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[BREAKING NEWS] Carissa Cheow Goes Public with 100-Page Letter to the President of Singapore and the Attorney-General’s Chambers, And Releases 3 Bundles of Evidence

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In Summary

Carissa Cheow’s third letter is co-addressed to the President of the Republic of Singapore Tharman Shanmugaratnam and to the Attorney-General’s Chamber’s Crime Division’s Chief Prosecutor Tan Kiat Pheng. It is dated 13 October 2023 and totals 100 pages. It is CCed to the Council of Presidential Advisers’ Principal Private Secretary to the President Julius Lim, Director of the Corrupt Practices Investigation Bureau Denis Tang Siew Taeng, Commissioner of Police CP Hoong Wee Teck and Commander of Bedok Police Division AC Justin Wong Xing Shun. Alongside the public release of this third letter, Carissa Cheow has also made public her three Bundles of Evidence, totaling 1,000+ pages combined at the time of this posting.


  1. Carissa Cheow’s first letter addressed to the Attorney-General’s Chamber’s Crime Division’s Chief Prosecutor Tan Kiat Pheng, dated 27 March 2023, totaling 25 pages, is accessible via her Facebook post / Proton file sharing link / IPFS link
  2. Carissa Cheow’s second letter addressed to the President of the Republic of Singapore Halimah binte Yacob, dated 1 May 2023, totaling 22 pages, is accessible via her Facebook post / Proton file sharing link / IPFS link
  3. Carissa Cheow’s third letter co-addressed to the President of the Republic of Singapore Tharman Shanmugaratnam and to the Attorney-General’s Chamber’s Crime Division’s Chief Prosecutor Tan Kiat Pheng, dated 13 October 2023, totaling 100 pages, is accessible via her Facebook post / Proton file sharing link / IPFS link

Bundles of Evidence

  1. Carissa Cheow’s first Bundle of Evidence pertaining to Mercury Jamie Alice & others, totaling 450 pages, is accessible via justice4singapore.com/1stbundle
  2. Carissa Cheow’s second Bundle of Evidence pertaining to Mercury Jamie Alice & others, totaling 467 pages, is accessible via justice4singapore.com/2ndbundle
  3. Carissa Cheow’s third Bundle of Evidence pertaining to Mercury Jamie Alice & others, totaling 169 pages, is accessible via justice4singapore.com/3rdbundle

Overview of the Contents of Carissa Cheow’s 3rd letter, dated 13 October 2023

The 100-page letter is titled: “Request for the Urgent Preferring of Charges Against Mercury Jamie Alice (T0004619H), and not Vickreman Harvey Chettiar (S9032388A), for Various Offences Committed by Mercury Jamie Alice”.

The content overview follows:

  • Introduction [paragraphs 1 – 8; or pages 1 and 2]
  • 1st Captioned Matter: Mercury’s Line2 Account with Six Line2 Numbers [paragraphs 9 – 75; or pages 2 – 20]
    • How Carissa had first come to learn of these six Line2 numbers previously not known to Harvey or Carissa [begins in paragraph 21; or page 4]
    • How Carissa had come to learn of Mercury’s misuse of Harvey’s name and identity to register the Line 2 account [begins in paragraph 41; or page 11]
  • 2nd Captioned Matter: The “Harvey Setup” in Mercury’s Own Words [paragraphs 76 – 160; or pages 20 – 60]
  • 3rd Captioned Matter: Subsidiary Operations Under “Operation High Tide” [paragraphs 161 – 200; or pages 60 – 75]
    • Operation Mandrake, Operation Poison Ivy and Operation Werewolf [begins in paragraph 166; or page 62]
    • Operation Pillory (all four versions) and Operation Aviary [begins in paragraph 177; or page 67]
    • Operation Ink Tiger and its implications on Mercury’s charges [begins in paragraph 186; or page 70]
    • Operation UltraViolet: Operations UltraViolet I, II and III [begins in paragraph 194; or page 74]
  • 4th Captioned Matter: Origins of Harvey’s Current Four Criminal Charges [paragraphs 201 – 257; or pages 76 – 98]
    • Origins of Harvey’s Mischief Charge, MCN-900647-2020 [begins in paragraph 203; or page 77]
    • Origins of Harvey’s First PoHA Charge, MAC-910699-2021 [begins in paragraph 217; or page 83]
    • Origins of Harvey’s Second PoHA Charge, MAC-910700-2021 [begins in paragraph 226; or page 86]
    • Origins of Harvey’s Third PoHA Charge, MCN-900757-2023 [begins in paragraph 251; or page 96]
  • Conclusion [paragraphs 258 – 260; or pages 98 – 100]

Carissa Cheow has also disclosed the links to several Telegram chatgroups that are publicly accessible by the links furnished in Carissa’s letter and below. These chatgroups are:

  • Mercury Jamie Alice’s Telegram chatgroup “Children of Israel” (t.me/Children_of_Israel), created on 4 February 2021 – before Justice4Harvey even began, and long before the Victims Of Malice situation chronicled on our site began
  • Mercury Jamie Alice’s Telegram chatgroup “Children of Palestine” (t.me/Children_of_Palestine), created on 13 July 2022
  • He Jiasheng’s (also known as Elise He) Telegram chatgroup “Elise_” (t.me/TalkHJSE), created on 9 January 2023 – after Ng Rui Lin Joyce (also known as Joyce Ng) had filed a legal case PHC/10484/2022 against He Jiasheng, Mercury Jamie Alice and Heather D Tan Zi Min, resulting in Elise turning against Mercury and Heather and supplying Carissa crucial intelligence

In terms of position, Elise is to Mercury who Caroline Ellison is to former CEO of FTX Sam Bankman-Fried.

Note on Information Literacy

As an important note on information literacy, observe that Carissa is not claiming that every detail disclosed by informants is necessarily accurate and/or objective in its entirety. The reality is that these details are assertions made by the informant(s) themselves, and are subject to potential misinterpretations and biases, both in receiving and in conveying intelligence. The types of source(s) informants get information from also affect the legitimacy and/or accuracy of intelligence. The trick in reading the Bundles of Evidence is therefore to pay attention to what broader assertions have been made, and what has been corroborated by other/various informants or current affairs or phenomena.

