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Victims of Malice – Now on the Blockchain

Word has gotten to us that Mercury Jamie Alice, as well as other actors, are attempting to use legal and other methods to have our social media and site taken down and our identities unmasked. This is not the first such attempt to have her victims' truths silenced.

We have created a new Archives page, which includes links to all of our posts, minted on the Arweave Blockchain, as well as other services and links you can find us at.

We would like to remind readers that this blog has never once called for vigilante justice. We do not condone or encourage this.

Try as Mercury and others may, we will not, and cannot be silenced. This is after all, the Information Age. May this be a reminder that attempts to censor and silence us are futile, and a fool's errand.

At the time of posting, it is Day 291 since this ordeal began. Mercury still has not yet been arrested. This is not just about us. It's about you and your safety too. Read and share Carissa's letter to the AGC, which we've also written about here. Consider the implications of Mercury currently being employed by BitCyber in the cybersecurity industry despite all her cybercrimes. If you would like to be in solidarity, share our stories. Don't let our truths be erased.