015, District Judge Lim Keng Yeow issues trial dates to Terence Tan for Harvey. Harvey’s trial is set for 14 to 17 December 2015. On 15 December 2015, Harvey is acquitted of the original 2013 Bomb Hoax Incident’s charge DAC-028930-2013 of False Threat of Terrorist Act § 8(1) of the UN (ATM) Rgs. 2001. She is also served a discharge not amounting to acquittal of the three instant charges DAC-014447-2014, DAC-004210-2014 and DAC-004211-2014, related to the 2014 Bomb Hoax Incident. In other words, Harvey is discharged and/or acquitted for both the 2013 and 2014 bomb hoaxes – which she literally did not commit. As a reminder, these two bomb hoaxes were fix-ups against Harvey in order to get her to be a fixer for other people and/or in order to punish her for her recalcitrance.

2016 and 2017

On 27 June 2016, Coconuts Singapore publishes an article, headlined ‘Han Hui Hui Fined $3.1K For Leading #ReturnOurCPF Protest At YMCA Rally’. It begins: “Instead of getting her CPF returned, blogger, activist and former general election candidate Han Hui Hui will be forking out money to pay up a court-mandated fine.”

Han Hui Hui is Detained and Interrogated in Malaysia at Kuala Lumpur International Airport, Then Deported Back to Singapore

On 18 June 2017, Han Hui Hui is detained and interrogated by the police at Kuala Lumpur International Airport in Malaysia. She is subsequently deported back to Singapore, under § 8(3)(k) of Malaysia’s Immigration Act. According to Front Line Defenders: “This is the first time a Singaporean citizen is deported from Malaysia.”

Harvey Gets a Physical Social Existence

It is only in late 2017 that Harvey manages to get a physical social existence.

Final Notes

We stop the story here and instead ask:

  • Comparing 2013 to 2023, have retirement prospects improved in Singapore?
  • What has become of whistle-blowers Roy Ngerng Yi Ling and Han Hui Hui? What has happened to #ReturnOurCPF?
  • Why bother to fix-up Kenneth Jeyaretnam when he had already lost Singapore’s 2011 General Election, after various members of the Reform Party (such as James Teo Kian Chye, Jeannette Chong-Aruldoss, Tony Tan Lay Thiam, Hazel Poa Koon Koon, Nicole Rebecca Seah Xue Ling, Jeisilan Sivalingam, Samantha De Silva, Gan Theng Wei and Justin Ong) had earlier resigned from the party in February 2011?
  • Did Singapore weather the Asian Financial Crisis and the Global Financial Crisis by dipping into the CPF monies, thus depleting them in part?
  • Why is the CPF monies matter such a big issue? What is the risk? What percentage of the CPF monies is actually left, given that the CPF has been used as an operating fund for decades, despite originally being sold to Singaporean citizens as a pension fund?
  • What exactly was Operation Providence trying to shut up, and why is it so damaging if exposed in full? What does the ISD fear the consequences will be if this was or is made known to the Singaporean electorate and to the world?
  • Does Singapore governance depend on fixing problems or on fixing people pointing out problems? Is Singapore’s modus operandi to Fix People Not Problems, rather than Fix Problems Not People?
  • How much better off would Singaporeans be today had the government focused on improving retirement adequacy rather than using the ISD to fix-up the people asking inconvenient questions about it, via Operation Providence and other means?
  • How much public resources went into orchestrating the multiple Bomb Hoax Incidents, investigating these orchestrated Bomb Hoax Incidents, carrying out Operation Providence and trying to clean it up when it failed?

Does the ISD stand for Internal Security Department or Initiating Singapore’s Destruction? Is the solution to any blemish to Singapore’s reputation to eradicate the optical damage instead of dealing with the actual threat? Are whistle-blowers in Singapore treated as a national security threat that must be dealt with via fix-ups – and if so, why?

Is Singapore’s entire existence dependent purely on a delicate veneer of incorruptibility and economic prowess? Or is there more substance and meat at its policy, institutional and structural foundations? Will Singapore take the voices of its concerned citizens (including well-meaning whistle-blowers, such as Carissa Cheow) seriously to tackle and troubleshoot issues together, or will it continue to function based on the defense mechanisms of its own ego? Will Singapore misdiagnose and obsess over Vickreman Harvey Chettiar and Hydra-22, or deal the existential threat that its various far-right lone wolves (such as Mercury Jamie Alice), factions (such as the Christian far-right, involving both state and church actors) and alliances (such as Mercury Jamie Alice in strategic alignment with the Christian far-right, involving both state and church actors) pose to the small city-state, in terms of its criminal, legal, political, diplomatic, economic, social, cultural and bureaucratic consequences?

The world is wondering and the world is watching. Everyone is rooting for the small country to evolve and flourish, instead of misdiagnose, obsess and collapse at the smallest sight of trouble. Let this be The Singapore Story.