Mercury's Modus Operandi and 4D Chess Playbook

In her letter, Carissa Cheow establishes Mercury Jamie Alice’s modus operandi and 4D chess playbook. Carissa also outlines the shifts, inconsistencies and contradictions in Mercury’s own narrative. Take note, for instance, of paragraphs 67 – 69 (or page 19) of Carissa’s letter:

Take note that on both 30 June 2022 and 6 July 2022, one day after J-min and I had filed our police report respectively, the respective account operator’s immediate reaction was to try to cause us to withdraw our police reports against Mercury that would result in the police investigating Mercury for these offences committed or conveyed using these burner accounts by claiming after the fact that serious threats of sexual and grievous bodily harm made by Mercury were jokes or pranks.
If the statement in Figure 252 claiming that “I’m Harvey, and I’ve been fooling all of you into setting up Mercury, so of course I will want the charges against Mercury to stick like cement” were in fact true, then why would a hypothetical Harvey bent on causing charges against Mercury to stick have any interest or desire to persuade the victims who have lodged police reports to cause investigations into Mercury as a suspect for these offences to be discontinued?
Take note of the change in approach between 6 July 2022 and 10 July 2022, where the objective had shifted from trying to dissuade myself and other victims from filing police reports to believing that actively and persistently causing myself and other victims to file even more police reports against an ever-escalating series of incidents will ultimately be beneficial to Mercury, and more importantly, will cause Harvey to face charges for Mercury’s intentionally escalated offences.

The Harvey Set-Up

Carissa extensively deconstructs and analyzes what is known and deemed by Mercury herself as the “Harvey Set-Up” – the basis upon which Mercury’s modus operandi and 4D chess playbook rest. Carissa deconstructs the “Harvey Set-Up” into its component parts to highlight the shifts, inconsistencies and contradictions in it. Take note, for instance, of paragraphs 77 – 79 (pr page 21) of Carissa’s letter:

This shall hereinafter be referred to as the internal meaning of the phrase “Harvey Setup” as used by Mercury internally towards Mercury’s own collaborators, and is to be contrasted with what shall be referred to as the external meaning of the phrase “Harvey Setup” as used by Mercury externally towards a public audience. Specifically, take note that:
  1. the internal meaning of the phrase “Harvey Setup” as used by Mercury is that Harvey is in fact the person actually being set up and framed for Mercury’s offences by Mercury , and this objective of setting Harvey up is internally known to Mercury’s own collaborators
  2. the external meaning of the phrase “Harvey Setup” as used by Mercury is that Mercury is to be presented as the person being set up and framed for Harvey’s offences by Harvey , and this is the central narrative of Mercury’s intended defense for any criminal charges faced
In short, Mercury’s intent behind furthering the “Harvey Setup” narrative is both:
  1. for Harvey to be set up by Mercury so that Harvey will be charged for Mercury’s offences
  2. for Harvey to be presented as having set up Mercury for offences allegedly done by Harvey
and any attempt to fully understand the evidence presented on these offences being disputed as being either committed by Mercury or by Harvey so as to set the other up must factor this in, with the goal ultimately being to ensure that Mercury escapes consequences for Mercury’s offences by deliberately taking steps to transfer responsibility for all of these offences onto Harvey instead.
I shall hereinafter traverse Mercury’s messages where Mercury describes in greater detail what Mercury intends to be the external meaning of the “Harvey Setup”, and in the process reveals Mercury’s own longstanding grudges and grievances against Harvey and consequently lays bare Mercury’s underlying motives – the mens rea – to frame up Harvey for Mercury’s many electronic offences – the actus reus – and hence realize the internal meaning of the “Harvey Setup”.

To Pwn the Cops

Carissa, quoting Elise He, also establishes that Mercury’s target has not just been Vickreman Harvey Chettiar solely, but also includes the Singapore Police Force (SPF):

Mercury had intended it to be understood by everybody else as referring to the conspiracy by Harvey to set Mercury up, but the internal joke (among those then on Mercury's side) is that the Harvey Setup is really Mercury's own ingenious plan to have Harvey go down hard. It's definitely not wrong to call identity fraud, but I'd say just calling it that misses out upon everything else it's supposed to do, which is getting Harvey investigated for and charged with Mercury's electronic offences, after she herself or her friends have pushed for police investigation. So I'd call it a long-term plot to pwn the cops and get Harvey to ownself pwn.

Technological Exploitation

Carissa also mentions how technology was exploited for criminal activity on Mercury’s part, in as early as 2020:

I submit that it should be prima facie indisputable to anyone, especially the Prosecution, that there is in fact only one person with a motive to circulate Mercury’s intimate recordings of J-min, and for the avoidance of doubt, that person is obviously not Harvey. That person can only be Mercury.
Having stated the above, I now bring your attention to how Mercury, knowing this full well, is trying to advance the claim that Harvey could herself have obtained Mercury’s intimate recordings of J-min and circulated them with the motive of executing the external meaning of the so-called “Harvey Setup”. Take note of the alleged theft of a Huawei Nova 3i mobile phone belonging to Mercury, and Mercury alleging that it was Harvey who stole the aforementioned mobile phone.
In Elise’s own words, “my first op for Mercury was tinkering with his phone to remove the data without the factory reset. So leaving it in a very strange condition. And lift cameras disabled so the third party courier can bring it back to Mercury's place without any trace of him on the lift cameras. The phone was delivered by a third party courier and given in hand to Mercury’s 2nd roommate. So that there'd be independent witnesses but still the cops won't believe.”

We understand that “Mercury’s 2nd roommate” is also another of Mercury’s victims, who Mercury had attempted to persuade to turn against Harvey. However, said victim had soon after realized that Mercury had been practicing a deception and was actively attempting to isolate and ostracize Harvey from everyone else and thus all other support.

