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Mercury Claims 8 Murders, Threatens a 9th Kill

We have received a series of disturbing messages in the past few days:

Slideshow depicting screenshots of comments on our blogposts, Comments #1 – #6

Transcripts of Comments #1 – #6:

Comment #1

In response to our post ‘Harvey’s Letter of Explanation, Retraction & Apology’, on 28 November 2022, at 6:37am:

“Miss Vickreman Harvey Chettiar is such a compulsive doxxer that not only has she doxxed my rental address multiple times, but even doxxed her own grandfather’s death certificate and leaked the photos of his dead body from his funeral on her public Instagram account @vickreman.


Please note that the Instagram link included in Comment #1 redirects to the following:

Comment #2

In response to our post ‘Harvey’s Letter of Explanation, Retraction & Apology’, on 28 November 2022, at 6:49am:

“Ms Vickreman’s so-called Apology Letter is actually a backhanded method for her to make even more allegations against the police and Courts, as far from making any sincere apology, she actually instead outright accuses Jurong Police Division of sexually abusing her while in the same sentence admitting that everything done was lawful, so this is actually just another count of committing POHA Section 6(3).

Miss Vickreman goes on in the “apology” letter to bash a judge for sending her to IMH precisely because she committed a crime, and even says outright without a shred of remorse that she continues to harbour “extreme animosity” towards him for doing his job and intends for him to suffer a “drawn out and agonizing death”.

And she also claims that a ten-minute Case Management Conference takes her three days to prepare for, which anyone who is not completely insane can see is an outright lie – so this is just the latest instance of her compulsive lying to the police and the Courts, which she’s done at least since 2014 with her lying about getting raped in IMH in order to get off with a Conditional Stern Warning for her terrorism and hostage-taking offences.”

Comment #3

In response to our post ‘VOM at Risk: Mercury Attempts to Remove our Blog and Social Media’, on 29 November 2022, at 4:52am:

“The claim by Victims Of Malice that “this blog has never once called for vigilante justice” is not only no less insincere than Miss Vickreman’s Letter of Apology for making terrorist threats to the Court, but also provably false as Ms Vickreman has personally encouraged vigilante justice towards the man whom she’d fingered falsely for raping her, immediately in the same Instagram story where she doxxed his home address and was arrested for it.

Miss Vickreman has thereafter doxxed his home address repeatedly by posting her charge sheet for the doxxing offence onto her public Instagram account, and then sharing the post to multiple people.


The call to vigilantism against Mohamed Syafik Iskandar bin Mohammad Nordin is shown in the charge sheet and thereby repeated in every count of Ms Vickreman doxxing Mohamed Syafik Iskandar again!

Miss Vickreman is clearly listed in VOM’s own Glossary page as one of the owners, and I have already submitted a print out of the Glossary web-page to the police.

Miss Carissa Cheow is also listed on the very same Glossary page, and yet lied to the Court that she is among to multiple owners and operators of the VOM blog!”

Please note that the Instagram link included in Comment #3 redirects to the following:

Comment #4

In response to our post ‘Mercury Claims Legal Abuse and Further Threatens Carissa with Bodily Harm’, on 30 November 2022, at 3:39am:

“Based on the footage from [acronym of Carissa’s condominium, redacted] condo’s CCTVs, I see that Carrie has been staying at some hotel over the past few days and returned home only Tuesday afternoon, going out again on Wednesday at around 1.30am only after her lover Joyce arrived at 1.00am to keep her warm and cozied.

My tech support guy has successfully tapped Block [Carissa’s block number, redacted] in [Carissa’s condominium name, redacted] CCTVs, so now I can conveniently keep an eye on Carrie’s and her companions’ movements from the comfort of home.

Monitoring Carrie’s movements naturally makes it much easier to plan and carry out my eventual hit for shutting her up, so her condo’s CCTVs have been a boon!”

Comment #5

As a follow-up to Comment #4, at 4:15am:

“Joyce is clearly monitoring comments on the VOM blogsite almost in real-time, as she ran out of Blk [Carissa’s block number, redacted] [Carissa’s condominium name, redacted] at about 3:45am, probably to inform the police, and came back at about 4:00am.

Now, the cops have at least one owner of VOM on the record, and it is high time for me to add Ng Rui Lin Joyce as the fourth Respondent to PHC/10295/2022 so that the Courts can get VOM taken down at least until all my related cases are done.

The lies spread about me by VOM makes it impossible for me to get a decent job in Singapore, but I’m not getting options from foreign countries to survive either, because none of them will open a door!”

Comment #6

In response to our post ‘Hate Mail #1’, received just today (3 December 2022), at 2:28am:

“I see Miss Vickreman has been trying to get in touch with her lawyer buddy Dean Salleh to get Letters Of Administration for her late grandparents’ estate. She will not succeed, as I have already sent Dean Salleh to Jesus on 17 February 2022, so Dean is with the grandparents for whom Harvey wants him to file legal paperwork!

Harvey has spoken highly of Dean Salleh, and I knew he’s the chap that she’d run to for any non-criminal legal representation, so I had to eliminate him because Harvey would otherwise make trouble for us over her shit which she refused to collect and insisted on kicking up a fuss over on J’s birthday – and that is why her grandma died just after her birthday, though it was supposed to been on Harvey’s birthday.

Harvey’s grandfather and grandmother were my 4th and 8th kills respectively, though she always brushed me off and mocked me when I told her in 2020 of my then two kills over previous years.

Carrie probably thinks that her family is next on the chopping block, so my 9th kill shall come as a real surprise to y’all!”

Please note that in the second paragraph, ‘J’ refers to ‘Jamie’, i.e. the System’s host. Please refer to our Glossary for clarification.

Update (same day) – Comment #7

We published the above at around 1:16pm today. In response to this exact post, we received the following comment shortly after, at 1:31pm:

Screenshot of Comment #7

Transcript of Comment #7:

“Once #9 dies, and word gets around that not one but two lawyers connected to the VOMit Gang were killed because of being associated with one or more members of the VOMit Gang, no other lawyer is going to touch either Miss Vickreman’s criminal case or any of the 4 pending PHC cases with a ten-foot bargepole even if y’all pay.

Miss Vickreman definitely will not be able to get another lawyer to defend her for her criminal case, that much is totally certain!”