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Who the Hell are Mohd Nordin and Syafik/Iskandar?

2013/2014 Background

In 2013 and 2014, Harvey was under investigation for bomb hoax offenses, which were eventually cleared. However, as part of the investigation process, Harvey was sent to the Institute of Mental Health (IMH) to be assessed if she was fit to plead. This was mandatory for Harvey due to her having an intellectual disability (specifically, autism).

On 24 February 2014, Harvey was raped in a shower stall. She was then repeatedly molested for the rest of the week by the same person. This all transpired while she was in IMH’s Ward 75A – a male ward that she had been put in despite her being a trans woman. Harvey’s rapist is interchangeably referred to as ‘Syafik’ or ‘Iskandar’, as his full name is Mohamed Syafik Iskandar bin Mohammad Nordin.

On 26 November 2014, Harvey filed SPF Report No. J-20141126-2199 in an attempt to pursue justice for herself through police channels with regards to having been raped at IMH back in February.

On 16 February 2021, Harvey uploaded a copy of her SPF Report No. J-20141126-2199 onto her Instagram profile. In this post, Harvey basically expressed her frustration and despair towards her police report not having been taken seriously. At this point, Harvey’s rape at IMH had happened nearly 7 years ago, and she had yet to (and still has yet to) see justice for it.

8 December 2021 (Instagram)

A few months later, on 8 December 2021, an account on Instagram bearing the name of ‘Mohammad Nordin bin Abdul Samad’ reposted Harvey’s Instagram post onto its Instagram story. Note that Mohammad Nordin bin Abdul Samad is the name of Harvey’s rapist’s father.

The account stated: “These are the lies of a Jewish tranny prostitute [i.e. Harvey] against my son Syafik [i.e. Harvey’s rapist], who is from our respected Muslim family, this lying Jewish whore just recently doxxed my family home address and malu my whole family who never do anything to him, he never say cannot to my son fuck him but turn around to cry rape and spoil my son reputation.”

In a subsequent Instagram story, the account also stated: “Even in [Harvey’s] defence statement also instead of saying sorry [Harvey] want to accused my son of raping [Harvey], if [Harvey] not tranny my son wud have never fuck his buttock, who make him be tranny inside the IMH? Horny guy in IMH fuck tranny backside is totally normal, only crazy catamite will come out and claim rape over fuck one time and fingering few times.”

26 January 2022 (Instagram)

On 26 January 2022, in yet another Instagram story, the account also doxxed Harvey’s home address, and stated: “please help me with slice open [Harvey’s] ball-sack to make [Harvey] the ah gua [Harvey] wants to be, so [Harvey]’ll shut [Harvey’s] mouth.”

3 February 2022 (Instagram)

On 3 February 2022, in yet another Instagram story, the account also stated:

“This message is for Mr Charles Yeo, the lawyer fighting Vickreman case:
I found [Harvey’s] address from [Harvey’s] datuk’s housing agent, n I tried to kill [Harvey] with racun but instead [Harvey’s] datuk drink with kopi diracun, now [Harvey’s] nenek with the big milk is janda. Vickreman still living to kacao my family, & you helping [Harvey] by fighting [Harvey’s] POHA case.
You don’t fight [Harvey’s] POHA case, [Harvey]’ll bunuh diri becoz [Harvey] don’t want to go jail n have [Harvey’s] hair cut botak (stupid reason to suicide), and my family no more have kacao from [Harvey]. Pls don’t help this tranny anymore, let [Harvey] get faster convincted for POHA so once time’s up to go jail, [Harvey] will bunuh diri.
I give you chance, if you still helping [Harvey] after, I doxx your house address, and ask guys make you ah gua also!”

In a subsequent Instagram story, the account also stated:

“Ten grammes of Methyl Iodide for Vickreman’s nenek yesterday, and by tomorrow she’ll be in a hospital.
Vickreman, you did this by refusing to clear my son’s name of your vile allegations, and say sorry to us all.
Your datuk & nenek both dead now because you refuse to take it back.”

Please note that as mentioned in ‘Our First Statement’, Harvey’s grandfather had indeed passed away abruptly on 26 December 2021, and Harvey’s grandmother had indeed suffered a major stroke on 4 February 2022.

4–5 July 2022 (Telegram)

In the early hours of 4 July 2022, Carissa was alerted that someone was impersonating her on Telegram. The impersonator was using a Telegram username similar to Carissa’s own, as well as the same profile picture and bio description as Carissa.

Carissa thus confronted the impersonator account directly, and the impersonator account admitted to being Mercury. Using the fake Carissa account, Mercury insisted that it would not be possible for her to actually get caught or held responsible for her actions or admissions – allegedly due to her technological untraceability and the lack of “hard evidence” pointing to the ownership of her various burner Telegram accounts.

During this long text message exchange, Carissa asked if Mercury was connected to the ‘Mohammad Nordin bin Abdul Samad’ account on Instagram, or Mohammad Nordin bin Abdul Samad himself.

In response, Mercury replied: “I stayed in [Mohammad Nordin bin Abdul Samad’s] house for four months after Harvey got my wife and me kicked out of Vincent’s house with all the shit she pulled.” Mercury stated that she had resided with Mohammad Nordin bin Abdul Samad from “19th February 2022, Saturday to mid-June”.