Selling Harvey Out

In paragraph 101 (or page 31) of her letter, Carissa also highlights “Mercury’s longstanding grudge against Harvey”, citing Mercury’s “long-demonstrated willingness to sell Harvey out, including using Mercury’s own primary Telegram account @hgalice while openly messaging in Mercury’s own capacity”. Carissa continues in paragraph 102 (or page 32) and in paragraphs 108 – 110 (or page 34):

Pay close attention to Mercury’s first three messages in Figure 946, sent using Mercury’s own primary Telegram account @hgalice while openly messaging in Mercury’s own capacity:
“I’ll cut you a deal”
“Meet me face to face”
“I’ll give you good intel on Miss Vickreman.”
For the avoidance of doubt, “Miss Vickreman” is Harvey.
[…] I humbly wish to ask the Prosecution which “foster daughter” would readily volunteer to give good intelligence on her own “foster mother” to a hostile actor actively seeking to cause damage, especially a “foster mother” who considers her “foster daughter” to be her closest friend. Just six months later, Mercury would subsequently readily thank a police officer for giving Mercury the opportunity to volunteer supposed intelligence against Harvey, which included going to great lengths to describe a nonexistent person that Mercury has literally fabricated out of thin air as having some connection to Harvey just so Mercury can falsely link Harvey to Mercury’s own anthrax hoax (which Harvey had in fact refused to assist with) by pointing to Harvey’s supposed unwillingness to reveal the identity of “Messiah” (who literally does not even exist) as a source of suspicion against Harvey for appearing to have something to hide on the matter.
Recall how in Figure 333 on Page 117 of my first Bundle of Evidence (450 pages), Mercury had claimed the following about Harvey:
“She pretended for years to be Mercury’s friend, and led her to believe that the harassments of her and her partners were the responsibility of third parties such as Mercury’s step-father.”
I humbly invite any reasonable person to determine whether it is Harvey who had pretended to be Mercury’s friend, as Mercury so claims, or if it is in fact Mercury who had actively pretended to be Harvey’s friend, to the point that Harvey did genuinely consider Mercury to be her closest friend as of 18 February 2021 and Mercury had voluntarily described or likened the relationship between Harvey and Mercury as that of a foster parent and child, while Mercury was readily volunteering to cut a deal by giving a supposed hostile actor “good intel on Miss Vickreman”, namely Harvey, as of 4 February 2021, the same hostile actor supposedly actively seeking to frame Mercury up.

Murders of Hisham, Lionel Jerome De Souza and Wong J-min's Grandfather

Carissa also reports on the mistaken murder of Hisham, an Indian national who Mercury had mistaken for Harvey in July 2022, and had stalked down and murdered, burying the body remains within the Central Catchment Nature Reserve in Singapore. In paragraph 120 (or page 38) of her letter, Carissa writes:

The details of the disposal are disclosed in a complaint I had lodged with the Corrupt Practices Investigation Bureau on 25 February 2023 after a first appointment on 16 January 2023, and I ask that the incident be thoroughly investigated. Unlike Jehanne, who does not even exist and was completely fabricated by Mercury to maliciously insinuate that Harvey must have something to hide in connection to Mercury’s anthrax hoax by not revealing the identity of a person Mercury alleges Harvey to have been acquainted with previously, Hisham’s existence can be independently confirmed and corroborated. Hisham’s death ought to be investigated and prosecuted with at least comparable fervour to any past or still-ongoing efforts towards furthering Mercury’s knowingly false narrative of Harvey masterminding the anthrax hoax.

We understand that Hisham’s body being buried was later on deemed to be risky in terms of discovery. We understand that the body was hence subsequently moved from the Central Catchment Nature Reserve and more securely disposed elsewhere to guarantee that it would not be uncovered or retrieved as easily.

We understand that Hisham is Number 6 out of the total 9 of Mercury’s murders. Hisham’s murder was achieved with the direct assistance of Heather D Tan Zi Min. Other murders include that of Lionel Jerome De Souza, a Private Investigator hired by Harvey to investigate Harvey’s rapist Mohamed Syafik Iskandar bin Mohammad Nordin (or Syafik), and was already ill. Details about Lionel’s murder in late October 2021 are available in Bundle of Evidence #2 (pages 210 – 212).

Another murder was that of Wong J-min’s maternal grandfather, who was also already ill. Details are available in Bundle of Evidence #2 (pages 547 – 467) and Bundle of Evidence #3 (pages 1 – 18, and elsewhere, as the information is scattered throughout). We have previously reported on the murder of Wong J-min’s maternal grandfather here, Attorney General Lucien Wong’s involvement, and the overall Operation Mandrake.

Mercury's Sexual Crimes

Carissa also elaborates on several of Mercury’s sexual crimes in paragraphs 148 – 153 (or pages 52 – 55) of her letter:

