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VOM at Risk: Mercury Attempts to Remove our Blog and Social Media

This afternoon, several of us victims received a notification, informing us that Mercury has filed a police report against Victims of Malice (VOM). This includes our shared VOM blog, our shared VOM social media sites and our personal/individual (and, in some cases, private) social media profiles, such as WhatsApp.

In her police report, Mercury even cited Jia Min as responsible for harassing her via “supporting these ideas on the blog and reposting online on social media sites”, despite us having anonymised Jia Min and Jia Min not having any public social media. Note that Mercury herself stated in her police report that she was “unable to find” Carissa’s and Jia Min’s social media accounts. Mercury seems to have assumed that Carissa and Jia Min are trying to smear her – on the basis of them having ongoing Protection from Harassment Court (PHC) cases against Mercury as their harasser.

In addition to this, Mercury has also filed a General Application as part of Carissa’s ongoing PHC case against Mercury. This was done by Mercury in order for her to recommend the Court to have a look into VOM. Please see this for context on Carissa’s PHC case and the threats that Carissa has previously received to drop her PHC case against Mercury.

We find all of this extremely confusing and troubling. It seems to us that Mercury is attempting to utilise police and legal processes and resources to ‘cancel’ us. She is attempting to get us to shut down our blog and stop talking about what we’ve been through. She has cited contempt of court (specifically, Clause 3(b) of the Administration of Justice (Protection) Act 2016) as her grounds for this. We are worried and uncertain if she will be successful.

We want to make it clear that this blog has never once called for vigilante justice. We do not condone or encourage this. We have simply been speaking from our perspectives.

Thus, VOM’s blog and social media sites are currently at risk of potentially being taken down. We are currently unsure and uneasy about what the outcome of this will be, and when we will find out. Mercury seems intent on and resolute about silencing and censoring us and our truths.