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Mercury Claims Legal Abuse and Further Threatens Carissa with Bodily Harm

We mentioned in our previous post that Harvey recently submitted a Letter of Explanation, Retraction & Apology with regards to her CJTS correspondences (in which she cursed out multiple public figures) and her broadcasting of the CMC. The entire 58-page document is available for viewing on the aforementioned post.

We also mentioned in our most recent post, ‘VOM at Risk: Mercury Attempts to Remove our Blog and Social Media’, that Mercury has filed a police report against Victims of Malice’s (VOM) blog and social media sites. Mercury has furthermore filed a General Application via the Community Justice and Tribunals System (CJTS) portal, as part of Carissa’s ongoing PHC case against Mercury, in order to recommend the Court to have a look into VOM.

Subsequently, Carissa responded by filing her own application via the CJTS portal to request that Mercury clarify, specify and provide evidence of Mercury’s allegations against Carissa.

Just a few hours ago, beginning at 4:32pm, Carissa received new messages from a ‘Tobias Keh’ impersonator account. (For reference, Tobias is another victim involved in this entire ordeal. We were not acquainted with him until all this began.)

Slideshow depicting screenshots of a Telegram conversation with Carissa

Note that from Slide 10 onwards, the Telegram display name switches from ‘Tobias Keh’ to the name of another victim, who would like to stay anonymous. Subsequently, in the last two slides (i.e. Slides 14 and 15), the Telegram display name switches again – this time to ‘Ravi S/O Madasamy’. Also. note that “TDOR” refers to Transgender Day of Remembrance, which is observed on 20 November, annually.

Harvey’s General Application PHC/APPL/28496/2022 (filed on 16 November 2022), which Mercury complains about in her first text message in Slide 1, is a rebuttal to Mercury’s earlier application (filed on 4 November 2022) PHC/APPL/28171/2022, in which Mercury:

  • requests to obtain documents unrelated to Harvey’s Protection from Harassment Court (PHC) claim against Mercury;
  • makes unsubstantiated accusations that Harvey breached Mercury’s Expedited Protection Order (EPO) against Harvey; and
  • requests to the Court to have Case Management Conferences (CMCs) heard in Harvey’s absence.

Harvey’s General Application PHC/APPL/28496/2022 is available for viewing here, with highlights added for emphasis:

Please be once again reminded that Mercury believes that her Telegram accounts cannot “technologically be tied back to [Mercury]”, and that we – as victims – will thus be lacking “hard evidence” to hold her responsible for her offences. This is why she relies on impersonation.

Full text conversation transcript available below:

‘Tobias Keh’ impersonator account, at 4:32pm:

“Miss Vickreman had filed her nonsense on Wednesday night, not even 24 hours after a long-ass half-hearted apology filled with her excuses for threatening to commit terrorism against the Courts and Parliament ministers, with PHC/APPL/28496/2022 attempting to interfere with my PHC/APPL/28171/2022!

And now I see your own abusive application PHC/APPL/28519/2022 seeking to interfere with my application PHC/APPL/28339/2022.

No more. Enough is enough.

No more legal abuse from you or Miss Vickreman or Miss [Jia Min] or such.

If I receive one more SMS notice of one more oppressive application filed by any of you or Miss Vickreman or Miss [Jia Min], I’ll send Jack down with a tankard of kerosene and a bicycle lock down to Block [Carissa’s family’s block number, redacted] Street [Carissa’s family’s street number, redacted] to cook your [Carissa’s] family members in #[Carissa’s family’s unit number, redacted]!”

Carissa’s response, at 4:47pm:

“You are the Respondent, Mercury Jamie Alice. Who is Jack and how is Jack related to the Respondent to PHC/10322/2022? Tell me.”

‘Tobias Keh’ impersonator account, at 4:48pm:

“You know fucking well that Jack The Ripper is the title carried by five of my alters, so don’t try to be cute with me, or I’ll give you cutely burnt!”

Carissa’s response, at 4:49pm:

“So Jack the Ripper is the title carried by five of Mercury Jamie Alice’s alters, and therefore Jack the Ripper is a part of Mercury Jamie Alice?”

‘Tobias Keh’ impersonator account, at 4:50pm:

“You already know this full well, so fuck off!

But remember that this [threat to “send Jack down with a tankard of kerosene and a bicycle lock down” “to cook” Carissa’s family] still stands.

The least courtesy is an acknowledgement that my message is understood fully by you!”