In regard to Mercury claiming in Figure 237 that Mercury “only kept those “safe” nude photos and videos on my phone”, Mercury would later specify what “unsafe” photos and videos by contrast would refer to in Figure 254 on Page 69 of my third Bundle of Evidence (169 pages) as follows:
“"Unsafe" photos and videos are the ones that might be incriminating in their own right, and not simply as a charge for porn on my iPhone. Singapore's puritanical laws being what they are, it would be too dangerous to keep those on any device in Singapore.”
Mercury would also attempt to deny having any such intimate recordings of Mercury’s stepsister Beatrice Chan Shi Qi, whom Mercury had admitted to knowing that Beatrice was eight years old at the material time of February 2019 in Figure 245 on Page 66 of my third Bundle of Evidence (169 pages), and in Figure 256 on Page 69 had stated that “There is no reason for any family photos or video involving Beatrice to be on the Proton Drive, because it is only for unsafe material.”
This can be directly contradicted by past messages confirming that an incident involving Mercury committing an act of pedophilic incest against Mercury’s stepsister Beatrice did in fact happen, and that Mercury does in fact possess intimate recordings of Beatrice. I humbly submit that it is long overdue for the Prosecution to prefer charges against Mercury for serious sexual offences, and ask that the Prosecution work closely with the Singapore Police Force, in the off chance that this is not already ongoing, to expedite investigations and the consequent service of charges against Mercury at the earliest possible time. Especially in the backdrop of Amos Yee possibly being deported back to Singapore after having been granted parole “halfway into his six-year jail term in the United States for grooming a teenage girl and possessing child pornography”, justice will only be seen to be done and will only be done if Mercury is not seen to be let off much more lightly for committing sexual offences at least comparable to Amos Yee’s offences, if not arguably much more persistent and extending far beyond just serious sexual offences alone. It is of utmost necessity to uphold law and order and preserve confidence in our justice system and the rule of law in Singapore that the scale and scope of Mercury’s offences be treated with the seriousness it deserves.
Please refer to Figures 165 to 176 on Pages 44 to 46 of my second Bundle of Evidence (467 pages) for messages on 7 January 2023 from Elise confirming that Mercury has in fact committed an offence in regard to the incident with Beatrice under both Penal Code § 376A(3) and § 376G by procuring oral penetration from an eight-year old in February 2019 who is also a family member of Mercury, and on top of that having also allegedly raped 12 persons and molested 16 persons, for which Mercury inexplicably has yet to be charged for even one of these offences yet, and for which Mercury’s assertion that it was consensual is explicitly not a defence as stated in no unclear terms in both Penal Code § 376A(1B)(b) and § 376G(5)(b), and which the Prosecution surely knows[.]
Please refer to Figures 177 to 186 on Pages 47 to 49 of my second Bundle of Evidence (467 pages) for messages on 7 January 2023 from Elise confirming that Mercury does in fact possess intimate recordings of Beatrice which Mercury had recorded in February 2019 during the sexual acts, and furthermore that Mercury has recorded and now possesses intimate recordings of 35 persons, and has also drugged J-min with gamma hydroxybutyric acid (GHB) in order to rape her thereafter and had done the same with at least several other persons Mercury considers “the more stubborn girls”[.]
Please refer to Figures 228 to 239 on Pages 80 to 84 of my first Bundle of Evidence (450 pages) for how I had first come to learn of these 28 incidents involving nonconsensual sexual contact that could be either rape or molestation cases, directly from Mercury volunteering the information to me no less on 10 July 2022 due to Mercury believing at the time that I was in contact with Tobias who would know the identities of the 28 persons known to have accused Mercury of sexual offences, and how I had first obtained direct confirmation from Mercury that the incident involving Mercury committing an act of pedophilic incest against Mercury’s stepsister Beatrice did in fact happen[.]

Conclusion on the Harvey Set-Up

In paragraph 160 (or page 60) of her letter, Carissa concludes her 2nd Caption Matter on the “Harvey Set-Up”:

Throughout this section, I have traversed in great detail the multiple claims made by Mercury which are alleged by Mercury to constitute the “Harvey Setup”, and provided direct contradiction to Mercury’s knowingly-false claims through obtaining substantive assistance from one of Mercury’s former accomplices, namely Elise, who by positionality has deep insider knowledge into Mercury’s many offences from late 2020, and who has since stopped assisting Mercury. I have also cited Mercury’s own messages to demonstrate conclusively to any reasonable person capable of comprehension why only Mercury can have the motive for these offences, and not Harvey, and highlighted multiple instances where Mercury had “broken the fourth wall” and had inadvertently articulated both the internal meaning and external meaning of the “Harvey Setup” narrative in the same set of messages by the same account, hence exposing the contradictions in Mercury accusing Harvey of framing Mercury up for Mercury’s own offences which Mercury falsely alleges are Harvey’s offences instead. I humbly submit that any reasonable person can easily come to their own conclusion without much difficulty as to whether Harvey or Mercury is the true owner and operator of these accounts, and aver that the learned Prosecution should be no exception.

The 9 Subsidiary Operations Under Operation High Tide

In paragraph 165 (or page 61) of her letter, Carissa also includes a diagram that charts out the nine subsidiary operations by the Christian far-right under the main Operation High Tide:

Diagram of the 9 Subsidiary Operations

Operation Aviary

We have not reported on the matter of Operation Aviary, aimed at Elijah Tay. We borrow from Carissa’s paragraphs 182 – 185 (or pages 68 – 70) to summarize Operation Aviary:

I wish to note that in regard to Operation Aviary, which stands in stark contrast with all the other operations because it is the only one seeking to frame its target for a white-collar financial crime and where its target is known to be actively involved in an opposition political party, this is not the first known instance of such an attempt and there was a previous successful attempt, unrelated to “Operation High Tide”, at framing up another target known to be actively involved in an opposition political party for a white-collar financial crime which ultimately caused the target to face charges.
By way of context, the target of Operation Aviary, Elijah, was appointed as one of two Honorary Auditors for the political party Red Dot United, with the other Honorary Auditor being none other than Harvey herself until she was expelled from the party after her arraignment on 5 May 2023 for a charge that was caused by Heather spiking her drink with PCP as part of Operation Poison Ivy. The previous successful attempt to frame a target for a white-collar financial crime, unrelated to “Operation High Tide”, targeted Charles Yeo, who was Chairman of the Reform Party and a former candidate in the 2020 general elections for the Ang Mo Kio Group Representation Constituency.
Please refer to Figures 1535 to 1546 on Pages 406 to 409 of my second Bundle of Evidence (467 pages) for messages from Elise on 4 April 2023 disclosing the details of how with the involvement of one Joseph Chen Kok Siang, one Saha Ranjit Chandra, and Mercury, Charles Yeo had come to be framed up for offences of criminal breach of trust for which he was arrested on 12 January 2022[.]
[…] Operation Aviary sought to falsely accuse the target of committing white-collar financial crime, likely criminal breach of trust, using the target’s appointment as honorary auditor of a local political party, specifically Red Dot United, as position of responsibility for offence[.]