Mercury additionally stated: “Dylan [one of Mercury’s alters] has occasionally assisted the account owner with messaging on the account, with his knowledge and by his request, as he not savvy.”

Mercury added that she had been “in contact with Iskandar [i.e. Harvey’s rapist] since November 2021.” Mercury stated: “We’d switched sides to him after Harvey had betrayed us in October 2021 through refusing to take responsibility for causing the plan to fail and us getting arrested, by not admitting for the anthrax hoax to free us of the charges.” This refers to Harvey’s refusal to aid and abet Mercury’s anthrax hoax. (Please see this and this for more context on the anthrax hoax.)

Carissa later asked: “what caused [Mohammad Nordin bin Abdul Samad] to even host you in his home for months?” Mercury replied: “He was helping us out of gratitude.” Mercury stated: “We [Mercury] reached out to him in early November.” Mercury stated: “We had helped him out with some important errands in late December and early February.”

Carissa pointed out that the Mohammad Nordin bin Abdul Samad account on Instagram “admits to having poisoned Harvey’s grandfather”. Carissa thus asked Mercury: “how would you feel safe living with that?”

Mercury replied: “Neither Mohammed Syafik Iskandar [i.e. Harvey’s rapist] nor his father did squat; they only got the iodomethane from Malaysia.” Mercury then clarified: “The target was Harvey, not [Harvey’s] grandpa.”

Mercury stated that this poisoning had happened on “Christmas afternoon, iodomethane solution, (I don’t know the dosage), into the pot of coffee.” Carissa asked: “How did you gain access to [Harvey’s grandparents’] residence?” Mercury replied: “The door and gate were always unlocked, at least during the daylight hours.” Mercury elaborated: “Iskandar [i.e. Harvey’s rapist] recced the place ahead of time.”

Carissa pointed out that the Mohammad Nordin bin Abdul Samad account on Instagram had doxxed Harvey. Mercury responded: “No one knows Harvey’s home address, so Iskandar asked me to post her grandpa’s address, as she still goes there at times. At the time [i.e. first week of February 2022], Iskandar thought the grandpa address is also Harvey’s address, but later found that Harvey’d moved out elsewhere.” Mercury elaborated: “The accidental poisoning of the grandfather happened in December, but the target in early February was in fact the grandmother with a non-lethal dose, so Harvey and her mother will get bogged down long-term with her medicals.”

Once again, please note that as mentioned in ‘Our First Statement’, Harvey’s grandfather had indeed passed away abruptly on 26 December 2021, and Harvey’s grandmother had indeed suffered a major stroke on 4 February 2022. The timelines corroborate. Note also that according to Mercury, Harvey’s grandpa had not been the intended target of the December poisoning; the poison had been meant for Harvey, but Harvey had not actually drank coffee that day in December when she was visiting her grandparents.

Carissa asked: “Okay, so what exactly is with you and the account trying to get Harvey and her family members killed”? Mercury replied: “Harvey caused a problem to Mohamed Syafik Iskandar and his whole family by doxxing their home address, so they had to act to make sure that Harvey will not continue harassing them. […] Both Mohamed Syafik Iskandar and his dad wanted Harvey dead so that she’d stop with her false rape allegations that was already bringing a bad name to their family, but her doxxing them was the final straw.”

Carissa asked: “how might it be that the account bearing Nordin’s name appears to be very transphobic, and yet appears to be willing to host you, when your host is trans too?” Mercury stated: “Iskandar is a chaser, and his father is not so transphobic that he cannot put aside these differences in pursuit of the common enemy.” Carissa asked: “If Iskandar is a chaser, then would that not add credence to Harvey’s allegations that he had raped her?” Mercury replied: “Iskandar had sexual relations exclusively with transgender women during the times that he’d been in prison in previous years; he didn’t rape Harvey, she changed her mind later, after sex. And took nine months to decide it was rape.” Carissa said: “So he did penetrate Harvey.” Mercury replied: “I think that has been stated on his IG too? […] Mohamed Syafik Iskandar had consensual penetrative sexual relations with Ms Chettiar.”

Carissa asked: “What is your understanding of what constitutes rape?” Mercury replied: “Sexual penetration without consent, where the parties are not married and consent is needed.” Carissa asked: “What is your understanding of consent?” Mercury replied: “Agreement to engage in whatever action. […] Unless the parties are married or otherwise in an irrevocable lifetime relationship, consent can be withdrawn at any time before the act.”

Mercury then claimed: “Harvey was not under any duress when she had consensual sex relations with Iskandar. […] Harvey is damn well capable of saying no if she wants to; she can even shirk the duties that she voluntarily took on, so don’t tell me your shit about her not being able to say no.”

Please note that Mercury’s definition of consent includes “implied consent”. In a later exchange on 10 July 2022, Mercury stated: “Implied consent is when you ask a girl if she is willing to have sex, and she doesn’t say Yes or No, but she doesn’t object when you have sex.”

Mercury also stated that several of the girls she has had sex with in the past have complained “that they wouldn’t have agreed to the sex if they’d had more time to consider, if not for being stone drunk, or some similar excuse”. Moreover, keep in mind that Mercury has also admitted to having date-raped Jia Min with GHB in order to get Jia Min to comply with some of the sex acts Mercury wanted.

Mercury has also claimed that her stepsister – who was 8 years old at the material time – was able to give “outright consent” to having sex with Mercury. This incident happened in February 2019. To be clear: This actually constitutes rape.