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Operation Pennyworth

Operation Pennyworth is an operation by the Internal Security Department (ISD), in collaboration with Attorney-General Lucien Wong, prepared as a backup plan for the "0.1% probability timeline in which the Prosecution fails to obtain a jail sentence against Harvey".

Gabriel Lien Goh is a double-murderer who killed his mother and grandmother on 27 October 2019 while under the influence of LSD. In Novermber 2021, he was sentenced to 22 months' jail for LSD consumption, as well as possession of LSD and cannabis. In September 2022, Goh was acquitted of two charges of culpable homicide on the basis of mental incapacity, and sentenced to indefinite detention at the President's pleasure.

The usual period of indefinite confinement is 12 to 15 years, but Attorney-General Lucien Wong has cooperated with the ISD to make a deal with Goh for his earlier release. Goh has now been released after less than 2 years in indefinite detention.

In the case that Harvey does not receive a jail sentence:

[Gabriel Lien Goh's] mission, if and when activated by the ISD, is to violently attack Harvey, and if she exercises the right of self-defence, then escalate and kill her. He's been assured that he'll be detained for a few weeks at most for assessment and investigation to confirm that he was acting in self-defence after Harvey had exceeded her own right for self-defence, then he'll be released without any conviction for it.