Operation Ink Tiger

We have not reported on the matter of Operation Ink Tiger. We borrow from Carissa’s paragraph 188 – 189 (or pages 70 – 71):

To summarize, Operation Ink Tiger sought to erase all hard evidence, physical and electronic, against Mercury Jamie Alice by end-July 2023, through doing the following:
  1. acquiring direct physical evidence which may constitute hard evidence against Mercury from several police land divisions to be sent for incineration at Senoko Incineration Plant, so that the remaining evidence against Mercury would exclusively comprise of circumstantial evidence which cannot be conclusively linked back to Mercury and hence cannot prove further charges
  2. substituting the actual autopsy report regarding the death of Harvey’s grandmother who passed away on 8 September 2022 with a rewritten autopsy report falsely showing the cause of death as natural instead despite the original autopsy finding a substance in the deceased’s body, and detaining an Assistant Medical Examiner who rightly objected to this improper substitution of autopsy report and had declared intention to lodge a complaint with the CPIB about this matter
  3. detaining three officers in the Criminal Investigation Department’s Major Crime Division team who were involved in the attempt on 10 May 2023, during Harvey’s remand in IMH and while she was still unsure if she would be granted fresh bail and released at all after her bail had been unexpectedly revoked on 5 May 2023, to extract false testimony from Harvey against J-min for supposedly killing J-min’s own grandfather, to further the objectives of Operation Poison Ivy
  4. exploring options for detaining two of Mercury’s known victims of sexual assault, J-min and Mercury’s stepsister Beatrice, and further exploring options for bringing new charges against Mercury’s victims for supposed “false” statements made about Mercury in past police reports
Please refer to Figures 288 to 299 on Pages 77 to 80 of my second Bundle of Evidence (467 pages) for messages from Elise on 9 January 2023 regarding the development and installation of five custom-built “FarCam” devices in three locations to enable Mercury to remotely surveil my family members (using FarCam 1 and 2), J-min (using FarCam 3 and 4), and Tobias (using FarCam 0), as mentioned earlier in paragraph 31 of this letter, and the storage and viewing of recorded footage being accessible through the “PAWN-II” personal computer device, which was mentioned by the “Ink Tiger Whistleblower” in the full text of his complaint to the CPIB precisely because of the fact that the “PAWN-II” device “contains crucial digital evidence that would link back to Mercury Jamie Alice and that therefore needs to be disposed of” under Operation Ink Tiger[.]

Further details are available at https://textdoc.co/FGh6VD3R4ZkBrOXQor https://web.archive.org/web/20231012031807/https://textdoc.co/FGh6VD3R4ZkBrOXQ. We copy the contents of the complaint below:

