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Operations Angel Dust and Samael

We have come to learn of two new related operations being planned and carried out by Faith Community Baptist Church (FCBC): Operation Angel Dust and Operation Samael.

Operation Angel Dust

Operation Angel Dust involves spiking/drugging several targets with substances to incapacitate them or cause them to act up, with a different strategic objective for each target. We are currently aware of the following targets:

  1. Vickreman Harvey Chettiar is the main target.
  2. Zaia is believed to be an important witness of some kind, who needs to be incapacitated or discredited.
  3. Tobias Keh is targeted for drugging as a precursor to the next operation: Operation Samael.

We have been made aware that Harvey's iced Milo had been laced "in the early hours of 19 November [2023]" with "1½ what was used on 28 April 2023", in order to cause her to commit offences under the influence. We believe that further attempts are likely.

Operation Samael

We understand that Operation Samael involves lodging an iWitness police report under Mercury's name. The report is supposed to claim that Mercury's ex-partner, Siti, intends to release Soman, a GD nerve agent, at a public location in Singapore. The report and its filing would be made to look like the work of Tobias attempting to impersonate Mercury. The intention is for Tobias to be "uncovered" as the "true filer" of the report, and for his conduct in filing the report to be attributed to his being on substances (presumably from Operation Angel Dust). It is thought that this would make Tobias a viable suspect for other instances where Mercury claims to have been impersonated, introducing the substantive possibility that Mercury may indeed have been impersonated during instances in which Mercury, impersonating various people, has claimed to have been the one being impersonated by others. Ultimately, this would muddy the waters further.

We understand that in order to move towards a viable plan of execution for the Soman hoax, FCBC operatives have been iteratively workshopping execution scenarios with youths enrolled in their Digital Wellness programme under the guise of "developing their critical thinking".