Content Warning (sitewide):

This site contains depictions and/or descriptions of the following, which may be distressing to some readers:

  • doxxing
  • impersonation
  • stalking (graphic and detailed descriptions thereof)
  • rape and death threats (graphic and detailed descriptions thereof)
  • murder (graphic and detailed descriptions thereof)
  • sexual violence including rape and date-rape
  • drug overdose
  • unsolicited nudes and leaking of explicit videos
  • malicious humiliation
  • anti-Semitism
  • transphobia
  • racism

We are the victims of Mercury Jamie Alice

Mercury Jamie Alice is a 22-year-old individual who has been harassing and threatening multiple individuals in Singapore.

This TODAY Online article alone, published 25 May 2022, indicates that Mercury has been charged with “making a false police report, which alleged that a man would release anthrax spores in a mall and bus interchange at Bedok” – i.e. an anthrax hoax that occurred on 9 August 2021.

The same article alone also indicates that “court documents stated that Mercury allegedly possessed an iPhone containing 72 obscene videos and 60 obscene images between April 2020 and August 2021”.

Beyond this, her list of offences includes (but is not limited to) doxxing, stalking, impersonation, rape and death threats, unsolicited nudes, leaking of explicit videos, and sexual violence. She has also explicitly admitted to rape and has claimed three counts of murder.

Many of Mercury’s offences can only be attributed to Mercury herself. She has also directly confessed to many of these offences herself while boasting about getting away with them. According to Mercury, she believes that she cannot be caught or held responsible due to alleged technological untraceability and the lack of “hard evidence” pointing to the ownership of her various burner Telegram accounts. Mercury has gone out of her way to create fake Telegram profiles and to impersonate others, so as to be supposedly untraceable and/or to frame others.

As of 8 November 2022, at least 40 police reports have already been filed against Mercury and her accomplices, by at least 17 distinct individuals, in just slightly over the span of 4 months. We, as victims, have been terrorised by Mercury for over 130 days and counting.

This is still ongoing. In the past few months, we have received graphic threats to rape and murder us. We have had our addresses extracted and leaked. We (and some of our families) have been secretly watched, followed, stalked, named and doxxed. We have witnessed – in real time – Harvey’s grandmother be in critical condition, proclaimed dead, and sent to the Coroner’s for examination under the hospital’s independent assessment. We have attended her funeral.

Three of the victims have applied for Expedited Protection Orders (EPOs) against Mercury, and these have been granted by the Court. To be clear: There is an ongoing police investigation regarding our situation. However, there has been no arrest. Our safety is still in jeopardy.

Why are we going public about our situation?

Mercury has a history of using violence as a means to get her way and/or to bend people to her will. To our present knowledge, Mercury’s violent history dates back to early 2019 and prior.

Institutional processes (the police, the legal system, etc.) have been inadequate in ensuring our safety. Mercury has actively exploited them in order to endanger us and our loved ones.

At time of us posting this, Mercury is still moving around Singapore freely. We, the victims, fear for our lives, and the people around us who we care about. We are going public with our situation because we are still not safe.

We want to:

  1. record and bring to light the sheer amount of harm that Mercury has enacted on us;
  2. call attention to the fact that Mercury has not been arrested yet (at the time of us posting this) and has continued to cause immense danger and distress to us;
  3. center our truth and testimonies as Mercury’s victims; and
  4. remind the public that until an arrest is made, our lives are in danger.

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