20 July 2023
Dear Corrupt Practices Investigation Bureau,
It is with regret and affliction that I write to you today, under the present circumstances. I have spent my life upholding my duty as a Singaporean citizen to be kind, to maintain integrity and to faithfully return the luck and opportunities bestowed upon me – for which I am thankful and blessed, knowing that I have been given aplenty and can only hope for the continued privilege to give even a fraction of it back – to others in need.
The recent events of the past few weeks have undeniably caused injury to Singapore’s reputation. These are manageable; I do not doubt that as one people and one nation we will be able to overcome these if we work together with careful consultation with each of the relevant stakeholders party to these matters. More crucially, I have been made aware of a serious threat to our security, both domestically and internationally. This has been referred to as “Operation Ink Tiger”. I know with certainty that I am not the only person to have come to, or will, learn of this.
1. Background
“Operation Ink Tiger” is in service of the bigger “Operation High Tide”. For the latter, I am only familiar with the information made public by an individual “Carissa Cheow” on https://tinyurl.com/Istana-letter, who specifies that she has lodged her own CPIB complaints and has submitted evidence in relation to “Operation High Tide”.
I believe your agency to be aware of “Operation High Tide”, in far more detail than I can possibly furnish, so I shall not unnecessarily waste time elaborating upon what your agency is already privy to. I also write this on the assumption that your agency is aware that one protest against “Operation High Tide” has taken place outside the Singapore High Commission in London (https://www.instagram.com/p/CtjyfonIDqz/), and another has taken place outside the United Nations Headquarters in New York (https://twitter.com/safety4harveyUS/status/1675714544960778240). This has been reported on https://www.thepinknews.com/2023/07/14/singapore-lgbtq-queer-trans-asylum-attacks/. I urge your agency to take seriously its legitimacy, and the economic, social, political and diplomatic impacts “Operation High Tide” will have on Singapore, should it succeed.
The associated operations within “Operation High Tide” and that predate “Operation Ink Tiger” are, to my knowledge, “Operation Mandrake”, “Operation Poison Ivy” and “Operation Werewolf”. I trust that your agency is also familiar with the details of these. These are connected to what is colloquially referred to as the “Mercury-Chettiar Situation”, concerning two individuals: “Mercury Jamie Alice” and “Vickreman Harvey Chettiar”. Both have ongoing criminal cases that are considered politically sensitive to the government. There are concerns that should either of these cases be more widely known, the People’s Action Party will be at far greater risk of losing the next General Election.
2. Who is involved in “Operation Ink Tiger”?
“Operation Ink Tiger” was led by Former Speaker of Parliament Tan Chuan-Jin prior to his official resignation recently, and is being executed by the Internal Security Department. The Speaker of Parliament under normal circumstances does not exercise power over the Internal Security Department. I do not claim that Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong has the full knowledge of the details of “Operation Ink Tiger”. In fact, to my knowledge, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong has made it explicit that he does not want to know about its details, but simply wants the matter resolved. I understand that, ultimately, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong had earlier delegated his power over the Internal Security Department to Former Speaker of Parliament Tan Chuan-Jin, as this was necessary for “Operation Ink Tiger”. I also understand that both the Attorney-General Lucien Wong and the incumbent Minister in the Prime Minister’s Office and Leader of the House Indranee Rajah are aware, but are both taking a hands-off approach prior to Tan Chuan-Jin’s resignation.
Consequent to Former Speaker of Parliament Tan Chuan-Jin’s resignation, “Operation Ink Tiger” has since been passed onto Minister Indranee Rajah, who currently oversees the operation in place of Tan Chuan-Jin. Should anything happen to, or come to light about, Minister Indranee Rajah, “Operation Ink Tiger” is to be passed to Minister for Trade and Industry Gan Kim Yong for leadership. The three persons, namely Former Speaker of Parliament Tan Chuan-Jin prior to his recent resignation, Minister Indranee Rajah, and Minister Gan Kim Yong, are known to be the political officeholders involved in “Operation Ink Tiger”, and I am not unaware that Tan Chuan-Jin’s recent resignation was also at least in some part related to “Operation Ink Tiger” in addition to his extramarital affair.
While the Internal Security Department is typically secretive in conducting such work due to the sensitive nature, in this instance such secrecy is not possible due to the need to involve other government agencies, and hence several other civil servants are also aware of its existence. I understand that upon taking over responsibility for “Operation Ink Tiger” from Tan Chuan-Jin, Minister Indranee Rajah had consulted Senior Counsel Kuah Boon Theng, who I am aware has been reported to your agency as the subject of another corruption complaint, for advice on “Operation Ink Tiger”.
Senior Counsel Kuah Boon Theng suggested that Vickreman Harvey Chettiar be detained by the Internal Security Department to resolve the matter. This suggestion was rejected due to it being unfeasible, due to a much earlier Internal Security Department operation referred to as “Operation Providence”. I understand “Operation Providence” took place in 2013 and had resulted in Vickreman Harvey Chettiar coming to be framed for a bomb hoax which he was subsequently acquitted for. Because the Internal Security Department is not unaware that there are other persons aware of “Operation Providence”, the Internal Security Department assesses it to be too politically expensive to detain Vickreman Harvey Chettiar in the present situation despite having explored the option of detaining him in 2017 and ultimately deciding against it. I understand that both the Thio family and Senior Counsel Kuah Boon Theng are also aware of “Operation Ink Tiger”, and have differing levels of involvement respectively.
3. What is the purpose of “Operation Ink Tiger”?
The ongoing goal of “Operation Ink Tiger” is to ensure that all evidence, especially direct physical evidence, that could seriously implicate Mercury Jamie Alice no longer exists. Former Speaker of Parliament Tan Chuan-Jin and Minister Indranee Rajah have made clear that Mercury Jamie Alice is strictly not to receive any additional charges beyond his already pre-existing criminal charges. Under “Operation Ink Tiger”, this is the government’s current position.
The Internal Security Department has been instructed by Former Speaker of Parliament Tan Chuan-Jin to ensure that by the end of July 2023, no evidence that can be used against Mercury Jamie Alice will be remaining in Singapore, and that anything that directly links to Mercury Jamie Alice must be gone. The goal is to obliterate all physical and electronic evidence that might constitute hard evidence against Mercury Jamie Alice, and subsequently charge two or three people who have ongoing police reports filed against Mercury Jamie Alice with Section 182 of the Penal Code. The prevailing belief is that in the obliteration of hard evidence and the discrediting or detention of the persons who can directly testify against Mercury Jamie Alice (or any of the associated operations, such as “Operation Poison Ivy”), the remaining evidence against Mercury Jamie Alice would exclusively comprise circumstantial evidence which cannot be conclusively linked back to Mercury Jamie Alice, and hence will be unable to prove – to the standards of a high threshold of “beyond reasonable doubt” – a substantial case against Mercury Jamie Alice for any further charges.
4. Who have been detained under “Operation Ink Tiger”?
One of the crimes committed by Mercury Jamie Alice involves the poisoning of an elderly woman at Singapore General Hospital. This is the grandmother of Vickreman Harvey Chettiar. The incident was in September 2022. The Clementi Police Division was overseeing the case. The Health Sciences Authority had managed to find a substance in the body of the deceased, and this was duly documented in an original autopsy report. A copy was provided to the Clementi Police Division. Under “Operation Ink Tiger”, the Internal Security Department was called in to persuade the relevant Forensic Medicine Division personnel to replace the original autopsy report with a new one falsely stipulating the cause of death to be natural. A copy of this new autopsy report was provided to the Bedok Police Division, which is the primary land division investigating Mercury Jamie Alice for his offences, and other police land divisions.
The leading medical examiner who had conducted the autopsy complied with signing off on the new autopsy report. However, the assistant medical examiner, who had threatened to file a corruption complaint disclosing the improper substitution of the original autopsy report with the new autopsy report which had falsely replaced the actual cause of death has since been detained under the Internal Security Act. (It is with this knowledge that I have chosen to submit this complaint anonymously to your agency, as I fear that I may face similar reprisals for filing this complaint.)
One of the officers from Criminal Investigation Department’s Major Crime Division involved in “Operation Poison Ivy” has left Singapore’s jurisdiction after its failure. Due to concerns from Former Speaker of Parliament Tan Chuan-Jin that your agency might interrogate them about “Operation Poison Ivy”, the other three officers in the team have also been detained under the Internal Security Act, under the pretext that they have links to Jemaah Islamiyah.
5. Who else is being scrutinised and at risk of being silenced under “Operation Ink Tiger”?
Assistant Superintendent of Police Shahudin Abu Bakar of the Bedok Police Division is also being monitored as he is overseeing the case against Mercury Jamie Alice. While many police reports have been filed against Mercury Jamie Alice due to his many widespread and grave criminal offences, serialised police reports cannot simply be erased. Under Former Speaker of Parliament Tan Chuan-Jin’s instructions, the Internal Security Department has instead taken evidence from at least three of the land divisions to be brought to Senoko Incineration Plant to ensure that evidence that can be used against Mercury Jamie Alice will be cleared. I understand there is some doubt amongst some of the police land divisions as to the purpose for the sudden removal of physical evidence relating to Mercury Jamie Alice.
The assessment by the Internal Security Department is that two persons would continue to pose a serious threat to the goal of “Operation Ink Tiger” to fully insulate Mercury Jamie Alice from any and all further criminal charges, even after the obliteration of all physical evidence and deletable electronic evidence which can link back to Mercury Jamie Alice. These two persons are “Wong J-Min” and Mercury Jamie Alice’s stepsister “Beatrice Chan Shi Qi”.
Wong J-Min and her family are also under scrutiny, due to Wong J-Min herself being personally able to testify against Mercury Jamie Alice for rape and the mass circulation of revenge porn. Under “Operation Ink Tiger”, the Internal Security Department is determining possible grounds to argue that Wong J-Min is a sufficient threat to Singapore’s national security, so that detaining Wong J-Min can be justified. As Wong J-Min is not physically in Singapore at present, but is instead in the United Kingdom seeking political asylum after “Operation Mandrake”, the Internal Security Department is observing potential developments on Wong J-Min’s front. Mercury Jamie Alice’s stepsister Beatrice Chan Shi Qi and her family are also under scrutiny. Under “Operation Ink Tiger”, the Internal Security Department is unable to detain Beatrice Chan Shi Qi on her own, even though she is physically in Singapore, given that she is a minor. The Internal Security Department is hence looking into whether it might be feasible to detain the entire family instead, and under what possible pretexts can the detention of Beatrice’s parents be justified.
Separately, but also as part of “Operation Ink Tiger”, the Internal Security Department is also looking to secure physical possession of Mercury Jamie Alice’s “PAWN-II” personal computer device, which contains crucial digital evidence that would link back to Mercury Jamie Alice and that therefore needs to be disposed of.
6. What implications have arisen from “Operation Ink Tiger”?
Associate Professor Dr. Muhammad Faishal Ibrahim, who serves as Minister of State for Home Affairs and Minister of State for National Development, is known to have been monitoring any civil or criminal matters filed against, or even merely mentioning or naming, Mercury Jamie Alice since May 2023. He has asked to be informed if any related cases are filed, and was duly informed of claims filed before the Protection from Harassment Court on 17/18 July 2023 that pertain indirectly to matters involving Mercury Jamie Alice. Consequent to being informed, Associate Professor Dr. Muhammad Faishal Ibrahim had an informal conversation with the State Court Registry and had the matter assigned to a particular judge already overseeing previous claims against Mercury Jamie Alice who was made aware of the new autopsy report stipulating natural causes for the death.
Former Speaker of Parliament Tan Chuan-Jin had also instructed for Mercury Jamie Alice’s pre-existing criminal case to be brought forward and resolved as soon as possible. He expects that Mercury Jamie Alice is likely to claim that Vickreman Harvey Chettiar was the mastermind behind the anthrax hoax that Mercury Jamie Alice has been charged for. With this, the case gets shifted onto Vickreman Harvey Chettiar, and “Operation Ink Tiger” plans on enabling Mercury Jamie Alice’s plans to move to Texas in the United States upon the conclusion of Mercury Jamie Alice’s case, so that Vickreman Harvey Chettiar will be unable to cross-examine Mercury Jamie Alice on the stand as a hostile witness, and is thus no longer able to prove or dislodge anything. Should Vickreman Harvey Chettiar testify against Mercury Jamie Alice during his criminal trial, the intention is to charge him for lying under oath, and the same applies to anyone else who testifies and makes allegations against Mercury Jamie Alice.
7. Concluding Remarks
I have taken some days and great consideration in writing this complaint. I do not write this lightly or easily, but with disappointment. I harbour no animosity or grudge against the government; I have worked hard and contributed back to Singapore over the decades, and I am uneasy and worried about what all of this might mean for the country. I wish for Singapore to do better and trust that our institutions can and will continue to uphold the standards it has maintained for the past few decades. As I have mentioned above, I am not alone in the knowledge of what has been detailed above, and I am not alone in these sentiments.
Today, I write to your agency with a troubled heart but in veritable good conscience to honour the values I have always been taught: “to build a democratic society based on justice and equality, so as to achieve happiness, prosperity and progress for our nation”. Singapore, as a small island with few natural resources and surrounded by bigger states, succeeded and flourished under these values as one people and one nation. We are a country of excellence in this world. We have come very far since 1965. It is in my deepest hopes that we do not lose sight of this history, grow complacent about the present, or take for granted the certainty of a promising future.
I thank you for your kind attention and pray that this matter will be investigated thoroughly and rigorously, and that the government will not sweep anything under the carpet, even if disclosure is potentially embarrassing or damaging.
8. Addendum
21 July 2023
I have unfortunately also come to learn that should anything happen to, or come to light about, firstly Minister Indranee Rajah and subsequently also Minister Gan Kim Yong, “Operation Ink Tiger” is to be passed to the newly-nominated Speaker of Parliament, Seah Kian Peng, for leadership. Upon the resignation of Former Speaker of Parliament Tan Chuan-Jin, the three political officeholders involved in “Operation Ink Tiger” are now Minister Indranee Rajah, Minister Gan Kim Yong, and Speaker of Parliament Seah Kian Peng, in that order of primacy.