Carissa’s response, at 5:04pm:

“Okay, then you tell me too: does the Respondent, Mercury Jamie Alice, and the Respondent’s alters which include Jack the Ripper, share the same NRIC number?”

‘Tobias Keh’ impersonator account, at 5:08pm:

“Yes, you already know full damn well that my NRIC number is [redacted], because all of us share one and the same physical body and so the legal identity follows as well! So I’ve to ask if you’re just trying to make me more angry, so that I’ll end up finishing your family faster? [Middle finger emoji.]”

Carissa’s response, at 5:09pm:

“For the record, I have already well noted that you, Mercury Jamie Alice via your alters Jack the Ripper, have communicated to me your intent to commit grievous harm by fire to my family members over Telegram, in the event you receive one more CJTS notification which your Claimants, namely myself, Ms [Jia Min], and Ms Vickreman Harvey Chettiar, are fully entitled to file.”

‘Tobias Keh’ impersonator account, at 5:09pm:

“You’re entitled to file, well, I’m entitled to set your family home on fire with them inside it!

Your and Miss Vickreman’s and Miss [Jia Min]’s entitled asses are going to all regret the day that each of you decided to file your bullshit PHC cases against us to harass us!”

Carissa’s response, at 5:13pm:

“This exact kind of conduct is the exact reason we had to file PHC cases against you to protect ourselves from you doing precisely this to us. But I see that in your own words, you have proven wilfully incapable of comprehension”.

‘Tobias Keh’ impersonator account, at 5:14pm:

“The whole problem with your country is you entitled folks harassing and oppressing us marginalised 2nd-class citizens as you like!

You are personally a prime example of your country’s Prime Minister’s foreign talent shit!

If you don’t want your family members to be an example of prime roast, I suggest you drop the PHC/10322/2022 case over the weekend and live your life in peace without oppressing folks.

So are you fucking going to drop your fucking PHC/10322/2022 case or not? Because I’ve been patient with the lot of you, but there are limits to my patience, and now you’re rubbing right up against the very edge of my limits! [Red angry face emoji.]

I wonder if I were to slice open your pork belly, would the fat already be liquefied and drip out straight away, or would it be solid and so hang out covered in blood and other bodily fluids?”

At this point, the ‘Tobias Keh’ Telegram display name switches to the name of another victim who would currently like to stay anonymous. The account continues, at 5:36pm:

“Oh wait, you’re Muslim right? I wouldn’t want to kena Maintenance of Religious Harmony, so let me amend that to beefy belly, so you’re a cow.

I’m respecting your claim to be Muslim out of courtesy for the same respect that I’d want to have shown to me by my enemies, but don’t mistake for a second that I believe you to be Muslim, any more than I believe Ms Vickreman to be genuinely transgender or even Christian!”

Carissa’s response, at 5:46pm:

“I mean you’ve also claimed before using the account @carrie_on_please [i.e. the Telegram username that Mercury had been using when impersonating Carissa, back in July] that Jews are predatory, so that’s a Maintenance of Religious Harmony offence right there”.

[Redacted victim] impersonator account, at 5:48pm:

“The Courts of Singapore won’t whack MRHA for anything anti-Semitic, because while the Muslim judges are mindful, there’s Catholic judges who genuinely support anti-Semitism.

I long ago deleted @carrie_on_please already.

Oh forgive me, I’ve been led off track with this and I have been beating all around the bush.

I’ve had Heather make enquiries among your neighbours in [Carissa’s estate name], and they have been helpful in pointing the way to you, so I really can wait and slice open your belly.

You can only come out of #[Carissa’s unit number, redacted – indeed accurate to her actual unit number] one way, and there aren’t all that many ways out of Block [Carissa’s block number, redacted]!”

At this point, the Telegram account changes display name to ‘Ravi S/O Madasamy’, and continues:

“So I guess I’ll see you around, and if you don’t drop PHC/10322/2022, we’ll both see what is underneath the surface of your big beefy belly!

The [Carissa’s floor number] floor doesn’t seem to have much CCTVs in your column, so I guess you’ll be either hiding at home during this TDOR [Transgender Day of Remembrance, observed on 20 November annually] or probably going to Harvey’s grandparents house to hide out as it’s the one annoying location that is way too visible to do a hit!

And I can’t let Heather take the risk that Harvey has probably armed that traitorous whore [Anon Victim #2] to assault any intruder and claim self-defence!”