Operations UltraViolet

We have not reported on the matter of Operation UltraViolet I, II or III. Explanations of these are outlined in Bundle of Evidence #3 (pages 146 – 151). We also borrow from paragraph 199 (or page 75) of Carissa’s letter for her account on how these operations backfired on the Faith Community Baptist Church (FCBC):

It should be extremely telling that both of the persons originally identified by FCBC to be the false accusers against their respective targets, namely Harvey and Joyce, in Operation UltraViolet-I and Operation UltraViolet-II, have both independently decided against continuing to be party to the respective operations without any coordination or communication between the two, or for that matter without any prior contact with persons such as myself who have previously publicly warned of the dangers of a successful “Operation High Tide” to Singapore. This confirms that there is definitely independent corroboration of the existence of these operations from directly within the people who were previously involved, and that these are not claims or assertions which I alone am making regarding these various subsidiary operations under “Operation High Tide”. I therefore ask the Director of the CPIB, Mr Denis Tang Siew Taeng, whom I have copied in this email, to initiate and complete a full and thorough investigation into every single one of the subsidiary operations under “Operation High Tide” which I have hereinbefore traversed, and into “Operation High Tide” itself as a broader campaign, and I ask that should any wrongdoing be found, the Prosecution will not hesitate to prefer the necessary charges against all responsible parties involved no matter how high-ranking these persons may be, so that confidence in the integrity of Singapore’s rule of law and incorruptibility will continue to be upheld and even strengthened, and will not be so severely damaged possibly beyond the point of no return should no action be seen to be taken, or should the involved parties be seen to either be accorded undue leniency or have their wrongdoing covered up.

Harvey's 4 Criminal Charges as a Consequence of Fix-Ups

Carissa goes into extensive detail about how each of Harvey’s current four criminal charges are the direct or indirect results of fix-ups by various actors, such as Liberty League, Mercury Jamie Alice and Legal Clinic LLC. These are paragraphs 201 – 257 (or pages 76 – 98) of Carissa’s letter. We note paragraph 249 (or page 96) of her letter in particular:

Any reasonable person would feel manifestly unjustly treated if they were to be exposed to even a fraction of the subsequent fix-ups that Harvey had encountered in the process of seeking justice for her rape in IMH in February 2014, and the initial fix-ups which Harvey had first experienced which even resulted in her getting charged for bomb hoax offences she did not commit. The material fact remains that as of 2023, it has been nearly a full decade since Harvey was raped in IMH and she still has not seen any justice for her rape. The sheer length of time it has taken for Harvey to not only not have justice done in relation to her rape, but to instead have encountered even more injustices done against her instead, stands in very stark contrast to the haste it has taken for Harvey to be investigated, served charges, and arraigned in Court for alleged offences.

Conclusion of Carissa's 3rd Letter

Finally, Carissa concludes, in paragraph 259 (or pages 99 – 100):

Having brought the above to the attention of your good office, I humbly ask that:
  1. The contents of this letter, and my first Bundle of Evidence (450 pages), my second Bundle of Evidence (467 pages), and my third Bundle of Evidence (169 pages), all of which I will submit hard-copies in person but for which soft-copies are now at justice4singapore.com/1stbundle, justice4singapore.com/2ndbundle, and justice4singapore.com/3rdbundle respectively, be brought forth with to the attention of the good office of the President, the Deputy Public Prosecutors having conduct of the matters against Mercury and Harvey, the Corrupt Practices Investigation Bureau, and the top leadership of the Singapore Police Force for their reference
  2. Charges for offences committed by Mercury which the Prosecution has yet to prefer against Mercury, or which the Prosecution is at present not inclined to prefer against Mercury either in the near future or at all even in the more distant future, to be expedited with top priority and hence duly preferred, prepared, and served against Mercury at the earliest possible time
  3. Charges for offences committed by Mercury which the Prosecution is at present, for whatever reason, inclined towards preferring against Harvey instead to be completely discontinued and withdrawn with immediate effect, and for the Prosecution to commit never again to prefer any charges against Harvey for offences which the Prosecution by now should have no excuse to not know that these offences were deliberately committed by Mercury precisely to cause Harvey to come to face charges instead for Mercury’s intentional escalation of offences
  4. The Prosecution commit to seeking an exemplary deterrent sentence against Mercury not only for the offences Mercury has committed as serious offences in their own right, but precisely and especially because of Mercury’s prolonged, persistent, and premeditated modus operandi of deliberately escalating Mercury’s commission of these offences so that the affected victims, namely myself and multiple other persons including Harvey, will have to file ever-increasing numbers of police reports that Mercury has already calculated will cause the police to have to escalate investigations to uncover through international involvement that the Line2 account used by Mercury to commit Mercury’s electronic offences will be found to appear to have been registered to Harvey’s name, thus defrauding the police into believing such a finding to be conclusive proof that these offences committed using the six Line2 numbers can conclusively be linked back to Harvey; to deter any such future elaborate plots to “test the system” and abuse police and legal process so flagrantly to weaponize it for one’s personal grudges
  5. The Prosecution commit to unreservedly and permanently discontinue any existing intent, preference, or inclination to extract knowingly false, malicious, and intentionally injurious testimony against Harvey with a view to securing convictions in Harvey’s criminal charges, including any and all attempts by the Prosecution to offer Mercury a more lenient sentence or even withdrawal of Mercury’s charges in exchange for Mercury agreeing to testify against Harvey to further any narrative preferred by the Prosecution against Harvey
  6. The Prosecution to withdraw all four of Harvey’s current criminal charges at the earliest possible time, recognizing firstly that to proceed on any criminal charge procured against any accused person through the use of a fix-up is fundamentally contrary to the rule of law and severely undermines confidence in the justice system, and recognizing secondly that all four of Harvey’s current criminal charges were procured through some form of fix-up against Harvey, and recognizing thirdly that it is prima facie inconsistent to have charged Harvey under the United Nations (Anti-Terror Measures) Regulations § 8(1) twice for bomb hoax offences she did not even commit to begin with and remanded her to IMH both times, but instead have only charged Mercury under Penal Code § 268A for an anthrax hoax Mercury did in fact commit and admitted to having done so under the forcible influence of a negatively-inclined alter but despite this prima facie grounds to assess Mercury’s fitness to plead for the anthrax hoax offence, there was no application by the Prosecution for Mercury to be remanded to IMH
  7. The Prosecution recognize the urgent priority for the Corrupt Practices Investigation Bureau and the Singapore Police Force to thoroughly investigate into “Operation High Tide” at large, its subsidiary operations including and especially Operation Ink Tiger, and the other fix-ups or frame-ups against Harvey which have been carried out separately from, outside of, or even prior to “Operation High Tide”, and prefer charges against the responsible parties without fear or favour and regardless of the seniority of their position, including if they are key appointment holders whether elected to political office or appointed to high public service offices
  8. for President Tharman Shanmugaratnam to consider exercising the powers of your good office of the President to obtain further information from the Cabinet relating to various matters related to “Operation High Tide” where necessary or otherwise relevant as provided for by Article 22F(1)(a) of the Constitution, such that Singapore may be able to find the most optimal way to address the internal and external threats posed to our society and to various segments of our population by “Operation High Tide” and Far-Right Extremism, and recognizing that now more so than ever, our Republic of Singapore was founded upon a commitment to building a multi-racial, multi-religious society, and remains a diverse society situated in a geopolitically complex regional neighbourhood where our survival as a people depends on the continued integrity of our public service, the continued importance of upholding the rule of law, and the continued safeguarding of our shared common space without succumbing to the rising trend